Reviews for If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Nifzeta chapter 234 . 7/18
I just finished reading this. 1st, it's a fantastic story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every part of it. 2nd, it took me a massive amount of time to read, longer than most novels I pick up and put back down in less than a day. 3rd, I appreciate how much time must have gone into it to write it.
Thanks for all the work so far, and hope to read more one day.
Elora Donovan chapter 234 . 7/10
I’ve just finished re-reading this entire story. And my gosh is it great. I hope your kidney problems aren’t why you haven’t posted in a while. I look forward to every chapter, but I sincerely hope you’re feeling okay.
roseofmyheart chapter 234 . 7/9
This is so awesome! I hope you'll update it soon!
CelinaB chapter 234 . 6/29
Awesome story! I love it!
Ariastella chapter 110 . 6/28
Hunter Police FTW! I wonder how this guy would interact with Jody or Donna.
Ariastella chapter 108 . 6/28
May Officer Anderson be protected from Zachariah's pettiness.
BumpsInTheNight chapter 234 . 6/26
Oh ow what a cliff hanger (my guess is banshee?). I knew I was almost to the last here, but I couldn't help hoping things wouldn't end like they did. I hope everything is going okay for you. I only skim the notes, but it seems like you catch breaks about the same as your Dean does. So I'm trying to send good thoughts your way as a curse shield. Thanks for sharing your story, it's been a crazy ride (poor Dean) I really enjoyed reading.
Lasavatar chapter 234 . 6/24
No no no no no... that cant be it! ohh hope it is updated soon! this story is fantastic. often times when a story gets this long i lose interest, but not this one
NorCal.NEH chapter 234 . 6/17
Banshee... I love your story, it is the best i have read in a realy long time. Longest too.
Ariastella chapter 94 . 6/9
Oh? Do I see hope for Michael? Hmm...
Ariastella chapter 75 . 6/9
Yeah, Gordon's fucked. Remember that one partner of his who lived in a camper & owned a painting of Jesus? I felt like he had potential to not be a douche.
Ariastella chapter 65 . 6/7
Jim sounds like a great guy. I guess he's gonna be the Winchester's unofficial psychologist? Also, I get the sense that he'd be a pretty decent Man of Letters & Mosely would do well as a Woman of Letters. I hope they gain access to the Bunker sooner rather than later & that Grandpas Winchester & Campbell get to stick around for it.

Seriously, I want to see that beautiful place thriving! Plus, Sammy's a shoe-in for a Man of Letters. I want to see them actually learning magic. Like, white magic & becoming fluent in Enochian! How cool would THAT be?!
Ariastella chapter 45 . 6/3
I freakin' love Missouri. Shev was only there for 1 episode, but the sheer amount of SASS that she had was magnificent!
Ariastella chapter 37 . 6/2
Butterfly effect, man. It'll sucker punch ya without a moment's notice. Also, freakin' ninja throwing knives!
Guest chapter 124 . 5/20
I love this so much , this is the 7th time reading this and it never gets old , and I love how much a good friend Emily is to Dean ️️️
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