Reviews for Drifting
thebestofall chapter 11 . 43m
Not good. If Naruto avoids Akatsuki then he has to see the bridge builder die. If he confronts them and manages to scare them off then Akatsuki will know of his existence as the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.
thebestofall chapter 2 . 6h
His technique reminds me of a highly compressed and powerful version of Fuuton: Daitoppa.
thebestofall chapter 1 . 6h
This ... this is much better than canon. Undoubtedly. What the hell have I been watching till now? I should've read this instead!
Hisui Kitsune chapter 47 . 10/13
oooh boy. Naruto is bout to lose his shit.
Uzukaki chapter 45 . 10/11
Dude, the Kyuubi says, "Why the fuck do I sense 10 Madaras out there". I'm fucking dead bro.
xSean chapter 45 . 10/5
Moryou the Strongest? I've never liked the concept of characters that can only be harmed or permanently killed in specific ways. Like sure the Tailed Beasts are a mass of Chakra so they are kinda understandable but even the best of the best like Hashirama/Madara could subdue them pretty easily. It's like a spit in the face saying no matter how strong you get you will never beat me unless you have a specific item/priestess Chakra...

You've given Moryou more Chakra than the Kyuubi, made him 'stronger' than Hagoromo and Kaguya, why? Like they are literally the founders of that entire world... I get where your coming from when you say opponents don't need to get tougher all the time in order of when the MC faces them but that was just stupid. All of these side/movie characters are pointlessly buffed to the point of stupidity. Like it's cool your expanding on them, making them challenge Naruto and shit but come on.

Unfortunately it's really putting me off of this fic. I'm all for reading Movie Arcs, your writing is fantastic, you have obviously thought quite a bit about where you want to take this fic but I just can't bring myself to enjoy it when more and more of these irrelevant characters pop up and seem to have some stupid bs power ups.
xSean chapter 34 . 10/4
Found my first real problem with this fic, imo anyways. I don't really mind that your making other side characters stronger and such but having those 2 members of the Sound Four as strong as they were is retarded. In Canon they never came across as that strong at all, with the exception of Kimimaro who showed up later. They were after all beaten by Genin in their 2nd State. And to me it looks like Naruto is a tonne stronger than any of the Genin at that point in time.

Or maybe I'm just annoyed cause you had him finally use Kurama Power against such shit opponents. And in such a crap way too.
Guest chapter 52 . 10/1
Glad to know you're still alive! :D
Junior VB chapter 5 . 10/1
Naruto tiene la espada de Crow.

Parece que Tayuya está enamorada.
Naruto has Crow's sword.

It seems that Tayuya is in love.
Junior VB chapter 4 . 10/1
Gato logró escapar.

¿Qué le sucedió a Crow?
Gato managed to escape.

What happened to Crow?
Uzukaki chapter 32 . 9/30
I never expected to find a fanfic that was written like a real book. The pacing, the story, the grammar (thank god you don't write like a grade-schooler) really was a wonderful surprise. In the vast collection of Naruto fics out there, it was nice to find a gem.
xSean chapter 17 . 9/29
Just imagined Kurama standing up doing the moon walk, a few people looked at me weirdly hahaha.
dylansandy1993 chapter 4 . 9/29
this is an awesome chapter. going from my previous comments you really outdid yourself. Personally you just get stuck in the mentality that you will skip though the boring parts of the story. but honestly. it's up to you whether or not it's a boring part of the story. like this chapter. Naruto doesn't fight any super powerful ninja. no Biju nothing. instead he fights goons.
you wrote it so well however that I can't say it wasn't very very entertaining. multiple POVs. no timeskip. a well written linear progression of events. (with anime logic for timing)

great job! love to see what you keep going on with next!
dylansandy1993 chapter 1 . 9/29
going to mention this as a lot of authors have this problem. when the timeline jumps too often the story becomes very hard to follow. for example. the next day. (one sentence) two weeks later(two sentences) two months later (a paragraph). because that means the current day is the 15th day of the third month later than the not yet mentioned day that was the start of the story. yeah you done done it. you made the story convoluted.

personally a time skip is all about stuff like... an activity. then saying (two weeks into the training) followed by a story where the character had to stop training and why. said little adventure is the chapter and the reason why you made break in his timeskip.
each break is the anime episode or literary chapter. an entire adventure on its own. for example why did Naruto never get to ichiraku during his flashback dream? heck. having a transition line like, more and more memories kept coming, blending together until he slowly came to. (woke up, reflected more and more... pick the way your character sees themselves and thinks and go with that vernacular)

anyways. it's a good story so far but I noticed a couple mistakes about how the story was written and couldn't help but want to give some advice on how to fix it. yes the story will be much much longer, but in essence if you don't want to take your readers on an adventure? why are you writing in the first place?

it's like... if you dream for three seconds.. what kind of dream is that? it's not a dream it's a commercial. heck even YouTube makes its commericals a minimum of 15 seconds with a 5 second (6 second) skip. stories need to have more information and more substance than a 5 second blurb.

anyways hope it didn't come off too preachy. I'm interested and will keep reading. it's a fun story so far and let's the reader delve into a different facet or social pariahs like what the original Naruto dealt with. a very successful topic and something many people can relate to. Not just because it deals with a fear our species seems to have. we're social creatures so if someone is not allowed to socialize it is a frightening state.
Uzukaki chapter 30 . 9/28
That Chunin Exam ark was looong. Enjoyed it
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