Reviews for The Hidden Prodigy
MariGaef chapter 38 . 4/24/2021
bitch danzhoe
MariGaef chapter 21 . 4/24/2021
poor sakumohonestly leaf villagers fucken sucks, hating someone because he didn’t follow a rule to save a comrade, bullying a CHILD FOR FFS who doesn’t know why they hate him(GOSH, and they are adults!) bullying a girl just because she’s from another village and for her red-hair,
kappa11 chapter 57 . 3/13/2021
Please, please update!
FireOfAsh chapter 8 . 3/6/2021
Rin and obito are older than kakashi. The same end year class but different ages
ArgentiSolis chapter 57 . 2/20/2021
Well I thought this was completed... Which it isnt but I hope for an update and thanks for writing
ArgentiSolis chapter 33 . 2/20/2021
The last line makes Danzou sound like a perverted pedo creep. Which he is
ArgentiSolis chapter 30 . 2/20/2021
Thanks for the chapter and I hope that you have less angsty chapters coming up, since I sincerely wish to stop crying in my bed
ArgentiSolis chapter 25 . 2/20/2021
Hah... Imma beat that bastard. He should have stayed alive! Fuck I'm crying full grown tears. The asshole he HAS A KID.
ArgentiSolis chapter 19 . 2/20/2021
If this man dares to kill himself. Imma bring him up from the dead beat him into a pulp and then heal him and tell him ya little fuck you've got a kid that you still need to grow with
AngelousPoofy chapter 57 . 1/28/2021
I love this! I really hope that I can read more.. literally binged through this all day long. Thank you so much for creating this!
AngelousPoofy chapter 40 . 1/27/2021
Did Danzou just become a wingman
AngelousPoofy chapter 25 . 1/27/2021
CagedHeart7 chapter 25 . 1/22/2021
I can hear my heart breaking inside. This was..thisnwas not supposed to happen! Oh my dear Kakashi
Nad19 chapter 57 . 1/17/2021
aww i really want to know what's gonna happen next, i really enjoyed this. thanks
Nad19 chapter 37 . 1/17/2021
haisssss i am frustrated! this misunderstanding is killing me
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