Reviews for Forward Unto Demons?
Bounty Hunter Vincent Vega chapter 1 . 12/30/2012
You know some other huge warnings would be extremely helpful. Like for example letting your readers know if there is going to be yaoi since not everyone is into that kind of material. It does not matter if this is suppose to be a trashy comedy story or not. Another major thing that didn't seem to occur you is that you appear to be using DINO and Vergin with the original cast of Devil May Cry. You do know that it is a reboot and none of the other characters will be returning. They are not in the same god damn universe.

Honestly there is no excuse for this kind of sloppy research.

Also a Nephlim is a half human,half angel NOT half devil and half angel Good god. That goes to show that Ninja Theory did not do their homework.

Then again this "story" is probably meant for the Family Guy crowd who wouldn't know real comedy.

I'd highly suggest that you go rewrite your summary and fix it so that you do not confuse and anger any other future readers.