Reviews for My Rosie
Estoma chapter 1 . 5/6/2013
Okay, here we go. I've never read anything from this fandom, but I have watched the TV series quite a long time ago. It was a nice chance now to read something from the fandom. And I think you pulled it off quite well.

Okay, firstly, the fic had a great feel to it. It felt like the character really was speaking to us. It didn't feel like simply any man was monologuing to us about his love for any woman, it really did feel like Rosie and Edward. Your speech was really what pulled this off. The way Edward speaks feels very in keeping with the way a servant in the 1900s would speak. For example, "Down in prison when she ain't done nothing." It's often easy to give into the temptation to use modern language and it never sits right. I'm glad you haven't!

Very graphic images you've used with the force feeding. I assume you've done some research and found that they did do this? I mean, starving themselves is certainly something the suffragettes would do, so it feels right. Very powerful images to add in, and driven home well by Edward's repetition of 'down to their stomach'.

The only thing I'd really add as a criticism, and barely so, more just a suggestion, is a little more description. I'd just like to see what Edward is doing while he's thinking this. Is he standing by the door being a good footman, or is he thinking this at night in his cold, narrow bed? Just something like that. You coud bring it to life even more by adding in some actions while he speaks, things that a 1900s footman in England would be doing.

Well done, really, just lovely. I wish there was more!
ReadingBlueWolf chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
I like how you started this with eavesdropping. That just sucks me in automatically and makes me wonder what in the world he overheard and what’s going on. I really like how he’s adamant she’s innocent and that she doesn’t belong in prison. I didn’t understand when it said “they’ll let the girls out if they don’t eat.” The fact that Edward is protective of Elizabeth is really cute. Not in a flirty way, but in a that’s really sweet. I think the more that’s found out about the prison the sadder it is. I really enjoy the fact he feels guilty. I love that you bring that out. He’s upset he couldn’t protect her. That is amazing and shows his character so well. I wonder why the girls won’t let Rosie eat. What’s the point of being force fed? The fact this ends in an apology is really sweet. I wasn’t expecting it necessarily, but I thought it was really fitting. I thought it really added a lot to this. Edward’s blaming himself in certain ways because he couldn’t protect the one he loves. Great job!
MockingjayWithFangs chapter 1 . 3/4/2013
This maybe a brief one shot but it is packed with emotion. I could really feel how much this boy cares about Rose, how he cares enough to even be angry, something he has never been. The words you used really showed how much he cares about her. The ending was rather sad as it does imply that they left in bad terms and makes me wonder if they were ever together or if he simply loved her in silence.

This made me feel very sorry and sad. Good job.

I did notice an awkward phrase "I never does", this may just be a typo or it maybe a phrase used at the time, as I noticed this was set in the 1900s.

A very enjoyable read.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/22/2013
Ah, I really appreciated the explanation of the canon here; it did help, and I really enjoyed this. I loved Edward's voice here. I loved the purposeful bad grammar at times because it's obviously the way he talks. That just really told us the kind of person Edward was...that maybe he's a little uneducated, but he's still a good man. Anyway, this was a rather sad piece. I really loved how you described Rose's situation. That is really horrible what they did to her. I must admit I am having a bit of confusion as to exactly which happened first: the starving or the force-feeding. But I'm guessing...and I hope you'll tell me if I get this wrong...that the plan that Miss Elizabeth came up with for Rose to get out of jail was for her to starve herself so that the guards would let her out. And that obviously worked, but they had to stick a tube down her throat and force-feed her then because it obviously got very bad. And then they beat her because of it? Did I get that right? I hope so. Anyway, while Miss Elizabeth might have tried to help Rose, it sounded like it was more of a detriment to her. I really loved that when Rose suffered, Edward suffered to. His guilt and sadness were clearly shown. I would be interested to see if he ever has a chance to tell her how he really feels. Well done, my love. :)
Verran chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
It's been a long time since I've seen Upstairs Downstairs. It must feel even worse for Edward because he's hearing this third hand, and - not that it makes Rose's predicament any better than he imagines, his distance from it all must make him feel even more useless to help.

The narration style is great, I could hear the character speaking, and I especially liked how he repeats things, like 'all the way to her stomach'.

Although I understood that Rose was innocent and had somehow got arrested as a suffrajette, your author's note made everything clear without spoiling the story.

I did get a little bit confused, though, I thought at the beginning Edward was learning of what it was like for Rose in prison from listening at the door, to what this 'lady visitor' to the house was saying. But then he speaks as if he actually went down to the prison and visited Rose herself, because he says 'She was so hungry when I saw her.'

But apart from this confusion, this spoke from the character's heart, especially the last paragraph.

