Reviews for If I Knew Then What I Know Now
gabbythebestofall chapter 196 . 1h ago
Hey, loved this chapter, perfect as always! Sorry about that demonic computer P
heyyy chapter 96 . 2/27
hiya! i love you story; usually i don't read stories with that many chapters because i find it too annoying but your story just drew me in!

however, i just couldn't help but notice a little spelling mistake! maybe you were just too hurried when you were writing this, but i realized you spelt 'altar', the one of a religious context, as 'alter', as in change.

i truly mean no offence, i just thought it would be best to point that out so you could change it if it was a mistake -
CatstielWinchespurr chapter 196 . 2/27
Sorry the review is late, I just got the update for the new chapter a little while ago for some reason. I don't know what this giant cat thing is but this is getting good.
Cydox Crescent chapter 196 . 2/26
gaaaaaaahhh! Too short! That cat-thing, is it hunting the devil-dog? Is it to become a pet? Why does it make me think of Cas and tumblr? How many licked does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsiepop? The world may never know.
Cereza101 chapter 196 . 2/25
Bad kitty. Man, hopefully Penny makes it out alive.
ncsupnatfan chapter 196 . 2/25
Like the creatures, interesting to know more about the cat and why it liked Dean. Is it going to help him or are some of the others going to get there in time to save them? Hope you're not snowed in, expecting 9 inches here tonight.
LilyBolt chapter 196 . 2/25
Oh my gosh! So there's a giant devil-dog chasing a giant monster cat, and poor Dean (and Penny) are caught in the middle?! That's gonna be a tough spot for Dean to wiggle out of. Especially since Dean's knowledge of the lore surrounding this seems to only apply directly to the devil-dog... I can't wait to see how this all turns out!

P.S. Kudos to you for letting Dean blanch just briefly when confronted with something so similar to a Hellhound. ;)

P.P.S. Best of luck excorsising your computer! I would recommend avoiding the use of holy water during the ritual. Lol
Akatsuki Child chapter 196 . 2/25
Oooh diving straight into the action right away. Great chapter! That's too bad about your computer. Hopefully you can fix it! Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
Jasper6509 chapter 196 . 2/25
Oh shit...
ab89us chapter 196 . 2/25
Great chapter. :)
Kanchana jackles chapter 196 . 2/25
Wow! Awesome! I don't know where you even these kind of legends or if it is yours. But I like it. And please update soon.
spnanna413 chapter 196 . 2/24
Cool chapter, I love this story so much .
Trucklady53 chapter 196 . 2/24
WOW cats that disappear, how cool is that. And another cliff hanger.:( So just who is this Penny girl? There is back story there if this devil-dog is after her now. So suspenseful and giving me that sitting on the edge of my seat feel. Ready for the next chapter please.:)
Lupus.wolf chapter 196 . 2/24
This is going to be an interesting hunt! I can't wait to find out how it turns out!
BranchSuper chapter 196 . 2/24
Good chapter.
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