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Squeeb100 chapter 5 . 1/30/2014
Squeeb100 chapter 4 . 1/30/2014
OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! Did I make my point clear?
Squeeb100 chapter 2 . 1/29/2014
LunaLurvegood10 chapter 5 . 1/19/2014
If it means anything, I think this is really fantastic and original and I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Keep writing, please x3
KataangInuKags chapter 2 . 10/4/2013
I am reading this story over and can't get enough of it, it's so amazing!
Inu fan girl chapter 5 . 7/11/2013
This story is soo cool! Update soon please, it's awesome!
KataangInuKags chapter 5 . 6/17/2013
This is one of the greatest fanfiction in the site! It deserves an award! Update soon pretty please :)
Inu Reviewer chapter 5 . 6/14/2013
AHHHH I can't choose which one I like,, dang it! This is like choosing a topping for a pizza. I think I choose the (scratches head)...the, wait the yeah I choose the...OKAY, my final decision is the second one. But it is your choice either way, so do what's best for your story :) I can't wait to read the next chapter.
Kahlan170 chapter 5 . 6/15/2013
I like the second idea but you could also mix it with the first in still having the future Inuyasha kill Kagome but have tatsomaru stop him or Inuyasha.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/13/2013
Do we get to find out what happened in the future and what the future Inuyasha is plotting?
kkkkKatieKatkkkk chapter 5 . 6/14/2013
This story is so cool! I just read all the chapters, though i hoped for more. But update soon!
kkkkKatieKatkkkk chapter 1 . 6/14/2013
Oo, it caught my eye and I like it!
Closet lover chapter 5 . 6/14/2013
Stay true to the plot, please!
I just started reading this and I'm so happy that you wrote it.
It's beautifully written and the plot is so nice... I would love to get to see...intimate moments between Kagome and Inuyasha (the future one)
No lemmons though.

I somehow like future inuyasha's potty mouth and hints about ravaging Kagome. A big thumbs up from me!
Silvermist66 chapter 1 . 6/14/2013
Lol, Also meant to say your welcome! I'm glad you were able to find a name you liked from the suggestions I gave! I looked at a whole lot of them, as your could probably tell, and basically picked out ones that I either just plain liked the name for or that had meanings which I thought would be relevant to Inuyasha and Kagome's feelings towards their child or that might end up nicely describing him as a person based off of who his parents are. In the case of the name Tamotsu, it made the list because not only did I like the name itself, but since Inuyasha has always been Kagome's protector it would seem logical that their child would inherit such protective instincts from him. Hope my previous review wasn't too long or confusing for you-I tend to write a lot sometimes when I get a whole lot of ideas from a chapter and some of my explanations don't always make total sense, especially when I neglect to proof read everything before clicking the "post review" button!
Silvermist66 chapter 5 . 6/14/2013
Hm, well "truth fears no questions" means that no matter how one the truth questions the truth, said truth will never change, so say Kagome was to see Naraku killing Kikyo and Inuyasha questions her on it then regardless of whether or not Kagome recants her statement the truth will always be that she did in fact witness Naraku killing Kikyo. Another example would be if Kagome lied to and/or betrayed Inuyasha, but continuously denies doing so, it will still always be true that she betrayed him even if she continues to deny it. Of course the same scenario could also be turned in Kagome's favor as well if she truly didn't lie to or betray Inuyasha, but he refuses to believe her and continuously questions her on the subject. In that case, no matter what he may believe, the truth will always be that Kagome never lied to and/or betrayed him at all even if he has been led to believe otherwise. So until their is sufficient evidence to support which version of the statement is best related to Kagome's position I can't say for certain whether the statement would indicate her guilt or innocence.

Also, the mirror itself is also not to be taken lightly, even though the elder Inu states that it's supposed to show the future of what "may" happen there's no way of knowing if what the younger Inuyasha saw also happened to be the worst possible or most probable scenario of future events. Besides that, watch any movie, television series, or even read any book with a seer or fortune teller of some kind and they will tell you that seeing into the future is never an exact science, there's a whole lot of gray areas and vagueness involved, such as the possible double meaning of the phrase "truth fears no questions" that I have provided above. Prophecies of doom could come out of a persons immediate actions or a long road of several mistakes, some of which could very well be the direct result of having had said prophecy given to you in the first place and in an attempt to avoid fulfilling it you have created a self-fulfilling prophecy by acting rashly even in situations that you would normally approach differently had paranoia not been clouding your mind. In this case, I would think that anything Inuyasha saw would have most likely appeared before him in a variety of cut scenes, for instance, if he saw Kagome promising to become his mate then the next scene showed her recanting the statement and saying that she could never love a filthy half demon, followed by her returning to her own time via the Bone Eaters Well, then it's highly possible that what the mirror neglected to show him was the scene where Naraku or Kikyo threatens to kill Inuyasha if Kagome doesn't break his heart and leave the feudal era for good. That's assuming that the mirrors also legit of course, since it could also be unknowingly enchanted to always reveal either the least likely/worst case scenario's of the future, which I've hinted at above, or it could possibly even be rigged to provide false futures by morphing pleasant, happy events into much darker ones. Hence one can never put too much trust into either prophecies of the future or fortune telling items that claim to provide incite into them.