A lovely little piece.
Edhla chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
Once again, I can't help but be super jealous and impressed with your ability to dissemble and provide so many unique narrative voices throughout the variety of your fics. To the extent that if you showed me them without a name attached, I probably wouldn't suspect they were written by the same person. Now *that* is talent.

The only things that drew me out were "frighten her into submission", and the "more importantly" at the end, both of which sounded to me to be a little formal for the rest of the dialogue. Opinions probably vary widely on that one, though :)

It's been a while since I've seen U-D, but I've been fascinated with the suffragette movement, particularly in England, for a long time. The details he puts forward, particularly about the force-feeding, ring true (and I'm sure a lot of people don't realise what these women went through.)

And of course, to me, the best thing about this fic is how realistic and painfully truthful Edward's attitudes toward the suffragette movement are. He's not interested in votes for women, he's actuated by notions that Rose is an old-fashioned flower (pun intended) who has to be duly cultivated and handled with kid gloves, because holdover from Victorian sexism and cult of distressed damsel blah blah.

It's a brave move to make, because I find that a lot of writers don't like their historical characters having historically realistic attitudes about sensitive issues, and they end up coming across as ridiculously anachronistic. Not here. This is wonderfully balanced in that respect. I appreciated that you tackled it in this way, instead of making Edward some sort of very unlikely Edwardian era hyperfeminist.

Very, very well done. As always. Perhaps could do with some more Ebola virus ;) xx
warriorfist chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
A nice monologue that really showcased your grasp on the character and his feelings for Rosie here. I was a bit unfamiliar with that prison practice with the suffragettes, so I had to google that, but once I did, I was glad that you tackled the subject matter, presenting the situation levelly with no side being clearly good or evil. We all can do callous things in our stubbornness to stick by our causes, and it's often hapless bystanders like Rosie who get caught in that kind of crossfire.

As for the POV character, I love how he reels at the news at first and then spews venom at the suffragettes for dragging Rosie into their schemes, and how that peters off with him feeling helpless and simply sorry. You pulled off an entire emotional arc in the space of less than 700 words. No small feat by any means.

Great job.
ribby77 chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
since you claim I don't need to know anything about the canon I shall give this a go :)

That first line is a very nice start. It informs us of the situation and incites curiosity. Especially the "Now I wish that I hadn't eavesdropped."

You effectively established the characer of Edward very early on and your use of language "ain't done nothing" was very telling . He clearly really cares for Rose and it's interesting to hear his thoughts.

The subject-matter is also interesting. It's quite sad actually, since Thomas thinks that Rose will be let out if she refuses to eat. Of course this did happen, but as soon as they recovered they were rearrested again. I believe it was called Cat-and-Mouse or something... Anyway, back to the story, I'll stop going off on a tangent now :P

Hmm... It's a little confusing as there seems to be a jump in time, but there's no indication of this in the story at all. A simple line break would be useful here, I feel, to clarify that this change has occurred, as I was at first deeply confused.

"I never does" I'm assuming this was deliberate, to show once again that he is less-educated than some.

You could really sense his anger, with the words "The other girls can stay and rot as much as I care."

It's also great how in the last paragraph Thomas' anger fades into sadness and he's just despairing. That's great! :)

All in all, a very good chapter (or is this a one-shot). Your use of varied sentence lengths was particularly good, the short sentences being really strong and effective: "I've never seen Rose cry like that. Not Rose. She's always been strong. She's been solid. A rock. She keeps the household going. She'd never cry."
thats-a-moray chapter 1 . 1/14/2013
You do a really good job of showing what kind of person Edward is through his manner of speech. He seems like a simple man, uneducated, but with a good heart. I'm not sure if this takes place in America or England, but given the narrator's style of speech and the time period I had the impression that Edward was African American. I think you could have pushed his speech even further, if that's the case. I'm not familiar with the character, however, so that's up to you.

I loved the part where you described the tube being forced down Rosie's throat. I wonder if it was really bloody, or was that Edward's imagination? Good read.
RedheadedMarina chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Well, I love "Upstairs Downstairs", so I jumped at this story as soon as I saw it. Poor sweet Edward. I've heard some people comment after the shows that Edward comes across as silly/ineffectual/just not smart. However, I really appreciate that one of the characteristics you bring out in him is the fact that he is smart, he is effective, he just has so many thoughts pouring through his head that it's difficult for him to know what to do. Add to that being brought up to work in a culture where you do what your "betters" tell you, and it all makes sense.

I can hear Edward's voice perfectly through your writing, and I especially like how you build his perspective so that in the first half of the story, it's Edward talking about "Rose" and "Miss Elizabeth" and "the girls" and "they", but as the story continues it becomes "I should" and "I want" and "I could" and "I am angry". He grows up a little bit more just through this story. Beautifully done.