Reviews for The Deathly Uzumaki
24Irinia chapter 11 . 10/17
Превосходно написано. Жду продолжения.
Mistress Saturn1 chapter 11 . 9/26
Is this on hiatus? or abandoned?
kizouku Monkey D Luffy chapter 11 . 9/13
please update, i want to know what happens next and if the fire diyamo gets his dues
doraemax chapter 3 . 9/7
While i guess it's needed to the story, i am quite sick of people making Sasuke no better than Dudley Dursley for no reason at all. True, he was an emo-bitch, especially at this point in his life. But his life is far from easy...and he did slave himself to get stronger. In short, he has similar potential to Naruto. At this point in canon, Naruto is all about inside Strength, while Sasuke is all about outside Strength.
ReaperOfBalance chapter 11 . 8/11
I’m going to guess you didn’t check previous chapters before you did this one, there were a few inconsistancies such as the kazekage worrying about calling off his part of the invasion despite him already starting it last chapter when Gaara prepared to unleash Shukaku

Also, why didn’t you mention what kurenai or Karin were doing?
ReaperOfBalance chapter 10 . 8/10
Hmm, couple of comments, none negative just thoughts:
1) kinda wish you had kept orochimaru just so Naruto could turn hashirama and tobirama and maybe Mito into three more of his Fraccion
2) with how things are going Naruto is either going to abandon konoha and go to someplace else or he’s going to just kill everyone and thing in his way and take fire country for himself
3) I wonder if Gaara is gonna be turned into a Fraccion by Naruto consuming shukaku and giving him some power
4) I hope konan will be joining Naruto soon
ReaperOfBalance chapter 9 . 8/10
Make way for the morons, the one smart thing they’ve done is make their funeral arrangements
ReaperOfBalance chapter 8 . 8/9
Such sad insects that are within konoha (not talking about the aburame)
ReaperOfBalance chapter 7 . 8/9
Something I forgot to mention last chapter: I honestly thought you were going to have Zabuza dying and have Naruto turn him into a new member of his Fraccion
ReaperOfBalance chapter 6 . 8/9
Slight mistake: you put kurenai wasn’t in her genjutsu when they came out of the Garganta yet when Anko mentioned something else to discuss kurenai dropped the genjutsu
ReaperOfBalance chapter 5 . 8/9
I have to ask, do you hate kurenai? I don’t think I’ve seen one fic by you where she’s in a positive light or paired with Naruto
ReaperOfBalance chapter 4 . 8/8
So Naruto is finally out and about
ReaperOfBalance chapter 3 . 8/7
Heh, hinata is getting bolder
ReaperOfBalance chapter 2 . 8/7
Nice chap, glad tsunade isn’t a bitch in this... though she could be naruto’s bitch in the future
ReaperOfBalance chapter 1 . 8/7
Nice start, though I’m noticing a trend of you beating down Kakashi and Hiruzen with the middle earth one being an exception to Hiruzen. Though shadowed blade doesn’t count much for Kakashi since he was only in it for one chap really.
I’d enjoy challenging you to do a fic with Kakashi in it without having him be a bastard asshole
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