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Brookewyrm the Strangeling chapter 1 . 5/10/2014
Cool so far! :)
FandomChaser chapter 4 . 3/1/2014
Hi! Just thought you should know, I'm The Dangerous One. Stuff happened and I lost my old account. PM me if you have any questions or want to make sure it's really me (I totally understand if you do)!
Rosemary chapter 7 . 10/14/2013
Also I think I forgot to do a likes and dislikes thing for Yozora...
Dislikes: Ball gowns, fighting, PINK, anything frilly and or frou frou, Bunny, Quinn's brother.
Likes: Anything semi dark or darker, children, Quinn, Pitch, the Guardians besides Bunny, Quinn's sister, Unicorns (she doesn't count them as frilly girlyness . She says unicorns are badass) Nighttime
Semi Likes/ Dislikes: Daytime, dark magic, purple mascara/lip gloss
Lol. These are her basic interests and uninterests.
Rosemary chapter 7 . 10/14/2013
Remember Yozora Hoshi? I mentioned that she is neutral but leans towards the dark side? Well, she is actually very fond of the dark side, but if(or when) she meets Quinn she will find a new reason to stop hanging around in the dark: A friend! Anyways, she speaks in a manner similar to Luna Lovegood, only she says stuff ALOT darker. I would categorize her as Villain (If you can even call her that... More like lost soul) turned good (by friendship) and then turned truly wicked (she is capable of taking over the earth faster than Pitch XD I bet he'd be jealous... OMG I just totally thought of something hilarious! What if Pitch took a liking to Yozora? lol...) bye! Can't wait for you to re upload the story!
Millie the Kitty chapter 7 . 10/5/2013
I don't really know what this means, but ok, so here it is: Transcendentality. So, I'm sincerely sure that you'll eventually get out of this writers block, and my suggestion for getting out of it is listening to music or looking through pics on the internet, but that's the best thing for me, but it's different for everyone. Since I'm not really sure what a pm is, I'll just tell you my oc is a girl named Rowan who's the spirit of laughter/April Fools day. She's a good spirit, obviously, and she's rather tall (5'10") and wears short blue jeans and a bright pink tee-shirt with a sunflower on it. If there's any fighting later, then Rowan fights with a straight staff (like Aang's from The Last Airbender) and she can prank people (switching bombs with water balloons, etc) to defend herself. She's fun loving, but serious the moment she doesn't like the situation or you. She has bright purple eyes, and long blond hair with light pink tips on the end. She absolutely hates the cold weather, but she doesn't mind Jack F, and she has a pet parakeet named Lily, who likes sunflower seeds. I'm sorry if I didn't give you my oc right, but I'm not very good at this kind of thing. I hope you get out of your writers block soon!
Rosemary chapter 7 . 8/4/2013
Oh, and I forgot to mention Yozora's back story. Before I do that though, here is her official title: "Messenger Of The Moon." BACK STORY: Yozora was a young girl, living on the streets ever since her parents died. She was very quiet always seemed to dampen people's moods, so when she WAS in an orphanage no one wanted her. So she ended up on the streets, where no one would even spare her a glance. Not that she minded. All she cared about was the lovely night sky. It was pretty, and silent, and always orderly. It seemed, that the moon was her only friend. But, a few months after her 17th birthday, a desperate looking young man comes up to her, begging that she deliver a letter to his fiancé' visiting her family in a distant village, because her mother was ill and dying, and no one else would spare the time to help him deliver the message. Agreeing with his request, Yozora started her Journey out of her small Japanese Village, to the far away Village the young man spoke of. BUT. From years of malnourishment and poor care, Yozora was not strong enough to finish the Journey. Her body wasn't used to traveling such long distances. She herself, grew very ill, and by the time she arrived in the village and had delivered the message, she was almost completely unable to stand. Halfway back to her own Village, she collapsed in a fury of violent hacks and coughs, and eventually fell unconscious. She died that night, from Hypothermia, and malnourishment, but the man in the moon admired her persistence in delivering the letter before dying, and the fact that she loved the moon so much, he decided to turn her into a Spirit. But, only as his personal messenger since he knew she would be loyal to no one else (Since she isn't the spirit of a Holiday, MIM didn't change her name or anything. She was still called Yozora Hoshi)
Well, that was Yozora's back story. I think the parts about her and the message may have been a bit weak, but oh well... I hope you liked it!
Rosemary chapter 7 . 8/4/2013
I have a new OC for you! :)
Name: Yozora Hoshi
Name Meaning: Night Sky Star
Gender: Female
From: Japan
Age: 17 (but has been a spirit for about 300-400 years...Idk)
Side: She is neither good or bad. More like neutral. She doesn't really care about things like that, but does lean towards the darker side of things.
Appearance: Medium height, slender, large misty grey eyes, purple hair with white streaks that flows like a haze. Wears, a plain dark blue top, and grey leggings.
Powers: Controls the night winds and events, as well as how bright a certain star will shine... (Idk) And she can fly.
Spirit of: I don't really know what she is the spirit of... She likes to think of herself as the moon's personal messenger. She can communicate with MIM in a strange telepathic way. And she always is the first to know when there is a new spirit. She is the Spirit of telepathy I suppose (her center is silence), but not a certain holiday.
Personality: Calm. Quiet. Tranquil. Wise. Insensitive. When angered, she is very fierce, often going into a horrible rage, and creating a chaos. But she hardly ever is angered. because its hard to get a reaction out of her.
I hope you liked her! I was hoping that if you used her, she becomes friends with Quinn. Bye bye Ink!
Frost chapter 7 . 7/31/2013
Name: Nova Starlight (she is my OC so no touchy touchy!)
Age: 'round 400... give or take
Appearance: bronze hair with red highlights, white jacket, blue cami, bootcut jeans, and combat boots.
Gender: Female
Spirit of: stars and their light
Powers: can create a blinding light, much like her brother Nightlight, and her center is... Light!
Side: Evil... trying to convince Pitch he is and was the good guy. Fruitless attempts.
Backstory: At age fourteen, Nova had already joined the Golden Age Armada. By fifteen, she was promoted to Lieutenant with General Pitchiner. She and Nightlight were the protectors of Mim, but she spent hers on the battlefield. Nova was there when Pitch was destroyed by the Fearlings, but believes he could still have good in
spent hers on the battlefield. Near age eighteen, she and G. Pitchiner had to guard a jailhouse for the Nightmares and their ilk.
The Dangerous One chapter 7 . 7/31/2013
Jeepers, no beta? I'll be your beta for this, if you'd have me. The transcendentality of this story is profound, and-gosh, I'm starting to sound like a hipster, aren't I? Anyway, I should probably re-submit Ankou, so I'll go do that.
ashley.munoz.948494 chapter 6 . 7/31/2013
Oh, I have an that I was going a story about so here it is, you can .with pitch or something so here goes..

