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TheWomanWhoCodesAndWrites chapter 81 . 6/29/2014
Oh, Finnick.

It's interesting to see many of his different sides - the lonely grieving boy, the noble person who wants to keep Annie alive, the man learning how to play his given cards in the world. I had a good laugh when I read that he'd bought Cashmere - cheeky little jerk, that boy. Of course Donna wasn't impressed! It was something super-brave and almost crazy. And Cashmere, oh my - she made what I thought are good points about power and the act of sex. She made all those sick Capitol men who 'naively' bought victors sound straight out pathetic, and somehow I really like how she's doing all of that.

Now, to bring Annie to her Games... And geez, Barnacle. I'm already sad for that boy now.
Iacopo chapter 81 . 6/29/2014
I can imagine the poor peacekeeper chilling with his friend and then some crazy kid disarms him with a rock and gets said friend killed to save the stupid girl swimming in the water during the TORNADO ALERT.
I don't think I'd ever felt so much how Annie and Barnacle were outcasts. Maybe every child of FLASH feels a bit like an outcast. But if Mags is right and Annie really feels invincible, it's normal that she'd want to go with Barnacle.

Sawyer is an excellent character and the way Mags is scripting the Games (I'm sure Lyme and Glynn aren't being lazy either) makes me think the 66th will be fantastic.

I keep being impressed and delighted to read how Finnick becomes a man.
Well of Wishes chapter 81 . 6/29/2014
How thick was the awkwardness oozing out of that Finnick/Cashmere scene? Finnick is so cute, trying not to get turned on and giving her cake and it was hilarious to have him ask her to be less pretty.

Finnick's friends delivered the nicest break-up speech I've had the pleasure to read. Except the punchline is "let's be good acquaintances" instead of "let's be friends".

I knew Finnick's sister never stood a chance. Despite that, I was sad.

Annie is crazy, but she seemed to think she'd have gotten out of the water on her own and maybe that's true. I wonder if she's the first one, who went Career because she needed medicine. There must be many children every year who could benefit from such a deal.
Every time she goes to Finnick, she's asking for a favor she wraps into a couple of compliments. That manipulative little charmer, and Finnick is happy about it.

And future love-interest convinces him to become a prostitute. I'm not sure that's healthy...
Vyrazhi chapter 81 . 6/28/2014
"If we'd won, I'd probably be dating Delfina..." That paragraph is great, especially your sentiment on love. I believe it's true, too, even with as little experience with romance as I've had.

Oh, frack! The part about the army of lions vs. the army of sheep made me have an instant flashback to the cultlike fundamentalist college I used to attend, and more than one church I used to frequent. More to come in my next chapter. You've given me the motivation to write and not play "New Vegas" tonight!

So Cashmere teaches Finnick some "tricks of the victor's trade." Creepy, yet ultimately satisfying. People like President Snow want the victors to go in blind when it comes to being bought, and so here it seems like C & F are sticking it to Snow with our dear President being completely oblivious to it. Bravo!
Gingerfluff chapter 81 . 6/28/2014
Holy shit, this went from bad to worse to screwed up with a hopeful note at the end. Finnick and his friends, and that whole thing with Annie. I love it, how you deal with the consequences, how even the radars being destroyed had an impact. The miscarriage was tragic, but better than having Snow cheaply kill Finnick's parents for no reason and that thing with the peacekeeper and how Annie and Barnacle will have to volunteer was really unexpected.
Sawyer is much too likable, I will hate you next chapter.
Guest chapter 80 . 6/27/2014
The thing is Six reminded me of a bunch of face'painting drunks at a ball game. LOL!

So Finnick studied theater in your head canon?

I like the dating conversation. So awkward.

What you describe Mags fears for her rebellion is basically another French Revolution.

The way you're talking about Mag's volunteers... like they're for their means. This is sick.

Wolfe's a sociopath.

Oh, Valerian...

Well of Wishes chapter 80 . 6/26/2014
Six prizes peace and they, with Three, have the most victors? The irony. Maybe that's why the victors are so miserable.
I love Glynn, she's so smart, and I can't even imagine the conversation resulting to a hundred men deciding the paint job was a great idea (unless there were drugs involved. Wait... I see what you did there :P).
I remember how superior Beetee acted after his games and seeing him so rationally cruel was perfect. It's even better to show he's the better man and accepts Mags's reasoning.

