Reviews for The Deathly Uzumaki
tanithlipsky chapter 11 . 7/10
very very good.
Master Xehanort chapter 11 . 7/8
I love it so keep going my friend.
Guest chapter 11 . 7/5
marquis.shax chapter 4 . 7/5
uh Sonido wouldn't be like the Hiraishin it would be more like an upgraded version of the ShunShin (Body Flicker) since the Hiraishin is an actual teleportation jutsu based on time/space manipulation where as no matter how fast the Sonido is you're still running
i like cheese chapter 2 . 7/3
god this is boring, so far.
and everybody is so ooc, even braggan.
hope it starts picking up soon.
gmd10121s chapter 10 . 6/20
hey, the third last spoken word of Naruto in chapter 10 should be 'friends'
DarkChaosDragon00 chapter 11 . 6/18
ss5 broly chapter 7 . 6/15
Hey man can u do a flashback of kurenai and kushina with the thirteen inch strapon as a lemon please I really need to read that part I'm begging u please write it
LordofTerror chapter 7 . 6/12
gah what a waste of a chapter omakes go at the end of a chapter
Monster King chapter 11 . 6/11
Great story I really liked it please continue it soon.
Ranmaleopard chapter 11 . 6/10
This is just really awesome and I can't wait for more
mako234 chapter 10 . 6/10
Please continue this fantastic story!
Hytekrednek chapter 2 . 5/14
I have to say that so far I love this story. I truly hope that you have plans to continue it. While I don't have a lot of knowledge of Bleach, I can say that so far I may just have to try and binge watch the series. Keep up the great work and looking forward to reading the rest of this story.
1stHorseman chapter 11 . 5/11
Awesome story mate hope to see more soon
zero fullbuster chapter 11 . 5/10
love it.
please update soon.
I can't wait what happens next.
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