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Guest chapter 7 . 2h
Not to be a know-it-all, but the hooks you mentioned were meat hooks. Pretty gruesome, right?
Icey Icee chapter 216 . 8/25
Wow this is so long and there's more coming! This is an absolutely amazing fic and I love it! I hope your son likes kindergarten and doesn't get sick too much! The anxiety should go away once he gets used to it and sees how fun it is. That's how it worked for me at least. Can't wait til your next update!
morphing potion chapter 216 . 8/24

Woohoo! FINALLY! I have just spent the last three and a half days reading this entire story and holy crap it was fantastic. I can't believe I have caught up to real-time now.. It totally sucks because I hate the waiting period between updates. It's a good thing that it looks like you update pretty quickly though so thanks for that. Anyway, here are my thoughts on this story so far:


1) I love Emily. She is amazing and I really wish we would see more of her. i understand that it is not always the easiest thing to work in as most of the story revolves around different hunts and the whole angels vs. demons vs. winchesters thing as she does not hunt. I do like the fact that she finally knows a couple of Dean's secrets and is still there for him and his family.

2) Now Anderson is interesting. I must admit that at first I rally didn't like him but he has definitely grown on me. The mystery that surrounded his character was interesting to try and figure out. When it became known that he could see and hear angels in his true form, my first thought was that he was true vessel for some high ranking angel or something. Then the thought turned to him being a nephilim. I do really like the idea you created that explained his powers. It makes him a very powerful player and it is fun to see him learn about what he can do.


1) Cas (original timeline). What to say about him? He is great and I love the fact the he has to stay hidden to protect himself and Dean. The fact that some of his powers can be used and other not is really interesting and he must struggle so much not to use his healing powers when Dean and his family are hurt. The fact that he is so dedicated to the Winchesters warms my heart. I almost melted with happiness in chapter 208 when he referred to them as 'his family'. Anyway, Cas is badass with a lot of class who can smash those opponents deep into the grass. Yeah. Rhymes FTW.

2) What happened to Gabriel!? Gabriel is one of my favorite Supernatural characters and although I loved how you brought him into the story and how he finally joined the fight, I find myself missing him. And this point in the story could possibly be something 'big' enough for him to decide to help out? *hint hint* Don't mind me though. You did wonderful with his character and how he would act. So kudos to you for doing one of my favs justice.

3) You mean Micheal's not a douche? Huh, didn't see that one coming. Like, at all. It's an interesting twist but I guess his reasons make sense. It is not often that I find a story that doesn't paint his as a huge prick (read dick). It's a nice change, and one that I think really works for this story and how divided Heaven and Hell each are. I love that he saved Cas and explained to him what his thoughts were.

4) And Zachariah was still a dickbag. Yay! He couldn't possibly be anything else and I love it. And I'm so glad he is dead. And I totally laughed when Dean escaped him by retreating into his own mind. Take that sucka! Dean rules, you drool! So yeah, that was awesome.

5) Raphael is also still a dickbag and I wish he would meet the same fate as Zachariah but I love how he is still alive to add fear and suspense to all the action whenever Anderson encounters angels. So maybe you can keep him around a little bit longer... I guess...


1) Holy shit, Alistair! That bastard! I jumped for joy when he was finally killed. He so deserved it and so much more. But he was such a great villain. The amount of fear he put into Dean is what made him a great character for the others to interact with. Dean always has his attitude where he can take on anything and survive but Alistair was the one character that put real fear and desperation in him. He was the ultimate badass to beat the entire story up until his death.

2) Lilith was kinda wasn't as big of a character as I thought she was going to be. Thinking back now after reading the entire story so far, it appears that she was pretty insignificant other than the fact that her death means the final seal cannot be opened. But I do like the fact that her final fight is what clued in Emily about the supernatural. Overall it just seemed like her character was not important which is kinda sad.

3) Ruby has only been mentioned once. I shall repeat that in cse you skimmed over it too fast, Ruby has only been mentioned once! In this entire 555k story! What?! I am really curious as to how her role in this new timeline will play out. I am eager to see what become of her in this story.