Wolfe, nice name. You bothered to give him a voice and to tease on the arena. Bring it on!

And Wolfe isn't the only drama queen. Leander with his big words, long hair and who throws his cloak over his shoulder :D. I want him, just younger!
RIP Valerian. You were worthy of the screen time you were given.

More info on training, yum. Although the "where do the One girls go" at the end of Career training gave me shivers. Vicuna would never have allowed it.

I can't believe you found a solid excuse to weave a man-to-man dating advice talk between Cereus and Finnick in this story. I'm reluctantly impressed.
Shouldn't Annie be starting Career training soon? I want to know why she does it.
melliemoo chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
Lots of good revolution plotting in this chapter - nice setup for two potential victors.
Supernova18 chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
Seeing everyone and all those rebellion talks and plans with Glynn and Beetee and the people from Six was really great! Leander was a nice twist and this chapter made me love Cereus even more. I'm impressed Mags kept the Capitol's paws off Finnick.
GreenPokeGuy chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
Nice to see how everything comes together. I like it. :)

Interesting Victory Tour, especially in Six. And I'm glad Snow left them alone in the end. Good thing he's unaware.

Still reading. It's very interesting. Keep it up! :D

NathanHale2 chapter 2 . 6/25/2014
this is very, very, very depressing. Wow the atmosphere is so thick I can almost feel it. You have successfully captured the feeling of how it is to live in this world and Mag is a really well done character, who wants to start a revolution as she is even debating on either killing her partner off right now is really f'ning ruthless but it shows her mindset and how devoted she is to her goals and objectives. (so not a nice person to be around with as she could stab you with a shiv in your throat the moment you blink mhhh).

The crash scene was really intensemaking wish that never to live through something like this.
... still looking for something to criticise I have my eyes wide open !
TheWomanWhoCodesAndWrites chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
I agree, this was the most cheerful chapter you've written in ages. And this is why I am strongly suspicious that you have something insane coming in the coming few chapters.

It's nice to meet Valerian again, and to see Marquise's boy. And to see the District 2 Annex and the interesting system in it. And to learn the next rebellion strategies. And just to see Mags and Cereus being a perfect pair who are capable of growing old together (this kind of couple is becoming rarer in real life, and is already extremely rare in fiction).

And poor Finnick. I can see how these events shape him to be the young man we all know in CF and Mockingjay, though. While my heart goes to him, I really like how you're developing his character here. I wonder what is coming next for him?
Iacopo chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
Body paint is brilliant because no body search would have revealed it unless they had to strip completely. It's depressing though, that this is the best Six can do (and Cereus saved their bacon). It's a victory, and it will help, but it's so small.
I agree fully with Beetee. I hear Mags, and she's the smarter one, but when you see how many died in Four just so Mags could return to a stalemate with Snow it makes me so furious. She's resigned, she has to be to be sane but I'm still furious.
And Glynn, getting sensitive information like a boss.
The Capitol was disgusting. They feel moral because they're letting Finnick hold Mags' hand this year while fantasizing about the day he'll turn legal. F*ck them.
Gingerfluff chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
They're all so terrified of Glynn. It always surprises me and then I remember that only Lyme and Cecelia have met her in previous chapters. The peacekeeper responsibility thing is clever, it's obvious they won't make a stand on principle if Glynn says nothing and Cereus doesn't ask something too fishy.
A part of me wishes Leander and Mags would have really bonded but the awkwardness is more real.
I adore how Cereus and Mags still act all in love.
Wolfe is scary, I don't expect you to spend ages on him or that clock arena, but I'd love to see what happens.
Awesome chapter, I always love well written tours but they tend to be so full of angst, this was different.
Lollipop chapter 80 . 6/25/2014
You're right, it was cheerful, lol.
I loved your Six, Cereus' ease at dealing with peaceekepers, and the conversation with Beetee. It's interesting to see how rebels come in different flavors, and Mercury just wanting to find a way to see Enobaria because she likes her is sad.
Loved how they handled the Capitolites and peacekeepers each time, and I wonder how they'll made Wolfe win. It seems a little easy that the tribute they want would win every time (even if they have Plutarch's help now), so I hope they'll be clever about it.
Thanks for giving us closure with Valerian and bringing in Marquise's son. I'm afraid Cereus doesn't have many years left. It was awesome to see more of him and Glynn.
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