Reviews for To the Underground and Back: Part 3
dear author chapter 10 . 4/12/2014
ok have to say this reminded me of assassins creed like alot, it was awesome! I can't think of any other way to get in the house except for maby knocking out all the surounding guards or a maid and using her outfit as a disguise. It is most likely that repressing her feelings is both good and bad because while it may allow her to work with a clear head it also means that she will have to deal with them at a later date that she may not get to choose which most likely be highly inconvenient and dangerous if used against har which would be very easy for Red Death to do. I also want to tell you that I really liked this chapter again.
dear author chapter 9 . 1/16/2014
hi again just thought i'd stop by and say um well hi so um 'ello. I was just thinking that it is so possible for Jareth's brother to be the creepy villan, now I'm not wanting you to give me a hint I just want you to know the train of thought I'm on. Also that I'm patiently waiting till you say to do otherwise (but between you and me I hope you keep going). :)
dear author chapter 9 . 10/3/2013
I just wanted to say that I hope that you haven't become depressed when thinking about this story and if not then I hope that you take this as simply something to make you smile knowing that you have someone else patiently waiting for the next chapter of your story.
MusicOverMatter chapter 5 . 2/24/2013
Umm... I'm not sure if you saw it but on my story for about the last 2 months I had a notice instead of a chapter that I was going to be leaving fanfiction for a while. We've had death after death here and it's taking a toll on me. I though I would just wait but it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon, so now I'm back! Sorry if it seems as if I was ignoring this. Really I wasn't opening any mail I got unless it was from close family and friends, and worse yet, when I finally 'returned', I discovered my inbox had been botching my mail! It was sending about 70% of the mail I SHOULD have been getting and put it in some obscure file I just found a few days ago. Oh technology! Why doest thou seek to destroy my communications?!

Chapter 2
I can't say I wouldn't be packing my modern conveniences either! I take a four day trip and I pack a library in a bag! Tragedy is that I usually don't even use it. I just need some classics within my reach or I feel stranded and deprived. :) Love those personal quirks!

What was T.M.I. about what she said? Is it weird she's saying that she said she'd enjoy getting to know the female company? Or was Jareth kinda blabbing about her quarters situation too much? But I loved how Jareth totally didn't care if there was something wrong with anything said.

Oh Jareth, why must you always be so right and SMUG at the same time?! It's like rubbing salt in the wound! Speaking of salt, really? You'll trip? Don't be falling head over heels?! Argh I would have strangled his fae neck! Which, is what it sounded like Christine was about to do. Thank you Lionel. I think you just prevented murder! :D

I really liked how you described Jareth as a Lion. It so makes sense! He's even got a mane! It works so wonderfully, I don't know if I'LL ever see him as a owl again. Though I don't think I'll actually mind. :) Way to re-write a character trait!

**GASP** Jareth! Did you just use that un-holy word?! EARLY IN THE MORNING?! Believe me, I've had first-hand experience with that area of the twilight-zone. By the time you actually wake up you feel so outta sorts it's like going two days instead of one! **Shudders** I'd do it, but lordie I would NOT be happy about it! Unless I had some 7-eleven ice coffee. Then I MIGHT survive.

Nice chapter! I enjoyed how smooth the re-introduction to the underground went. And how you fit in so many moments that make the relationship between Jareth and Christine better. The people closest to you are the ones who can and WILL annoy you most. It makes it all seem so "real". Great job!

Chapter 3
Yes Selene. The King and Lady Christine are quite the couple of besties. If Jareth would stop being so... RIGHT all the time I'm sure it would be even better. ... Why Jareth?! Why must you always be right?! D:

Oh. Man. Wanting that shirt. Like, now. And I'm very split on the corset. Because they look so dog-gone cool! But they are not the most comfortable clothing pieces created. Though when you think about it, they can serve so many useful purposes! Rip out a piece of boning and you have a stabbing implement, someone tries to stab you and the leather will make it harder for the blade to pass, take the laces for anything from tying up your newly defeated bad guy to lashing together a small log raft. (With all that string, at the very least you could get two logs. Enough for a floatation device meant for surviving a situation involving wear.) The possibilities are endless! ;)

