Reviews for Forever Changed
GeminiLady21 chapter 6 . 10/23/2013
This is pretty cool. BTW his daughters name was Seraphina.
AntarcticIcicle chapter 6 . 1/27/2013
This is a really interesting story, I'm enjoying it so far! Im really excited for the next update! Keep up the awesome work! :D
Storm-Maiden-Lucania chapter 5 . 1/25/2013
Please continue this awsomeness! I'm lovin' it! After discovering (via the Rise of the Guardians Wikia page) that Pitch wasn't always a bad guy, I totally fell in love with him more than I'd already been. I love your charetor design for Kozmotis! And the butterflys! Oh, the butterflys! Sandy always knew Pitch wasn't a bad guy.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/5/2013
Wow,just wow! Great job on this. Keep it up!