4) Meg is just, Meg. I love how Dean just declared her name to be Meg and then everyone including the demons began to call her such as well. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I can't wait to see what she has been planning. It's been a bit since she was last mentioned. At least it feels like it has been.

5) Crowley is a shitty ass informant. Ten seconds heads up is so not a heads up. Oh well. I don't like Crowley anyway so I don't really care that he hasn't been in the story/plot-line too much yet. I have no doubt we will see him again though so I will just be quiet about him now.


1) The Winchesters are great and I don't want to spend a whole lot of brain power typing up about each one of them so I will just say that you portray them all beautifully and leave it at that.

2) I love the Harvelles and Bobby; and Rufus is an idiot but I guess I like him too. They are all great hunting partners for the Winchesters and I think it is great that Dean has finally told Ellen a little more about his past. Seriously, it really is time that they know.

3) The Apocalypse man. Seriously? Do they seriously still not know how to open the cage and release Lucifer? Come on. Aren't any of the demons or angels smart enough to figure out that the horsemen's rings open the cage? Gabriel knew, therefore it would be stupid to think that Raphael doesn't know as well. Whatever.

4) Sam walking through Dean's mind was super cool and has brought the brothers closer together and I love it because they are awesome and I love how Sam immediately accepted Dean and his faults in Hell.

5) There are probably a ton of other things I wanted to but have since forgotten that I wanted to mention. It is late now though, and this review is way too long already, so I guess I shall leave you with this:

Thank you so much for writing this story. I will be on the lookout for future chapters and I am very excited to see what happens next. You have done a lovely job so far so keep up the great work and have a very awesometastical day. And thanks for reading this huge ass review. C:
KLR chapter 216 . 8/24
YES, Anderson is going to make his way to Dean, Sam, and Anna. Just in time. :D
Kurama's Foxy Rose chapter 152 . 8/23
Hey question. Why the salt line? If these things lived in the ocean, I doubt that'll do much.
Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory chapter 216 . 8/23
awwww. good chapter. i'm so proud of ANDERSON. he's come really far from where he begun. can't wait to see what happens next. anyway UPDATE SOON.
NymphRiannon chapter 216 . 8/23
Now to hurry up and help the others! Way to make the Cas in this time a double agent and to see Michael isn't an ass like he is from Dean's original timeline!
sunshine102897 chapter 216 . 8/22
Oh my goodness. Way to almost give me a heart attack. I thought Scott was a goner. Geez. I am so so so glad that Castiel is working with them because that would be very awkward to have Castiel trying to kill Cas. But, anyway, I wish the kiddo good luck in kindergarten. Piece of cake. In my day, crayons were the tool of choice but who knows, nowadays, kiddies might be drawing on tablets! (If only I could return there since I'm going to my last year of high school.)
lzech216 chapter 216 . 8/22
Yeah, your back. I missed this story.
BranchSuper chapter 216 . 8/22
This-time Cas seems to be coming around somewhat, after Michael's intervention...
Akatsuki Child chapter 216 . 8/22
Awesome! Great chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next! (Also good luck to your son on his first day of school!)
a.k.a. T.R chapter 216 . 8/22
yes, cas! yes!
adda boy. wow. I'm so happy now. when Scott said 'double agent' i thought of cas as a shield agent... imagine that.. anyway, awesome chapter! can't wait for an update
wildanimelover chapter 216 . 8/21
I wish ur son to have an extremely good first day at kindergarten :)
I'mcalledZorro chapter 216 . 8/21
Another great chapter! I'm glad that Castiel is on the right side, you had me worried for a bit! I will keep your little boy in my prayers, hopefully he will love school had have a great time at Kindergarten and stay healthy!
AlexJanna chapter 216 . 8/21
This is great as always. Everyone's a BAMF which is my favorite thing. Can't wait for more! Thanks for continuing this amazingly epic story.
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