Reviews for The Hidden Prodigy
saashi samy chapter 48 . 8/26
i really love the story

is fantastic!

to be continue?
saashi samy chapter 47 . 8/26
sweet end
Rizuki Dhan chapter 48 . 8/24
Finally, FINALLY, kakashi would be reinstated as an official shinobi... Wouldn't he?

Update soon kay?
Feed the reader chapter 48 . 8/20
I love how Kakaski is Minato's adopted son, so that would make Naruto Kakashi's little brother. Can you please give Kakashi this adorable realization at some point in the story? I would love to see him realize that. I always found it interesting how Minato was like a father to Kakashi and in turn Kakashi was like a father/brother to Naruto. Also as a heads up, in case you are writing Kakashi at the academy. Obito and Rin are 4 years older than Kakashi (so right now they'd be 11). Just keep that in mind. I've seen a lot of fanfiction writers who forget that and think Kakashi is the same age as them. And good luch with school! I hope your muse stays as inspiring as ever. I wish you good grades!
Guest chapter 48 . 8/17
Violet Ace chapter 48 . 7/22
I like this story a lot! I hope you find time to update.
Violet Ace chapter 25 . 7/21
I'm so mad at you. I really was hoping that he wasn't dead. I guess this attests to your skill as a writer to invoke such an emotional response from me. Hmph.
Guest chapter 48 . 7/21
I like!
LostDeviljho chapter 48 . 7/7
This isn't deadbis it? Because it's pretty damn good.
Shurli chapter 48 . 6/13
I absolutely love your story and hope you'll come back to it eventually. No matter how long you take, but pls come back to it?
Guest chapter 48 . 6/7
This is one of the best Kakashi-Minato fanfictions I jave come across please dont give up on it you are an amazinng writer
Miss Madhatter chapter 48 . 6/1
I've cried thrice I think and laughed out loud and my heart ached in a few parts and there were times when I raged and then there were times when my heart beat a fast rhythm to the dance of my blood. It was such a nice experience, reminds me why I love reading after all.
jamester56 chapter 48 . 6/1
Oh good! I was beginning to worry that Kakashi would NEVER be a shinobi again. Glad to see that that's not the case. I suppose he'll be befriending Obito now, won't he?
Miss Madhatter chapter 1 . 6/1
I'm crying and I'm shocked. Perhaps because my father is gone again to the army or perhaps because I've never once called him Daddy. Ah, my father.
Sparksofrandomness chapter 3 . 5/29
Why you no update!
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