Reviews for Last Homely Hole
Blackquantum chapter 19 . 8/9
oh wow! Great story so far. Can't wait to find out what Bilbo means. Hope you post the next chapter soon.
AmethystSiri chapter 19 . 8/7
Great story, would love to read more :)) please update again soon :))
MC chapter 19 . 8/2
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this story had been updated. It is one of my all time favorite fan fictions and I often retread it from time to time. I'm really glad you wrote it. Thank you
RithmaticRitin chapter 14 . 5/30
I absolutely loved that fabulous insinuation at the end of the chapter. Really helps hit it home how harsh it was in a way I haven't read before, which is surely saying something!
Black Bloody Rose Dragon chapter 19 . 5/27
It's good so far what next an when does Thorin come back
PlaidOtaku chapter 19 . 5/17
Please update very soon! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! 3
PlaidOtaku chapter 18 . 5/17
*deep breath indeep breath outrepeat 100 more times* AW HELL NAW!
PlaidOtaku chapter 14 . 5/17
Aww BilboHis mother had a few screws loose I think but I'm happy Bilbo lived. He's had to go through so much and did he ever figure out what he ate? Damn that's messed up. And I keep forgetting that Bilbo is actually younger than Kili heh And how come Thorin isn't too in touch with the Company?
PlaidOtaku chapter 11 . 5/17
Yes Nori is pretty shady haha and I wish I could've seen more of him. but this chapter was incredibly cute, funny, and sweet. Even through all the death threats and dirty talk :P
PlaidOtaku chapter 9 . 5/17
I freakin love this story! Ahhh so cute and amazing! I wonder if any of the other Company is coming tho...that sure would be interesting
PlaidOtaku chapter 8 . 5/16
Aww so cute! But also sad
PlaidOtaku chapter 7 . 5/16
Aww Kili and Fili brotherly fluff! And Bilbo is Auntie! so cute! :3 But I'm wondering how Kili was let on the quest and Gimli wasn't...
PlaidOtaku chapter 6 . 5/16
Grumpy chapter 19 . 4/24
What a great story! I read all the chapters and can't wait to see another, as I hope there will be some. Thorin needs to come back to the Shire as soon as possible!
Lucky Guard chapter 19 . 4/20
i love this story. it is great. please update soon.
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