Reviews for If I Knew Then What I Know Now
KatieForestpelt chapter 234 . 10/13
Hey! Just wanted to drop by and let you know I'm still totally pumped about this story. I'm in the process of rereading it AGAIN because it's so good. Hope life is treating you well! Or at least, better than before. :)

PhoenixVixenRosezeria chapter 234 . 10/8
Fuck I just Benji read this took me two days. I love it! do you have a update schedule or just update at random. I would love to see more... it was soooo cool. I hope He gets with Emily as a girlfriend/wife in the furture. I kind of wish Emily would become a hunter... I think she would make a greta one if she got over her fears. nice job
D72 chapter 234 . 10/7
I dunno, dudes don't really look for the campground bathrooms when nature calls, we just kinda find a tree.
D72 chapter 233 . 10/7
Should probably do a dry run through the excorcism, you definitely don't want to stutter during show time.
D72 chapter 232 . 10/7
Jimmy vs the blair witch.
D72 chapter 231 . 10/7
So now he's Jimmy from south park.
D72 chapter 230 . 10/7
Right click rename fic "the constant crippling of Dean Winchester".

Sometimes you write really great, thought provoking content. And then you roll back into this shit.
D72 chapter 228 . 10/7
Pfft, Dean is gonna end up with a paint can on his head at this rate.
D72 chapter 226 . 10/7
The monsters are kinda op.
D72 chapter 225 . 10/7
Man, new dean kinda sucks at hunting, always getting debilitated.
D72 chapter 221 . 10/7
Yank grace fix arm.
D72 chapter 219 . 10/6
Yay! Dean finally got his reset, before parts fell off!
D72 chapter 206 . 10/6
Heh, Meg pulled a parent trap. And shit, they should have a white board for hunts. Sure they can't toss up "North dakota, rugaru", but they could put "cousin darrel getting married, Mary Cas"
Or "off getting my stupid ass kidnapped, John"
D72 chapter 204 . 10/6
Thought you made a mistake about meg being a witch, but then I remembered that's ruby, not meg.

We never find out what made meg go south.
D72 chapter 203 . 10/6
They really need to get cas an excuse to use his powers or parts are going to start falling off dean.
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