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Guest chapter 2 . 6/7
Well the series DOES kinda show that, but it ALSO shows how BLATANTLY unfair the village is, something I would THINK tsunade would have crushed if kishi actually made the LEADERS of the village, you know...LEAD! Actually make them have SPINES! Naruto staying a gennin when he went head-to-head with orochimaru TWICE, itachi, kisame, and BEAT A FULLY DEVELOPED bijuu BY HIMSELF! Should have kinda moved him up a rank or two! It's moronic to keep him at gennin level when he's got a BRIDGE named after him and 4 RULERS of COUNTRIES that call him their "hero"... It actually shows how STUPID and bigoted the leaf really is! and I'd THINK they'd have GOTTEN RID of that little "stigma" as fast as possible (aka the end of the chunnin exams) Also for the sasgay retrieval arc.. Remember that tsunade NEVER wanted naruto to be a part of it, in fact she SHOT down shika's idea to include him at first! I personally don't think he should have went either.. sasgay is GOOD RIDDANCE to BAD RUBBISH! Let him and orochi play "hide the snake" with each other ALL THEY WANT!

The third is a GREAT example of how to LEAD BADLY! He has next to NO control of his villagers, VERY LITTLE over his ninja, and overlooks EVERYTHING! Seriously he's like a dead-beat parent! Which would be all well and good IF he wasn't also in charge of the STRONGEST village on the planet! That kinda neglect is NOT acceptable! I've heard all the arguments.. "I'm too old for this".. etc..etc.. But really, danzo is JUST as old as him and yet runs a spy ring that's BETTER then the pervy sage, operates an entire ARMY under the third's nose, keeps EVERYTHING secret, had itachi kill off a CLAN, and had major surgery (to implant all those eyes and the wood release) ALL without ANY of it being noticed! So yeah, the "age" thing is NOT acceptable. Also I don't really know how helping naruto is "favoritism", HE'S THE ONLY JINCHURIKI IN THE VILLAGE! He's the ONLY one keeping the rest of the villages OFF THEIR BACKS! It's not "favoritism" to cultivate a military asset! If the councils can't see that, then one wonders why they have their jobs in the first place? Because obviously (blatantly obviously) all they give is BAD ADVICE! (something that SHOULD be noticed, by a... you know...GOOD LEADER).. the third, tsunade, kakashi, naruto all their brains seem to turn into PUDDING when they get that hat... It's really disturbing that kishi has NO IDEA how to write rulers. (except bad guys: danzo, pein, obiteo, all are OKAY rulers, he just can't seem to balance "ruler" and "not evil" too well.)

