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blassreitter chapter 7 . 7/16
I like your OP Naruto but I think you gave it too easily away that he is the Sage of the Six Path. I don't understand why at every fanfiction they IMMEDIATELY explains all their powers! Do you know that they lose a huge advantage by giving away all their secrets. If I was Naruto, I will keep it to myself so that they will never will see before it happens to them.
trafalgarlaw10 chapter 10 . 6/11
I find it extremely funny how Danzo over estimates the power of his Root nins. For example-Tsunade: that ninja is too strong. He defeated all members of Akatsuki with one attack and he even defeated all 4 Kages with both hands tied behind his back-Danzo: don't worry Tsunade, I will assign some of my elite Root nin to defeat him XD
trafalgarlaw10 chapter 7 . 6/11
I love Sasuke bashing, it's always hilarious. He hears of Naruto's godly powers and still challenges him under the presumption that the sharingan is the greatest thing ever LMAO
trafalgarlaw10 chapter 2 . 6/11
Does Kiba like Hinata or did I interpret that line wrong? Also I love council bashing and Sakura bashing. Keep it coming
trafalgarlaw10 chapter 1 . 6/11
Just read the 1st chapter and I loved it. It always crack me up in these type of fics that Naruto is insulted and wanted to be punished by the stereotypical idiotic council for simply following his orders XD
Metrogeek chapter 15 . 5/23
This story well I think it great there are some bad points, but the kage level shinobi never thinking "let me use a solid copy of me to do this damn paper work" I never got, I guess it's just for laughs. There are spelling errors but like you said you're getting out more chapters then fixing them which I don't mind at all. Then with Sakura bashing I'm not a fan nor do I dislike it but it's not my call the readers voted; ultimately you decide which again I don't mind unless a whole chapter is just for bashing then I'll be annoyed but won't flame. Other than that I'm really interested and can't wait to see all of Naruto's skill and maybe a little more NaruHina action hope you'll continue , no rush though, I really enjoy you're writing.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/13
Hey why didn't naruto use the ability to heal people to bring the family back to life? The death was recent enough. Pain brought konoha back after a fight that probably lasted hours so bringing the family back wouldve been relatively easy
DarkMattar771 chapter 10 . 5/4
Couldn't Hinata go with Naruto? I mean she could travel with him or one of his Six Paths once she done training with all of them who are 4 Hokages and 2 Kuniches which her being a Kunichie herself would help her greatly. Then once she gets done trianing with them then she will trian with the servant of Darkness by trianing in stealth (basically the same things Naruto trains in the Shinoibe skills minus the Six Paths skill for obvious reasons) she trians with her boyfriend Naruto afterwards. I admit she will NEVER get to Narutos skill level but she will be worthy of being the girlfriend and eventual wife. For being one she will be the number one target for hurting the Sage of Six Paths since they might not come in terms with beating physically but mentally.

In short my opinion which of course you don't have to take since this is your story after all is Hinata can not afford to stay in Kanoh for one she will be much safer with the either of the Six Paths or Naruto since she can be trained by some of the best of the best.

That is all for my "little" rant lol anyways great great story I don't normally write reviews but this one is just that good. Keep it up!
Serena530 chapter 15 . 5/3
Hey there. First time reader here. I'm really enjoying your story. It's progressing forward at a believable rate as well as everyone's power level. Love the interactions between Naruto and Hinata. I seriously can't wait to see what happens next in your story.
The only issue I have is having the whole 'last time' section at the beginning of the chapters. It really is unnessecary, and sadly gives your readers the impression that the chapters are longer then they actually are. Trust your readers to remember what happened or at least that they have no problem going back to reread previous chapters.
I could say the same for the review response at the end of the chapters, but I understand that action can be helpful if other readers have the same questions that need answering so you hopefully don't get the same questions asked repeatedly.
Hina-Hime2.0 chapter 15 . 4/24
Wow, enjoying this story very much. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up great work!
Guest 22 chapter 5 . 3/21
You know, honestly I read a lot of FanFictions on this site, like a couple hundred, (I have a lot of time on my hands) literally, and over the countless Rinnegan stories, this is one of the best I've read. I know this story is kind of old, good job!
Fanguy59 chapter 6 . 3/5
Honestly, I don't think that Excalibur is a good name for the Sennin's sword. It's the king's sword. More specifically, the conquering king's sword. The Sennin was anything but a king and I don't think he was that into conquering. Then again, this is your fic, so I'll let you decide.
Mickyg Luvs Most Stuff chapter 15 . 2/28
Hope you update soon, still loving this story just as much as when I first started reading it.
Avalon chapter 15 . 2/18
Last chappie sucked it had no fight with pein and naruto
But everything was completely amazing
Johanna chapter 7 . 2/11
It's funny how 9 people fainted and Naruto is the jinnchuriki of the 9 tails XD lol
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