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BonBon2801 chapter 85 . 9/21
I can't begin to express how much I love this story. A lot of times when I'm struggling emotionally I come back to read 'The Skipper', and while reading it I travel through an emotional roller coaster. But most of all I adore your main protagonist Ana, it's so amazing to read through the point of view of someone you can relate yourself to instead of the usual heroic OC, who tends to always be the courageous type that suddenly knows how to use a sword in a single chapter. I for one would definitely "run past screaming" if I ever faced Shelob! And can't tell you how much joy and gratitude I feel towards you for writing such an amazing, emotional and beautiful story that surpasses anyone's expectations when they read that new chapter update.

I also completely understand the growth of your writing style, over time new ideas pop up and after personal life experiences you're creativity and inspirations lead you towards different paths,

Although I am desperately curious as to discover how Thorin and Ana's relationship hopefully develops throughout part 2. I am still quite happy to keep rereading part 1.
Otherwise, I'll keep my fingers crossed in the hope you ever get an inspiration recharge and gift us with a new chapter someday.

With lots of love, BonBon2801
Guest chapter 85 . 9/13
Wow just Wow! Will we meet so.e of anas family?
YouLostMeh chapter 85 . 8/29
Words are not enough to describe the sheer majesty of this story. Thank you for writing this
dark-angel-0312 chapter 85 . 8/29
Oh I just love this story so much! Anna feels like a real person to me and certainly not like any other OC I've read about before...and her story is just the most exciting ever!
I hope that your motivation to write comes to a new high and we get to see all her adventures in the army...
MetaphysicalTreeShrub chapter 85 . 8/21
I'd absolutely love to see Anna meet the Feanorians, I feel like there she'd find some elves who got along with. Oh gods cross that out actually, a magical rock and Feanorians never bodes well.
Sekishu023 chapter 85 . 8/15
Love this really really much! It' so exciting to read
Guest chapter 85 . 7/26
The characterizations of the new(ish) characters in this chapter was aweeeeesome. I especially loved the reason of superstition behind Ana staying in the camp. Great thinking behind it!

I really look forward to an update. I hope u know how much I and so many others love this story along with watching Ana, Thorin, and u urself grow as the story progresses. So many interesting plot points and details I am trying to remember so I get to see this wonderful story fall into place :)
Guest chapter 79 . 7/26
God I love this chapter so much. It was the most amazing perfect ending to part one! Thorin's first impressions of Ana were so well written and u did such a great job!
Guest chapter 78 . 7/25
the later half of this chapter was just so perfectly Ana and concise in its ending and left me with so much interest! loved ittt
Guest chapter 69 . 7/23
Ana talking to Aragorn in this chapter was so heartfelt and touching, aw!
Beynere4life chapter 15 . 7/22
Try reading the conversation about Elrond's grand tiara while sitting in the driving school with other people around you. I had to bite on my lollipop to keep from laughing...
Also, in the same chapter, Legolas has a rare clairvoyant moment and figures out why Ana doesn't want to hear anything about Thorin and Company. This scene is so well-written, how Legolas is all serious and Ana doesn't say anything about dwarves and elves or whatever, it really captured me.
Actually, this entire fanfic is well-written and brilliant and awesome and my all-time favorite I JUST HOPE YOU WILL UPDATE AGAIN SOON! (this is not yelling, it's just me being emotional)(actually, there might be some yelling in there, too)(just saying)(please please update!)
Guest chapter 46 . 7/21
Nooo Trainer Mike! The Skips timing has a humor to it, and if it's not twisted it's just hysterical
Guest chapter 45 . 7/21
I love this chapter! Poor Ana :( her conversation with the riders were so heartfelt
Guest chapter 42 . 7/20
I loved Ana and Thorin's interactions this whole chapter! They've really settled into this niche of comfort together. They have for a while but idk it just really popped out at me in this chapter!
Guest chapter 40 . 7/20
For real one of my fave chapters! The irony, humor, and foreshadowing was spot on.
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