YAY! Left-handed fencers! I knew I wasn't the only one! :D He actually started to fight her? Our teacher has a mandatory 5 week waiting period before you can even HOLD a sword. Me and my sister for some reason got in after about 3 weeks, but still. Lucky her! Fencing is a great sport, though there is a lot more to learn than just lunging and swash-buckling. I console myself by making my sister become an ambidextrous fencer like I'm trying to be. I can't wait to one day say: "But there is something I know that you do not..." "...I am not right handed!" (Princess Bride Quoting. You do it a lot when you're a P.B. fan like me and my sis. :P)

Oh it's on now Gixie! You do NOT mess with a girl's wardrobe! Though I'd cheat. I'd take a sheet and form it into a dress. When I was little we couldn't just go out buying dress-up clothes. So I would make my own. That was one of my many little tricks. But if there were no sheets then yeah, I'd do exactly what Christine did. I was so torn reading that part though, because I wanted to be on Christine's side, but Jareth's mirth was contagious! And the hand-mirror was just too classic! XD That was a magnificent job my dear! Truly magnificent!

Urgh, the food thing backfired. Big time. But seriously Jareth, be a good sport! Dishes it out but can't take it. But oh lord, I can't help it I know this may sound mean but the water bucket was too good! And I laughed so hard when Jareth asked what they were waiting for. Oh why must he be so wrong, and then at the same time so right! -_- Too good for his own good.

I really liked how they made up. :) After all, you can only be so serious when dealing with the Goblin King anyway. It just felt very right! Another thing I noticed, was the scents you assigned them. Even before I saw your little note at the bottom I was thinking about what those scents meant for me. Cinnamon is one of my favorite scents. I like warm, spicy smells. They make me feel safe. I associate those kinds of scents with having protection. Yet logically I see cinnamon as lively and "dangerous". Overall I think it is perfect for our favorite Goblin King! For lavender, it's very calming and for me nostalgic. We had huge lavender bushes around my house in Idaho before we moved. I remember late summer afternoons with the sun going down, giving everything a golden glow. Catching the grasshoppers living in the lavender with my little sister, then laying on the warm grass with little "bouquets" of lavender we would give to our mom. Also, lavender extract is known for it's ability to heal and relieve pain, and when I think of Christine, I think of how her kind spirit had help so many hearts heal. It works so well for her! And so far, I think Lionel is a great character. One who is funny, loyal, and one who has an aura of wisdom about him. Like a brother or something like that. I mean, I thought it was very brotherly and kind how he was so nice and helpful towards Christine. :) So sweet!

This chapter had me in stitches! The fun was non-stop and I read it over a few times because I enjoyed reading it so much! Short-sheeted! Ugh, I hate when that happens to me. Great plan of attack Christine!

Chapter 4
Can I just say: you are so much better than me at coming up with names for things like cities, countries, families and ports! I stink at that. But you are amazing! Okay, got that out of my system. I've been thinking that for a little while but that port name really got me. It looks like it shouldn't work, but it does! (P.S. I'm not sure how that sounds, but I was trying to compliment. It may not sound that way though... sorry.)

That was genius using the castle in such a way! It's so believable and so practical! And it makes sense that the first day would be employed in such a way. I appreciate how you make everything practical and realistic for your world. Not just a toss up creation, but a system based on an actual ability to function. And if I'm wrong than can I just say you wouldn't be able to tell. It all sounds so logical! And I highly value that in any piece of literature. And not that it's not whimsical and fantastic, just that it seems so real.

I got shudders reading the part about the wave of darkness. And it being "real". I felt something kinda weird when the word "sorceress' was mentioned. I kinda had a hunch that darker magics would reside there. And it would be stronger there in the underground of course. Dark powers and magics are real, but in a world like that I can imagine they would be more abundant and common. Which I'm sure would send any Christian's spirit crazy. I can remember being near places like bars and rock concert halls, and getting a very sick feeling. The Drachea District made ME feel creeped out even through the screen! I was just thinking: "Be careful! Watch out! Or better yet just get the heck outta dodge!" _ Good job, I'm definitely feeling the atmosphere. (Once more, this is a compliment. I feel a part of the story, in sync with what's going on in the story.)

