Reviews for If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Mystic Yoshie chapter 198 . 12h
Hey, you did a really amazing job writing what had to be a super tough chapter. I'm sorry impressed!
OneShotWoman15 chapter 219 . 11/25
I've spent a lot of my free time -and I'm and working college student, I don't have 'a lot' of free time- in the last to weeks or so reading this. You are a fantastic writer and everything you've done here could be it's own spin off series lol. Of course casting would become a huge challenge, let alone all the main characters that don't die so SPNs actual creaters/writers wouldn't understand haha.
For real though, this is so good and I can't wait to continue on this epic journey you've started with you. Keep being awesome!

angellec chapter 62 . 11/24
L ppl
Torey Roday chapter 219 . 11/23
Oh no! Glad that Anderson was able to heal Sam and especially Dean from all the scars, but Sam and Dean at the end?! Update soon please!
angel de acuario chapter 219 . 11/23
No termines la historia rĂ¡pido tomate un poco de tiempo no tan de golpe .
TheCandyChild chapter 4 . 11/21
miss.happy.and.lucky chapter 219 . 11/21
Hi, long time no see, but nice that you are keeping the story going! Can't wait for next chapter :D
Bananskugga chapter 219 . 11/21
When you leave a cliffhanger like that, you HAVE to update again soon! At least this month! I cannot possibly wait any longer! (And it's still as good as the rest of the story has been, I LOVE it!)
lightblade chapter 219 . 11/20
Awesome friend!I was waiting so long for an update. Thank you. Please update soon.
moonlightstarangel chapter 219 . 11/19
Thanks for updating! Can these guys ever catch a break? I was going to ask about Anna in my last review, but I forgot too. I'm glad we found out what happened to her, and I hope she can get her happy ending. At the same time, I would be sad to see her go.

I look forward to reading your next update :)
Guest chapter 219 . 11/19
Thanks for continuing this story I love it
Trucklady53 chapter 219 . 11/19
Sorry to hear about you and your son's health issues. Hugs and healing thoughts your way. When it takes a while to get the next chapter of any of the stories I follow, I just go back a chapter or two and get caught back up to where it left off so worries on the time lapse.

Well Dean was right in expecting something else to happen since it always does. Dang angels are a pain in the butt. Guess this won't go well either. Seems they must have taken Dean and tossed Sam out of the way. Look forward to the next chapter as always.
just-another-crack-in-a-wall chapter 219 . 11/18
I am extremely glad new chapter came out. Thank you! Before I forget, good luck on the contest! And btw Anderson is now one of my favorite fictional characters! Please congratulate yourself on this amazing occurrence. And also WHY do you keep hanging me off this cliff? It's terribly distressing. *note the sarcasm* I have to go to sleep now so have a good day miss.*tips hat*

Veronica chapter 219 . 11/18
I truly, madly, deeply Love this story! I have no idea how you do it or how you manage to make so many cliffhangers! But I love it!
Greetings from Sweden!

Lewlou15 chapter 219 . 11/18
Well, I've finally caught up and read right into a cliff hanger! Dang it! Seriously though, this is one of my favorite stories and it just gets better and better. I really like that Scott Anderson healed the boys and not just of their current wounds bit of the old stuff as well. I wonder if Dean even needs the pins and plates in his arm from when the demented hunter dude beat him up. I do hope you hurry and post when you can cause the suspense is killing me. Maybe if it's the bad angels that are attacking the brothers one of them could call out to Michael or Have for help since Cas is busy watching out for Anna. I'm also waiting for Michael to lay the smack down on his disobedient brothers and sisters. You know he probably wants to at this point. Lol! One last observance and them I'll sit and wait patiently for you to post again. I'm absolutely loving that Dean is rubbing off on people. First Cas and now Anderson. The sass is super strong with those two! Lol! Great chapter. Hope you enjoy tonight's episode.
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