Reviews for The Skipper
Cam C chapter 58 . 9/23
I am ashamed. The ghost king being in love with her was funny, but even the thought of Ana and Legolas...just cruel...
tatewaki2000 chapter 112 . 9/4
I finally completed my quest. I spent about 10 hours reading this nonstop, so I have a pretty good gist on what parts I loved and what sections were meh.

1) I adored how Ana's personality developed. The later chapters kept suggesting she was the "same" but that's either cause of time travel shenanigans or Author laziness.

2) Ana could be funny! She was witty. And she had cute dialog. Unfortunately the later later chapters make Ana kinda one-note.

3) Ana contributed... intentionally and unintentionally...and it gave us the feeling of progession. Part 2 lacks that. It tries to be more twisty and sneaky (Tee and Prophecies) and it's meh. You are either playing a long game (which makes the short term feel unrewarding) or you're just making stuff up.

4) Part 1 felt more unified. I liked how things connected. I enjoyed the mixture of scenaries. The reason we adored Ana's quirkiness was "context!" Now Part 2 made Ana Logic into Grandma Logic. Her jokes fall flat because the words sound like reptitive folksy advice. Nothin's fresh.

5) Creativity. Part 1 felt creative because you seemless merged Ana's descent into madness with wildly contrasting situations. Part 2 feels like an overdone SI sliceoflife that's neither relaxing nor exciting. I like Ana / Thorin but it's safe.

My flimsy and silly advice?
Remember that you're a majestic writer, sip some Starbucks, and explode so hard on this story that noone will ever doubt the seeming epicness that is Ana.

Thank you for sharing this story. Now excuse me. I need to pass out now.
tatewaki2000 chapter 105 . 9/4
And the. They humped

Theeee enddddd
tatewaki2000 chapter 104 . 9/4
I wonder why Ana doesnt buy a shotgun and then go back.

I mean... She now knows hpw to kinda control it. :P
tatewaki2000 chapter 102 . 9/4
tatewaki2000 chapter 101 . 9/4

Sheesh. I miss the shameless Starbucks promotions.

Sigh. Nostalgia
tatewaki2000 chapter 100 . 9/4
Yesssssss! Finally!
We missed you SKIP!
tatewaki2000 chapter 99 . 9/4
You like reviews :0


Word word words
tatewaki2000 chapter 98 . 9/4
I am binge reading this story.
It's fascinating btw. :)
tatewaki2000 chapter 93 . 9/4
Oldddd peopleeeeee.

tatewaki2000 chapter 91 . 9/4
tatewaki2000 chapter 90 . 9/4
Yay! Ana sounded cool :)
tatewaki2000 chapter 89 . 9/4
Yay continuity!
Trolls and Ian :D
tatewaki2000 chapter 85 . 9/4
tatewaki2000 chapter 82 . 9/4
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