Reviews for Drifting
Zeus501 chapter 47 . 11/25 offense, but ur kinda an asshole, u made us fall in love with alot of these characters, and now ur killing them off...really?
pinkorangepurple chapter 50 . 11/21
hey . i want to ask you something please reply soon as posible . is in this story will it be a naruxsaku i just want to know pm me thanks
narukyu1 chapter 36 . 11/11
I haven't watched any of the movies, so I wouldn't know if it was set up the way you have done it, but Is really appreciate all the undercover tension you create with the kidnappings and all. It adds a sense of finality.
narukyu1 chapter 34 . 11/11
Damn it. Let Naruto learn his hack move already. Aka rasengan.
narukyu1 chapter 32 . 11/10
Really like the fights. And holy sh.t Sasuke...
narukyu1 chapter 30 . 11/8
The scene might have been small, bit the act of Gaara apologizing to his siblings made quite the impact imo.
Aegorm chapter 25 . 11/8
I enjoy your story immensely and think that your unique arcs like your Chunin exam and the big river arc are awesome. But on the other hand I dislike the fact that you added a second shadow organisation. This sin't just a small arc, no they seem to be an integral part of your plot.

And I don't like that, there is already a fair amount of shit going on. Akatsuki, Danzo, Orochimaru, Zetsu and Tobi, that's 3 different plots for world domination and whatever Oro is actually trying to do. Now you add another one on top of that... It's a bit too much
narukyu1 chapter 29 . 11/8
I can't believe Sasuke didn't flip out when he saw all that power being thrown around.
narukyu1 chapter 28 . 11/7
I like how Naruto explains himself even though she was knocked out.
narukyu1 chapter 27 . 11/7
Tayuya is a badass lol
narukyu1 chapter 25 . 11/7
Hope either Tsubaki or Naruto shows Gaara his place.
narukyu1 chapter 22 . 11/7
I'm surprised Sasuke is still good. Guess Orochimaru really did a number on him in canon.
narukyu1 chapter 21 . 11/6
Thought Naruto was sparring with Kakashi's clone. Strange how the clone didn't dispel after a clean shot from Naruto.
effectivesage chapter 50 . 11/6
Keep updating I'm at the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next:) update soon proud follower :)
narukyu1 chapter 18 . 11/5
Good chapter.
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