Reviews for The Hidden Prodigy
UnluckyJC chapter 55 . 4h
I love this. I have been looking for a good timetravel fic. I feel like you have a really thought through plot that doesn't completely follow each and every event thats cannon. 5/5 for this story, can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 4 . 15h
update soon please
JinxedEclipse chapter 55 . 4/17
Ooh LOVING the book so far! I can't wait for the next update, I'd love to see Itachi in here at some point too.
This is undoubtedly one of the best Kakashi time travel fanfictions, I like how you've portrayed the characters, this Kakashi is really believable (even though I would have made him a little more emotionally controlled, since he was an ANBU captain) to both the readers and the other characters. So well done on that! :)
Good luck with the rest of your writing and Thank you for writing this amazing book!
SevvyOmahgawsh chapter 55 . 4/10
PLEASE continue the story alreeeeeaaaaddddddyyyyy
SevvyOmahgawsh chapter 25 . 4/10
Damn it! Sakumo only hurt his son instead of protecting him. He should have thought about it before he did it!
SevvyOmahgawsh chapter 24 . 4/10
Please tell me that Sakumo isnt going to commit suicide. Because as it is usually out of character for me to friggin cry or anything, i felt somewhat prompted to with what Sakumo was thinking, though this does not mean i actually did cry. I will be honest, it is near physically impossible for me to actually cry. no this is not bragging. If you need to, ask in a PM, and I might tell.
tanithlipsky chapter 55 . 4/10
Selena92 chapter 55 . 4/8
Great chap. Like how Kakashi decided to help them and that Asuma reached out. Even Genma's brief bout of disbelief was great- it'd be weird if everyone jumped on the Kakashi is a prodigy bandwagon just because of stories.

I did miss both Obito and Gai though.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Selena92 chapter 54 . 4/8
Poor Kakashi, he really needs someone to talk to. Someone who knows. If this goes on like that, sooner or later the trauma he's still suffering from will overwhelm him, make him sick, faint, overreact. It's not healthy to keep it all in. Obito could be a good confidant, or even Rin herself. Gai, too. Loud and obnoxious he may be, but he really cares for Kakashi and I think he would and could keep secrets if Kakashi asked him to.
Selena92 chapter 53 . 4/8
For a while there, I feared you would allow Hiruzen to remain mostly oblivious and believe the lack of physical evidence meant there was nothing untoward going on. I would've understood...he views Danzou as a friend - or viewed - and he's not infallible.

Very glad though that Danzou could not pull the wool over his eyes.
Selena92 chapter 52 . 4/8
Glad you included Gai. He's somehow found his way into my heart...probably because he's Kakashi's friend...and because the poor kid's always been orchastrized, I have a soft spot for underdogs.
Selena92 chapter 51 . 4/8
Great chap! Love the friendship between those two.
Selena92 chapter 50 . 4/8
LOL, Kakashi's school experience. Feeling a bit sorry for him. Can't imagine having to go through all of it again. I would've been surprised if he'd actually enjoyed it. Love the budding friendship between him and Obito...sometimes I wish it wasn't against the backdrop of Kakashi's memories about how it was the first time.

Glad you're having Hiruzen act against Danzo here...if only he had realized the bastard's duplicity in canon, who knows how much suffering could have been avoided.

Real glad I can continue at's getting dangerous...

Great chapter!
vush chapter 1 . 4/8
happy that you updated this is a nice fic
I really wanna know how it goes
thanks for sharing this fic
SilverDragon1218 chapter 55 . 4/7
Can’t wait!
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