Reviews for Faustian Ball
ravenspitfire101 chapter 1 . 3/23
Poor Rae, I would have made her blow up the bar XD
The Great Fanfiction Wizard chapter 1 . 10/22/2014
Princess Unikitty chapter 1 . 10/30/2013
cool idea for a story. i liked the dialogue. it's Jump City, not Jump city
klutz93 chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
aw cute i like ellery xp
Luna Lupa chapter 1 . 4/21/2013
OH MY GOSH! THIS WAS AMAZING! Wow.. this is! my friend recommended this to me and she told me what happened but somehow I was still surprised when he said he was Red X! I don't know how you did that! I don't even really read teen titans fanfictions that aren't about Robin but this was amazing! Never stop writing! NEVER!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
Best fanfic I've read in a long time and hands down the most interesting one shot I've come across. Keep up the good work, I like your style.
Boom Box Guy chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
This was well written. By the end of this I was thinking, screw BBXRae. Bring on the Ellery(X)xRae! Not many authors can make me consider that. :)
Jess chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Loved it! I especially thought the twist at the end was awesome.
Gallagher chapter 1 . 12/30/2012
I love this! I was wondering the whole time, 'who is this dashing guy? Is he the author's Gary Stue?' But I love the twist! It fits beautifully.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
and so X secret idenety is reaveled to be chuck norris little brother! great story, I wish more raven and red x stories were like this!
Purplerave chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
Oh, Oh, Oh...this was good. I very much enjoyed this oneshot. Nice twist at the end. couldn't figure out for the life of me who Ellery was. Is this really a oneshot? Seems like there is opportunity for something more. Either way, the ending is wonderful. I am ebullient in saying that you write wonderfully. Every sentence seemed to flow together marvelously. You'll be hearing from me again, no doubt.