I find it interesting that Tamotsu claims that his mother "didn't do anything" yet his father refuses to listen to his words. Tamotsu's conclusion about his mothers innocence can be viewed a few ways. First of all he is obviously attached to Kagome so he could just be defending his mothers innocence based off her own personal testimony to him that she did nothing wrong and that his own fathers accusations against her are false, this is a highly likely scenario if we assume that Tamotsu believes that his mothers words are as good as gold and never even considers the possibility that she may be lying to him, however this would also mane that future Kagome is openly comfortable with lying to her own child and I'm not so sure that that's something she would ever do. The second option is that Tamotsu is making his statement based of having witnessed the events leading up to Inuyasha wanting to kill Kagome first hand and has drawn his own conclusion from them. Since her supposed betrayal has taken place in the future it seems like this is a highly plausible scenario, especially since it's always a possibility that future Inuyasha was either manipulated into believing that Kagome betrayed him and deciding that her past self needed to pay the price for it or it could also be that Tamotsu and his father each witnessed different moments of said events, like in my example of what Inuyasha may have saw when he looked at the future, only in this version the elder Inu would have witnessed Kagome's acts of "betrayal" while Tamotsu would have gotten a glimpse of the reasons behind Kagome's actions that took place behind the scenes. Since Inuyasha has indeed always been stubborn then this could very well explain the reason for their difference in opinion as well as why Inuyasha wouldn't be easily swayed from his beliefs even when everyone around him is telling him they are not true. Finally, one must remember that Tamotsu is still just a child so while he may very well have some knowledge of what happened between his parents their could also be a bunch of details that were kept secret from, like how a child's parents can end up getting a divorce due to one spouse cheating on the other, but all the child knows is that one parent is leaving them. They might also know that they are now living with another person who is not their mother or father and be told that their parents are now separated and/or getting remarried, but they may never really understand that one parent betrayed the other until they are older. Any one of these three theories could very attribute to the difference of opinion between father and son, and quite honestly I'm still trying to figure out which, if any, is most likely, or if I'm way off in my theories or maybe just over-thinking everything too much.

One thing that Tamotsu did make clear is that he hasn't seen Kagome in a while, but whether that's because she left his father for another man or possibly for her own protection from him is still unknown. If the elder Inuyasha himself didn't hint at her being alive and well though I would very much question whether or not Kagome's future self was captured or possibly even killed, because it seems very un-Kagome-like for her to leave her own child behind unless she had absolutely no other choice in the matter... As for the idea of them working together, that's a tough call. The older Inuyasha claims that he is supposedly their to observe Kagome so traveling with her would allow him to do just that and Tamotsu doesn't seem too willing to leave his future mother's side, but at the same time there presence may also interfere with whatever the elder Inu is supposed to find while observing Kagome - ie if she's supposed to breakdown and cry while admitting some crucial piece of evidence out loud that either furthers her guilt or innocence in Inuyasha's eyes, I doubt she would do so while knowing that she has two spectators around to witness everything. So maybe the two future visitors would be better off following/observing from afar...yet in order to find out any information concerning the mirror the current Kagome and Inuyasha would probably need the extra help. The "countdown" comment has got me thinking that no matter what the group does-whether they try to hunt down the man who provided the mirror or not- The elder Inuaysha may still have his own plans to kill Kagome/bring about her downfall anyway, and no matter what the two future Inu's will have to either return home or fade from existence entirely depending on whether you are going with the alternate time line theory of time travel or the one where the future is directly affected by the interactions between their present and past selves. So I would probably combine the two ideas by having the two groups call a temporary truce while searching for information about the mirror's previous owner, but keeping whatever agenda the future Inu has on the back burner, in this case continuing to seek Kagome's death unless he should uncover some hidden detail(s) that were left unknown to him previously. However, that's going only off of my limited knowledge/understanding of what may be happening so far. Only you (the author) know what you have planned for this story. Straying from your original plot line and/or changing it up a bit is always acceptable, it can even sometimes be the difference between having a short one shot story or a full out 50 chapter award winning fanfiction story (I seriously have read a few fics like that where the author started out with a one shot or an idea for a short 15 chapter or so story and decided to expand on it until they had an incredibly long, highly popular, hit fanfiction on their hands) so if you feel straying from your original vision is whats best for the story then by all means do so, you never know when it might just pay off, but don't just do it because your readers are encouraging you to do so, that's often how you get hopelessly stuck and become forced to completely rewrite a large portion of your work, make sure that whatever you decide to do next is what you believe to be the best call for the story and a whole!
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