**Sniff** Alas, great weapons of steel glory. We must be parted yet longer. Oh why?! Why can we not go to the armory with the menfolk?! Women can fight tooooooo! (Sorry. Had to get that out. Poor, poor Christine. I feel ya girl. I fell your pain.) And side note: My sparkle-senses are tingling! That ring is so cool! I've been looking for a ring like that forever! It just sounds so pretty and elegant. And so sparkly...

**Gasp!** That guy in the hood... I feel like I should know him... Like, he's someone who's been introduced recently, and he's connected to the murder. (And might I say: Ooh! A mystery! This is getting very exciting!) And don't ask why, but Jareth's brother Grigel seems like he may be Mr. Scarlet Cloak here. I don't know it's just a feeling and I'm probably way off base. But reading the chapter twice I saw a relation between the coldness of both characters. But oh well...

Books! Oh glorious books! What knowledge, what secrets could you hold? I guess I shall never know. :( But! Now I know about Jareth's siblings! :) Consolation enough. I love the twins, they are just so full of life! I can just imagine the kind of trouble they would get into, and the trouble I'd probably be helping them get into... I wonder if they know about the "sleeping wet cloth" prank? (Definition: A cold, wet paper-towel or cloth put oh-so NOT gently over the face of a sleeping person. So far no damage has come from this tactic, unless you count the reactions of your victims. :}
The Queen of Water chapter 5 . 2/17/2013
Cool, I will wait for ch 6.
story lover chapter 2 . 1/11/2013
hi I just want to say thank you for starting the whole story there aren't any stories like this out there I am a beliver as well and I can't wait to see what is next. sorry for the horibble (see) spelling and bad punctuation (see spelling)
MusicOverMatter chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
I got back from vacation and I saw this in my inbox, and I was so happy! Angel voices rang out, and behold, a divine light shone down upon my iPod screen, and for a moment the world stopped in a glorious whirlwind of joy and ecstasy!

I'm very curious about this whole ball event. Like, super intrigued! It sounds really cool, you know, besides the fact that we are going to a new world. Which, is in a word, awesome! I loved how you explained it as a remembrance of the lost king. It was a beautiful story and it adds so much depth to the reason why the people of all the kingdoms still remember and celebrate it!

Jareth was so funny with the way he was acting. Reminds me of someone I know and oh boy I couldn't stop laughing with his antics! Bet he can pull off the puppy eye with a very astonishing amount of success. -_- Me, not so much.

And oh sweet hallelujah, a frozen yogurt place! My prayers have been answered! If only, I could break through, the fourth wall...**discovers she is not in possession of world jumping powers** Darn...

That guy must have been starving. Is fae food really that bad? Now I know why you shouldn't eat any if they offer some to you. It's so disgusting that you would die, and therefore be incapable of returning! But yeah, God was very considerate when he gave inspiration for frozen yogurt. :) And man that stuff ain't too cheap depending on where you go! 10 cups?! Student budget whatever, any budget would suffer under that much indulgence! But we make sacrifices for people we care about. Then tactfully create plans for vengeance afterwards. Nokay scratch. Love and tolerance and all that stuff. Though really, Christine just got raised to saint status. She gave him HER cup of yogurt. Never mind buying him more, she forfeited HER cup of cold delight! She is a better person than me...

I cannot wait to see what happens next! I really was so excited when I saw you'd posted. :) Sorry it took so long to review. Besides the vacation thing and school, I've been working on my own fanfiction recently, and I try to give it as much free time as possible. I shall try my very best to stay patient while I await the next chapter. Though it won't be easy. I'm really getting anxious now! That thing sounded so... Adventure prone... Aww man can't Jareth reorder time or something! Update soon!

In waiting for your coming story,
Heralded in joyous glory,