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Guest chapter 19 . 2/14
this fanfic is good. very good
9149130189189 chapter 5 . 2/11
Ok, now Harry needs to feed his friends to the Hatchery and make them superhumans.
A Guest chapter 19 . 1/18
I really hope the story isn't dead... despite being 9 years lol.
Guest chapter 11 . 1/3/2021
Unless Harry thinks slower than molasses, not nearly enough is happening in his head for him to be so distracted. He’s not communicating nearly enough to make up the 10 plus minutes it takes to go up and down the fucking tower.
Guest chapter 8 . 1/3/2021
I don’t know if I can take any more of this fucking stupidity. You have already commented how stupid Harry thinks all the giggling girls are yet he’s still dreaming about a stupid fan girl. He’s still getting all hot and bothered over a vicious bitch. He’s getting frustrated that others seem to have stupid priorities when Voldemort is out to conquer their world. Yet what does he do all day? Why the fuck does he court injury and waste dozens of hours on quidditch? Harry isn’t training. He’s not getting answers. He just fucks around. Harry and this writer are fucking stupid.
Proll chapter 2 . 2/19/2020
Harry was able to faght against many acromantulas in his second year. Now he is a sixth year DADA prodigy who taught even older years can't deal with one small acromantula?
Sable Dawn chapter 15 . 1/11/2020
Imagine a zerg werewolf.
JerHat chapter 1 . 11/23/2019
tl;dr Not the best story, but doing pretty good. Interesting crossover. It's the first one with Starcraft that I've read - 'Read' being the key point. They were horrible.

To respond to comments you have on your profile;
-Ron bashing: for someone who only has two close friends, that he'd have to love, means that their betrayals hurt all the more. Harry would expect Snape or Draco to hurt him, he wouldn't expect Ron to lead the crusade against him. The reverse is also, partially, true. If Snape suddenly stands out to help Harry in some significant way, it's no wonder that that event would dominate his thoughts among all the bullying. It's what a fair few guys do to women. Keep them mentally beaten so that they're constantly thinking about him and because they're constantly thinking about him they think they love him and undermine their confidence so they feel like noone else would want them.

-Harry Potter, heir of Hogwarts and Jesus Christ: Technically, he -is- wizard jesus. He gave his life for untold random people then came back to life to kill off all the evil people.

-Nice helpful Goblins: (To joke) Dumbledore has always said that Harry's special power is love. Everyone loves hugs. Even the most bloodthirsty of goblins. Think. Love can melt the ice on any frozen heart just like a goblin forge can melt any metal or wizard.

-Harem fic: (To joke) 'cos magic. Harry's wand is just that awesome.

- - White knight Harry: In my youth, the idea of sex was so amazing. Like some mystical blessing only the favored of the gods could experience. Then I got a girlfriend and we made like rabbits. Suddenly, you realize girls are the same as you, just with different, more exciting anatomy. It really was a confidence booster. So White Knight Harry is fine if he has entered a proper relationship and gained confidence because of it. He could also gain confidence in another way. In fact, the whole story Harry has no idea what he's doing except when he's on his way to get himself killed. Only at that point does he gain confidence.

- - Whoremione: I consider these sorts of stories revenge for not ending up with Harry. Fuck Ginny. Or not. You know, if you try to do that kind of wordplay with Ginny, you end up with Whinny. Which is the sound an ass makes. Like Ginny.

- Super Genius: The problem with these stories is that the author just goes on about how smart they are but the character never actually acts like a genius. This is the because the author is usually just an average joe/jane and have no idea what it's like to see to see the world as a genius does.

- Working out: To a degree. Increasing reaction time is definitely a good thing. Not getting tired and sloppy is a good thing. There are always more bad guys, so having stamina to fight through all of them is a good thing. Being able to move faster to dodge spells and have more time casting offensive spells is a good thing. Sitting like a duck only casting shields is stupid. On a related note, Harry or Neville being swordsmen always annoyed me. Like, 'Arr. Lookit me big knife! Stabby McCutandslash is here!' vs an Avada Kedavra.

- They're not adults!: Abused children mature faster because they only have themselves to rely on. If they come to direct that hate towards revenge then we end up with someone who has just gained a lot of power (inheritance) and has an all consuming goal to use it against. Case-in-point: Voldemort.

- Magic kills electric/tronical stuff: Agreed, but what is magic? I consider it like little bits of chaos given a specific direction. Regardless, I can easily see that magic could cause power surges within any electronic device the moment that electricity flows through it. Not to mention, could possibly use ambient magic as a conduit. The reason that Diagon Alley is fine is probably due to power lines, houses and the like grounding the ambient magic as the electricity picks it up. So even if it causes surges in the power lines, it'll be grounded before it gets in the house and actually affects electronics.

- - Anachronism: Agreed. Though if it's a good story I let it slide or, usually, it's a crossover with something like Stargate, Avengers or Star Trek and moves the timeline ahead 10 or so years to help make it more believable.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/2/2019
Everyone in this story has a rage boner.
kenodoxia chapter 19 . 5/30/2019
I don't get your fascination with Ginny when you've written her to be a bitchy bossy little s*it.
MattKennedy chapter 19 . 5/16/2019
Really cool story! :) Love the idea of Harry acquiring the Zerg as a Familiar. Hope you return to this story sometime and continue it. I'm very curious about future integrations.
pwtcmcneil chapter 2 . 4/21/2019
ok, so, IF the killing curse actually IS an instant death to whatever it hits, PERIOD, then wouldn't someone be ables to wipe out the entire zerg with a single curse, since they are all one 'entity'
Kimera20 chapter 19 . 4/9/2019
This is great! I love it!
lolo nade chapter 2 . 3/23/2019
He could have used the basilisk corps in the chamber of secrets
Polydicta chapter 19 . 3/12/2019
Great story so far but ...

It looks like it'll be a while before any more appears. :(
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