Name: Sienna Adonna


Appearance:Black hair, hazel eyes, full lips that look like they have black lipstick on them
Wears a strapless black gown.

nickname: The shadow siren

Personality:Evil. Rude . Intelligent, seductive

Powers: Seductive scream. When you hear it . go and .or,killed by her

Death story: Tried to seduce a man in a forest .his money when a rock fell on her her in a landslide.

If you accept my oc's please pm me :)
ashley.munoz.948494 chapter 7 . 7/31/2013
Ok Name: Rosalia dawn( spirit of the 4 elements guardian of peace)

Age: 17 when chosen 478 years old present time

Appearance: in between hip and chest area length light brown/ dirty blonde hair, hazel/green eyes Pale skin wears a very light beige gown with pale beige ballet slippers with a mismatched blue ribbon and light blue pendant.

Center: happiness

Friends: sandy ,bunny , toothiana ,Jaime, (she met him while in the area , children ,north, all of norths yetis ,elves,man on moon

Death story: a wealthy man and his 8 year old son were in Rosalias town. A few bad men knew of this mans fortune , and in the outskirts of town the man and his son walked when the bad men caught up to the rich family. Rosalia saw the men attempting to torture the man for money and kidnap his son for ransom. The son soon realized what was happening and the danger he was in, so when Rosalia ran to the child and grabbed his arm he would respond and try to and the child ran to a nearby forest and told the child to hide in a nearby stack of branches and leafs. When he asked her why she helped him she said, "because everybody deserves to live in peace. She told the boy not to leave until dawn the next day. When she went to the town to attempt to help the father, the men spotted her and recognized her as the girl who ruined the plan to take the boy, in one swift movement the men shot her on her rib. Rosalia ran to a river nearby to escape the men but she fell in , and drowned defenseless because of her wound.

Personality: fun loving, kind , caring, treats everybody with kindness.

DislikesPowers: can control the four elements earth water. Can fly with manipulation of air Can turn water into Ice.( not very well) also has power of the feeling of love and peace into,children. Can control earth and create fire.

Likes:being with children and her friends reading singing and dancing

Dislikes:pitch, adults who harm children, ignoring children

Man on moons words to Rosalia: welcome, you are the spirit of elements , Rosalia dawn . :)
Rosemary chapter 6 . 7/19/2013
Oh wait... I just thought of something that just totally ruined my whole muse with my OC Lovebug. Cupid is probably the Valentine's day Spirit... DARN IT! XD Oh well... Maybe Lovebug can be one of his helpers(or his WIFE!? lol...) (btw since her real name is Rosemary Fennel, she just goes by *Mary*)
Rosemary chapter 6 . 7/19/2013
Hi! Have you thought of a name for the spirit of Valentine's Day yet? I came up with an OC for Valentine's Day after I first watched this movie. She was a girl named Rosemary Fennel (an average 16 year old from Washington State) who loved seeing the look in a couples eyes when they were deeply in love or smitten with each other and such. Anyways, I didn't work out the whole story, but I know that she died with a ladybug on her arm. Well, when she woke up she was half ladybug half human, and extremely beautiful with red velvet hair, large green eyes (no freckles) and a light pink dress, and large ladybug wings attached to her back. Her powers are pretty much exactly like Cadence's from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She spreads love wherever she goes. Of course, her center is love, and The Man in The Moon told her, her new name was Lovebug. (Lol. Sooooo what do ya think?) I was just thinking, since I don't have an account and I've always wanted someone to recognize my OC's, that if you haven't picked a Valentine's Day Spirit, maybe you could consider Rosemary Fennel A.K.A Lovebug? Anyways, I love this story! I hope you update soon. :)
Rosemary chapter 4 . 7/19/2013
LOVED IT! I love dragons, so this story is working out well with me. You my friend, have gained a certainly regular reviewer of this story! :)
The Dangerous One chapter 6 . 7/10/2013
It would be really cool to see the party of spirits! There's one in Nightmares and Maladies (chapter 13), if you're interested.
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