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kalloni chapter 39 . 7/21
Loving this story so far. It made me really sad when I noticed the last update was 2 years ago. I looked at your profile and it said you're still continuing it, saying you edited that in March, though I'm not sure what year. I really hope you continue.
dezzie jayee chapter 26 . 7/3
Woohoo! I just love it when Edward-the-priss gets his a** kicked ;-)
Himeka Ouritsu chapter 51 . 6/20
So its been years since i read this fic. I stopped reading twilight fanfic years ago too. But yesterday I had to come back and read this fic. And I reread it in a day and its as good as I remembered. If you were to ever update again Id definitely read. Your writing is great and I love the story.
DarthHarmony312 chapter 51 . 6/11
It's been three years, the story is dead
merniizztat chapter 51 . 5/15
Awesome,continĂșe please
Guest chapter 12 . 5/2
ok i know u have not updated in a long while on this story but the last sentence/paragraph was just to good i could not stop laughing because of how well that was portrayed so great job u did fantastic with that
ThunderSphinx chapter 47 . 5/4
Awesome story!

Poor Bree! :(
She's such a sweetheart, she deserved so much more in life than what she got. I hope Charlie shows her what a father can be. :)

A mansion built in 11 days? That's pretty soon for concrete but then again this is the future. Who knows what kind of innovations they have! :)

Why are they building a mansion? They couldn't have picked a better time lol. They should spend that time training. Bree definitely needs it. And now so does Alice. OMG! Oh no poor Alice! I hope to God, MERLIN, and whatever deities, extra terrestrials, and higher powers that are out there that the loss of her gift is only temporarily. Please don't let it be permanent! Or are you gonna give her a different gift? I like her current one. Being able to foretell the future is awesome.

And YES! I "totes" agree with Rosalie. The Cullens and the Swans could be helping people. That would totally be me if I were them. We could all be SUPERHEROES! :))))

I feel bad for Carlisle but I hope he snaps out of it. Edward was a giant douche. And as for the whole "eldest son" being more important, he needs to get with the times. That went out of fashion years ago. Although I am guilty of loving Harry Potter inheritance stories where he, Harry, gains extra cool titles and money lolz. :)

OMG lol to Emmet's "Goku" reference haha.

Will Charlie and Angela discover their daughter/best friend Bella in time to fight with her against the Volturi and Joham!? Or will they ride in from behind like the cavalry suiting the battle? I hope Angela is like a second daughter to him and that they're not mates lol. But then again, they're immortal song what's a little age difference xD?

And yes Jasper, Emmett. You should have been there for her but what's done is done. You cmwere manipulated by someone you thought was a brother. You and your family can make up for it by being there for her and her daughters now. :)

And Rosalie, Esme, and the others will be so heartbroken when they finally discover what happened to Bella. And oh will they be pissed at Victoria! They will want to tear her apart limb from limb. hope they get that opportunity. :)

And oh will Charlie be steaming mad when he leaned what happened to his beloved daughter. I just hope he doesn't take it out on the Cullens and Quellites. Speaking of them, he sure will be shocked to discover that the friends he had in life were supernatural Shape-Shifters haha. :)
Or does he already know?

BTW. I've been a HUMONGOUS FAN of your Harry Potter stories for years. I'm just so sad I never gave this wonderful story a try ealier. I always made fun of Twilight so I never gave it the time of day but here I am, just a few days ago, waiting for an update to your HP stories, when I decided to give this story a try out of respect for you. And OH MY GOD! IT'S MAGNIFICENT! Please don't abandon this story. ESPECIALLY not before the big fight with the Volturi.
ThunderSphinx chapter 33 . 5/3
Oh no please don't let Henry be killed! I'm guessing that it was an Air-Ballistic missile that struck them? Sneaky. I had a feeling that's what would she happened. Good thing they are in the basement! That should protect them a bit. But poor Henry went upstairs! Although I suppose the wood fragments would kill him anyway. :(

I think Bella need to get Marcus on their side by solving who really killed his wife. :)

The Volturi are pure evil. Killing Shape-Shifters!? Please don't let any of the Shape-Shifters go extinct! Please protect them all. Even the ones on other continents.

I hope Alice gets there soon. :)

You have a wonderful story. And this is coming from someone who absolutely detested Twilight!

A few things though. This story is supposed to take place a century in the future. The Kardashian sluts, the Jersey Shore imbeciles, and Adam Lambert should be all be dead by now. Furthermore, it is now the 22nd Century not the "21st Century."

Grr. I never liked Edward. Selfish bastard! Bella does too have a soul! And Grr. He's nothing more than a bigoted, old-fashioned hillbilly with delusionally of grandeur who feels that women should be subservient and submissive to their husbands/mates. And I get he contacted the Volturi! That A-Hole!

Great Story. I love it! :)
ThunderSphinx chapter 21 . 5/2
Poor Alice :(

And yes I absolutely hate bullies too!

But surely a lesbian relationship would not be that much of a big deal about a hundred years into the future, no? Especially in the state of Washington, one of the most liberal and progressive states in the entire country?
Stona512 chapter 47 . 4/29
As a civil engineering student concrete take over 30 days to set fully before at full strength which would be needed to build on top of and quick dry concrete is a lot weaker so the house being built in 10 days is rediculous.
Black Magic99 chapter 51 . 4/26
this story is great and i hate twilight, please at least finish it
Guest chapter 51 . 4/22
Having recently discovered this line of Twilight stories I have read many. They range from a bad retelling of The Aristocrats joke to this one, the best I have seen so far. I am genuinely saddened this tale remains unfinished.
cands123 chapter 1 . 4/12
I've probably re read this story bout 6 times I'm in love with the way you have made Bella and the rest I love it that's she's this strong character that stands up for what she believes in and for the ones she loves. I honestly hope you update this story it's 2 good not 2
domsijohn chapter 51 . 3/22
I say kick i hope that marcus cicyum or dee fond them in side with them i thi dimitri felix should be mated to themangela an Charlie i thunk rdme and charli should get back together and zoey matted to jane or alec would be cool and the swan take over but run the base from forks
domsijohn chapter 41 . 3/22
Yes their alive
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