Reviews for If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Dee777 chapter 228 . 7/17
noOooOo! Not another cliffhanger! Hell hounds are on their way! Lolol. Can't wait to find out what happens !
Kanchana jackles chapter 228 . 7/17
please update soon. its really gud.
Winter Anime Fan chapter 228 . 7/17
Well, took me all weekend but I reached this far. This story is great, I love when Sam went through Dean's memories. It honk that's my favourite part.
Guest chapter 228 . 7/16
Love your story so much!
courtneesworld21 chapter 228 . 7/16
So happy you are updating more frequently again! I love this story! Your writing is awesome!
Aecoris chapter 228 . 7/15
Sorry this took forever for me to leave a review. I've been coming home and usually going out to the beach to walk most evenings, and when I finally sit down, I don't have much energy to concentrate on anything. I know it's not an excuse, just wanted to say sorry!

Anyway, I love the whole 'trapped somewhere with something after them' plot! It's always one of my favorite things to read about because of how scary it must be. I've had SO many dreams of being trapped in my old high school with someone after me! But for Sam and Dean, it's much scarier because of multiple monsters that can't be killed.

Poor Dean is always getting beat up! :( So young with so many scars, probably more than his first life. I hope Dean can eventually care for himself and be more careful. He never did in his previous life but maybe here where he still has his whole family and a brother who idolizes him AND understands his past life...maybe this will allow Dean to value himself a bit more and not jump into danger and get hurt so much.

But I can only imagine as Sam gets older and they grow back that adult bond they had, that Sam will NOT allow these moments to happen nearly as much! Once Sam becomes a real hunter and he's closer to the grown 'Sam' that Dean knows, I think they will have more balanced hunts which will result in less injury on both ends. (Also Sam will stop Dean from doing anything too stupid).

Which right now...SAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Dean can barely stand and you listen to him and run away! NO! I totally get that he's young and is just listening to Dean because that's his big brother and he's not an experienced hunter but...noooo Sammy, don't do that! I'd personally let the kids take off on their own and run somewhere safe since the monsters aren't going after them and stay and fight with Dean to hold the monsters off. (But like I said, Sam just wants to please Dean and is kind of following his orders blindly like Dean did to old John, an interesting comparison). Dean's so injured and does not stand a chance (he just passed out Sam!). There's no way he'd make it out of there alive on his own.

This is where I'm reminded this Sam is so much different than the Sam we know!

I have no doubt Sam will come back though! Those kids seem like trouble and once he realizes the monsters aren't following him, he'll probably turn around. And I also know there will probably be some talk after all of this, where Sam insists on not leaving Dean like that again, and realizes not to follow everything Dean says. I know I can't really be upset with Sam, he is inexperienced and knows just HOW experienced Dean is (decades), so of course he's going to listen to Dean. You know what, it's actually Dean's fault for telling Sam to leave! haha! And this goes back to what I said about Dean not caring about himself :'( I really hope this gets worked out! In the show, Dean constantly hates himself without ever seeming to get better, but hopefully here he will!

As for the kids...what jerks! Ugh, even Sam here is way more mature than them. I can't say I feel for them at all!

Anyway, great little hunt here! I'm interested to see if my theories are right! :) Missed this fic, always made me really think about the characters and their actions, especially since Dean is the only one who is 'the same'. Sorry for rambling!
Lacieph chapter 228 . 7/10
I send angels to protect you...that would be good if they weren't assholes.
So I send you Winchesters to protect you XD

I want backup to arrive! San and Dean are totally alone!

Thanks for such amazing story and your effort to update ;)
Karina chapter 228 . 7/9
I only found this story last week, I just couldn't stop reading. Amazing story, so detailed and great portrayal of the characters! The story is so diverse and even though you have been writing this over quite a few years, your story line is coherent. Well done! I am looking forward to reading the next chapter!
Guest chapter 228 . 7/9
that is just so unfair. Cliffhangers! Somehow I just knew it was coming though. There is always some obstacle that gets in the way of anything going smoothly for the guys. I can hardly wait for the next chapter to be uploaded.
MeaKitty chapter 228 . 7/9
Okay NOW I'm starting to feel the evilness of those cliffhangers. Lol. Keep going though! This is still as awesome as ever!
goldacharmed chapter 228 . 7/8
I'm so happy that right as I finished rereading, then there's another chapter! Poor Dean! He keeps getting so injuried. I love how Sam insists on making Dean realize his importance!
Irreality chapter 228 . 7/8
Yay! Cliffhanger! Poor Dean is having a really rough hunt. I hope Sam gets the ritual performed quickly. I'm kinda proud of him for leaving his brother there alone. It was the right call however bad things currently look.
PinkFluffo chapter 228 . 7/7
Why am I so used to your cliffhangers?

XD thanks for updating!
catspaw439 chapter 228 . 7/7
Uh oh. Dun dun dun. Another great chapter. loving what is going on so far.
Kathy chapter 228 . 7/7
and enjoy it I certainly did! Wow, you ramped up the action, and now such suspense, really good section of this awesome story, thank you for continuing it,
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