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Guest chapter 12 . 8/24
I don't know if I should be praising and thanking you for reviewing, or cursing you for the evil cliffhanger. I just want Kaname, Zero, and Koori to have their happy ending and Yuuki hopefully dead in a ditch somewhere (or her ashes at least). Please review soon!
Yui Nightcore chapter 12 . 8/23
I sincerely hope Yuki dies soon. I'm hating her so much right now. She's such an obsessive doll. Kaname should've killed her when he had the chance. Ugh!
Love this story! You've gotten emotions stirred in me, that usually don't! keep going! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Yui xxx
KXZ fan chapter 12 . 8/19
I hate yuuki! I hate her evn in anime! Pls let zero & koori & kaname hv happy ending! Ty
perfectly flawed woman chapter 12 . 8/18
omg! what a friggin cliffhanger you are!
please update sooooon. god damn ittttttt...
Person chapter 10 . 8/18
Lol finally she got killed she was being a stupid needy bitch :)
Little Shinn chapter 12 . 8/18
i hope it is a happy ending
hate yuki,she is weak and a bitch
don't like her since the vampire knight anime is out
hope to see you update soon
it is interesting
kmbanas chapter 12 . 8/17
Thank you for updating! Even though I know what's going to happen, I don't want it to!
irmina chapter 12 . 8/17
No! Yuki! How dare you! I hope whatever Yuki planned will fail and Zero will safe Kaname so they can be happy at last
AnieOK95 chapter 11 . 5/24
Ah.. please update soon..
it's nice now kaname had regain his memory..
now to see how they will settle with yuki.. I can't wait.. hehe..
Guest chapter 11 . 5/6
Please update
Brookie cookie17 chapter 8 . 4/26
great chapter :)
Brookie cookie17 chapter 7 . 4/26
loved this lots
Brookie cookie17 chapter 6 . 4/26
loved this chapter :)
Guest chapter 11 . 4/16
please update
Zero-Suicide chapter 11 . 4/16
Love it! Plz continue!
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