Reviews for Ballad for the Fallen
that is secret chapter 1 . 8/12/2002
Another beautiful piece. This flows wonderfully. I can see in my mind a group of Elves gathered around a singer that is chanting this. Yes, it is repetitive at times, but it's repetition that *works*.

Since you say in your profile that you are French, I am naturally assuming French is your native tongue. ;-) However, you command English very well, better than some people I personally know, in fact. Congratulations on that, and also on this ballad. Beautiful.
Mouse chapter 1 . 7/31/2002
*pounces and squeezes Chat Noir to death*

Ack! I squealed, I wiggled, I danced with excitement! Then I sat down to read it.

*awe* My mind is blank of words to describe this. I could picture everything perfectly; the language and the imagery are elegant and captivating. It flows in perfect progession- like water, which is certainly appropriate. In the past I've always preferred prose to poetry- but the gentle rhythm of this brought the entire story to life. I could actually *hear* Voronwe's voice, and the flute music and Ecthelion laughing ...

If this wasn't "my" Ecthelion before, it certainly is now! (though I'll share him with you anytime you want). Again, he was so alive in this. So many favourite lines: "...and when the song went mute /It was for you laughed..." "Forwards the beast stumbled in agony's black jaw" "In the glee of your songs, the greatness of your deed..."

How he loved the fountain, how he heard her "laugh lone amidst the bloodshed" ... "May she your body keep in her unsullied depths." "What sad laugh would you laugh if you could see us now?" My God. And the entire passage when Voronwe considers his name "the Faithful"...

The repetition is perfectly scattered and haunting. Ooh, another line: "...Now play, so sweetly play the sad song of your dream?"

This is so gorgeous. More than I could have ever hoped for. I bow to you. I shall love you and despair.