Reviews for The Hidden Prodigy
lueBirdie chapter 57 . 7/28
I always come back to this fic. Still so good
DrakenLover62212 chapter 57 . 7/2
I'm sad this hasn't been updated in five years...
IgniousLupus chapter 57 . 7/2
I sincerely hope that this fanfic gets a continuation, I have really enjoyed it from the start to the end. I love interpersonal interactions in fanfics, and this has been full of them, I know it's been probably 5 years since the last update, but I'll still hold out hope for a continuation
DrakenLover62212 chapter 1 . 7/1
This was gut-wrenching. I already love the story.
LuyS chapter 57 . 5/15
Maybe it's too late to comment, it's been 5 years, I don't think this is the first time I've come here to check for new updates, maybe I still love it, still do now and I loved it it's a lot, Maybe it's a pity not to see our great prodigy journey, I still want to read about Kakashi's development in here and especially Copy Cat, still great with character development, It's neither slow nor fast but it's full of charm, I don't know if you read the comments but your fiction is still amazing and it's a work of massive Naruto fandom, I really love it. I don't hold out much hope but I'm still thinking about how it will turn out later, maybe Kakashi will find his way back to the future and his choice, this is our young legend.
Guest678 chapter 57 . 5/1
Do I know it’s unlikely you are still watching this, but… thank you for a great story Nohe character development is fun and well done. It’s feels like we were building to another confrontation that would force kakashi to reevaluate his approach to changing the future, and I am sad I don’t get the next 30 chapters.
A chapter 28 . 3/11
Dose he become a ninja or no?
A chapter 14 . 3/11
Kakashi is going to have to become a official shinobi if he still wants a relationship with minato, rin and obito and if he wants to be a sensi to team7
Vallavarayan chapter 25 . 2/28
That made no sense.
Yes, if his son had fallen to the public outcry and also distanced himself from kaKashi, sakumo might have committed suicide.(though my head cannon was that it was root anbu who took him out while he was drunk and made it look like suicide- because it was just one mission. And his actions in the coming war would have redeemed sakumo very soon. I always thought that Danzo was tripping up and taking out anyone who could replace sarurobi as the hokage before he could. Even orochimaru became what he did because of Danzo.)

But with a kaKashi who was not a ninja, he would not leave his 5 year old non ninja child, who just now told him that he would be happy as long as his dad was there alone and commit suicide.
Makes no sense. If you wanted him dead , you should have brought kaKashi back after the a
Suicide. Not this nonsense.
YourSwissOtaku chapter 1 . 10/20/2022
This fic was astoundingly amazing. So sad it hasn’t been continued
YourSwissOtaku chapter 57 . 10/20/2022
Wait. It’s not finished?
YourSwissOtaku chapter 40 . 10/20/2022
Oh god. I’m so glad Danzo didn’t get Kakashi
YourSwissOtaku chapter 39 . 10/20/2022
Oh no-
YourSwissOtaku chapter 25 . 10/19/2022
Nooo- The whole buildup of Kakashi and his father’s relationship was only to hurt us more- NOOOo- whyyyyyy
YourSwissOtaku chapter 24 . 10/19/2022
I don’t know if this is good or like terrible-
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