It's really NOT that hard, 1. create a secret police that GETS RID of the councils, danzo and root.
2. Ferret out kabuto, mizuki and any other traitors. 3. Publicly EXECUTE them. 4. Release that the uchiha clan was killed ON ORDERS!(just to make the other clans a little NERVOUS and show them who is REALLY the boss) 5. Make a point that everyone that goes against naruto will be publicly TORTURED AND KILLED! There I guarantee that THAT kind of hokage would have NOBODY going against him/her or his/her orders (spirit or letter) And notice that other then traitors NOBODY'S LIFE is messed with! You play by the rules, and you can have your sunbeams and rainbows all you want. and BEFORE you say "that last rule is a bit much", NOT really, naruto dies, the nine-tails is free, no more uzumakis, so no sealing it and they've already been shown they can't drive it off, so EVERYONE is a corpse.. So to protect ALL of them, you must make an example of SOME of them! (those too stupid to live) As to why the third just doesn't explain THAT to everyone when he tells about the sealing? Well that would make a LOT more sense, but he's a pretty CRAP leader. But that leads to, why not tell naruto about his parents once the akutski are after him? I mean an entire organization of S-ranked ninja? I don't care WHAT enemies his parents made, it's not going to get any worse! (oh and don't forget orochi and THE ENTIRE SOUND village after him too), so yeah that piece of information is kinda a MOOT POINT. (well except to him and EVERYONE in the village) . When (in shippuden) he's beating ACTUAL demon-lords single-handed and CRUSHING VILLAGES (air -bonds) I think it's safe to tell him. I never understood why not tell everyone from the jump, I mean if it's THAT bad for kids, then NO SHINOBI would ever procreate. Maybe the hokage thought that some people would figure it out (you know since he's a CARBON COPY of minato), again OVERESTIMATING the intelligence of his people and IGNORING them after.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7
Life does NOT come with an instruction booklet, a ninja's life REALLY shouldn't come with one (if it did, maybe the third hokage should look under "how NOT to be a screw up in life") So I don't understand author's want to have the nine-tails (or the shinigami or -insert deity's name here-) EXPLAIN so many boring and stupid things, I've seen the nine-tails give an almost "blow by blow" recount of the ENTIRE LOtR! Why? What POSSIBLE reason does it give? "THIS IS YOU NOW, DEAL WITH IT" is pretty much the ONLY explanation that's NEEDED! "Don't like it?", "Well then, it SUCKS TO BE YOU!" Most of the time it's done by said deity while giving (or just given) naruto the power of a minor(or major) GOD! Now tell me what kind of 15 year old (or younger) gives one flying fig about a history lesson about people LONG GONE?(and so their never going to meet) When they've just gotten THAT KINDA POWER! Even CANON does it with asura and indura, HISTORY LESSON at COMPLETELY inappropriate times! COMPLETELY explaining a world THAT DOESN'T EXIST anymore! "bad guy barrelling down at us", but lets sit here and suddenly talk about people that have been dead since long before your great-great grandparents were even BORN! See? IDIOCY
Guest chapter 1 . 6/7
I love how authors say "there are endless questions", or they launch into some LONG WINDED, dumb soliloquy by a being. There really is NO REASON for them. I mean, in hinata's case, ko doesn't like naruto, END OF ANSWER! There isn't ENDLESS QUESTIONS, only "NO I'M NOT GOING WITH YOU, get over it!" SIMPLE... When gaining powers, abilities, or changing, a HISTORY LESSON IS NOT NEEDED! Does explaining everything since the sage of the six paths MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE whatsoever to ANY outcome of ANY FIGHT?... If you answered "no" then it's WORTHLESS INFORMATION! And hinata? She has GOT to grow some STONES and tell that MORON that SHE IS the ruler NOT HIM! They will leave WHEN SHE SAYS they will! Yes I tend to view people as a little DARKER then they are, but it's the ONLY WAY to get anything DONE in that stupid village, they ALL act like they're over-angsty soap-opera characters! Starring in their own personal greek tragedies! THEY NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES, ALL OF THEM! (or just all kill themselves and be DONE with it already!) The ninja are all fearless in combat because they ALL HAVE A DEATH WISH!
Katt chapter 8 . 6/7
Why the hell is this Naruto still the happy and bubbly head-in-the-clouds always forgiving moron in this fic? It's like you authors are obsessed with forgiving abusers and haters
Guest chapter 1 . 6/5
You know with wardrobe it's always made me laugh, the grandson of the "professor" wears a foot ball helmet like a "special ed" kid... Goes to show how FAR the village has fallen, and chouji wears essentially female panties on his head. Asuma wears a sash saying he's "the baddest of the bad" and yet get's STEAMROLLED by people his STUDENTS beat! (and naruto cut to microscopic pieces). Ino dresses like a hooker, is shallow as a kiddie pool and can pry into minds, yet somehow ends up on the front line instead of doing "seduction mission" in a brothel. Nartuo wears NEON orange but can somehow avoid anyone seeing him in bright daylight on the mountain the ENTIRE village faces! and is STILL considered NOT ninja, that is confusing... especially when you consider SHINOBI (the word) is SHADOWS.. as in should NEVER be seen.. act as a ghost.. THEY NEVER DO THAT.. They take jobs in the middle of the day, (sleep at night)... use jutsu that are ANYTHING but subtle, and alert everyone within MILES of what they are doing. Most of the time I'm trying to figure out if they are samurai or ninja! I don't think they even know!
dspendragon125 chapter 9 . 5/9
It's hard to believe that this was the first story I ever read on this site. Heck, I didn't even have a profile back then.
1529 chapter 34 . 5/2
Through the chunin exams this is a great story... unfortunately it all goes downhill after that. Up to that point, training made sense, characters gained skills realistically (within the expanded rules of the narutoverse) and some of the more ridiculous bits of canon were corrected.

Why did you have to introduce the perfectly stealthy, supremely powerful, shadow organization? It has ruined the story and taken it down the normal path of ridiculously overpowered enemies and totally incompetent good guys.
What's it to yah chapter 1 . 4/30
Can't believe that this is still ongoing. Got side tracked and stopped reading and forgot to return to it months after it had been published. Quite excited to start it all from the beginning.
MemeMugger chapter 1 . 4/28
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 52 . 4/14
Here's a fanfic idea that someone never finished. With your talent you could make this epic. s/10158952/1/
Kingkong101 chapter 52 . 4/7
Pleace for all thats holy and unholy stop making more chapters this story is making naruto look like a Whipping Boy.
Stagking2012 chapter 29 . 3/26
i have to say this was my favorite fight scene in all of the naruto fanfic's i ever read
Felon GT chapter 52 . 3/26
So the naruto is part of our world except history changed in our world where the gods and people of Christians Muslims Buddhists Hindi’s,, where all races fought and the continents reshaped after some catastrophic event creating the new formed continents of the naruto world. Interesting. I can see how zetsu can be harmed fighting something created way past his mother’s time. I know zetsu will have his moment of revenge again. His mother is the final foe
guest chapter 1 . 3/20
I love this story someone make a reacting story of this please it be very interesting to see the Naruto world what was like if this happen
happily9insane chapter 19 . 3/19
i was laughin my head off for that entire part
also is it from Journey to the center of the earth?
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