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TearsOfEagles chapter 1 . 5/18
Hi, its Emily, yes I have grown up a bit.
I wanna say to you that this story has stayed with me for years now. And I am actually really thankful for that, because it makes me smile.
I have read it numerous times and it makes me happy that you continue to work on this, it really honestly does.
MoceJo chapter 83 . 5/11
You have to be crazy to come up with this. You have major skills and i bow down to your majesty. I wish i had half as much majesty as Thorin. I wouldn't even talk to anyone...i would just brood and stare off into the distance and everyone would just be in awe of me. One such as me can only dream*sighs*.
I love this so much..its is the bomb! They are my ultimate ship right now *sobs*. Its just so perfect! Opposites attract and all beautiful*cries*.
I love everything about this...the dwarrows, Aragorn and them, Faramir and Boromir(why did you have to die...whyyyyyyy) Bard the brat, Legolas being such a ponce, Ana being well Ana...seriously I can't get enough of this craziness.
Ohhh who was the red headed guy who knew about the senturiel? I was thinking really hard about this and could only come up with Boromir (but he isnt even born yet) or the ghost king (but he's like a ghost! *facepalm*). Oohhh maybe its that guy who used the senturiel first whose name starts with a (i forgot and im too lazy to go back and check*shrugs*). Yea its probably him. I was going to say i sucked at this guessing thing but it seems like im not bad *smirks*.
I cant wait to see what happens next.
Jayce.Greyford chapter 83 . 4/17
This story is lit. Author, you have swag
BlackWolf478 chapter 83 . 4/9
you mentioned in the beginning of this chapter that Ana is wearing a red scarf but when it was given to her by the fish dealer it was sky blue.
Rosemellen chapter 83 . 4/8
I haven't been on this website in forever, but wasn't there like 102 chapters on this story? What happened? I love this story
Rebekka Hippie chapter 65 . 4/5
Hey ho!
I'm just going to start: From chapter 49 and 50 we know that -at that time- Ana didn't take part in the Battle of Pellennor Fields and Taysend survived. But later, when Ana does take part in the battle, Taysend dies. It would seem that his death is Ana's fault, unless there's some other skipper in that timeline... But now, in rewritten chapter 65 (or 56, I'm not sure) Ana says/thinks that Taysend's death isn't her fault even though she'd like it to be (then she'd have an excuse for saving him - which she actually has by knowing that he survived in another timeline!) That's a bit confusing and doesn't make sense...
I think my English doesn't make sense in this explanation either... By the way, the Skipper is amazing. Best fanfiction I ever read (and probably will read), so keep going! I'm trying to send you some motivation whenever I can!
Infinite101 chapter 83 . 4/1
I've been reading this over the last few days and have finally caught up - all I can say is wow!

This story is Majestic haha on all levels! It oozes majesty! I've howled with laughter and wailed in despair - Ana's journey has been incredible, thank you for sharing such an awesome story it's been one hell of a ride.

I'm shipping Ana & Thorin hard and hope things can develop between them, it's so cool to see her in young Thorin's life.

This has been so well written, it's definitely one for the favourites. I can't wait to see how part 2 progresses.
Infinite101 chapter 48 . 3/27
WOAH did not see that coming! *rushes to read the next chapter*
Infinite101 chapter 31 . 3/25
I've just started reading this and I'm completely hooked, sorry for not reviewing earlier - I've been powering through chapters, this one was heartwrenching. I love the relationships you've developed and was in tears at the end of this chapter, i can't wait to see how the story progresses!
thefirecrest chapter 83 . 3/20
I have... Been looking... For this story... For so long now... It's been driving me insane. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of in Google: 'The traveling stone' 'teleport stone?' 'Swallowed stone ocxthorin' 'dwarves better than elves fanfiction' 'teleport hobbit the lord of the rings oc thorin' etc etc.. NOTHING ever came up. I tried just yesterday and nothing.
Then on a whim I decide to click on an author's name on one of my favorite author's Fav tab and what's the first thing that shows up? The fucking story I've gone out of my mind searching for, for over a YEAR.
I don't know if I'm super happy or super fucking mad. Omg.
Guest chapter 76 . 3/18
OMG this story is the best I have ever read and I'm so proud to be the one writing review number 4,000! I've actually been waiting until someone writes the 3,999th review... Please keep going! I admire how you started in 2012 and are still updating!
Velvet Thunder chapter 83 . 3/17
Honestly this story is in my top ten favorite fanfictions and Im so glad you're still writing it! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Velvet Thunder chapter 80 . 3/16
OMG I love your story! Please continue with it, it's so awesome! I've reread it twice now I love it
Guest chapter 76 . 3/15
Come on, please update! It's almost been two months! Also, Thorin is sooooooooo majestic. BUT I found a paragraph in the lotr books when Aragorn (at the Argonath) is described as majestic... though, if you exchange Aragorn with Thorin, it also fits perfectly. Just wanted to say that... I'm babbling nonsense again, am I not? So yeah, please update.
Wynter Spite chapter 83 . 3/15
This story will never not be amazing. And now the word I most associate with Thorin is 'majestic'. It's true. He's so majestic. His eyes are majestic. His voice is majestic. His beard is the most majestic. I love this story.
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