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Well of Wishes chapter 76 . 5/1/2014
Finnick's part makes me want to puke. He won the Games and now he's a coat hanger, stuffing himself with drugs. No wonder they go insane.
The line about Capitolites being relaxing because they don't judge (at least not to his face) is interesting and makes the discussion with Asclepiad even more interesting. Finnick is trapped between the Capitol's fashion world, which pretends he's all fine and happy, and the judgmental districts. It's horrible. Somehow I'm finding this even more horrible than the last chapter.
I can't imagine what it's like for regular victors, those with no rebel plans, no Mags, no nothing to keep them going.

Glynn and Plutarch are insane. Wow. There sitting there, deciding the fates of thousands, exploiting Snow's weaknesses... I like the idea that Snow is manipulating the figures to make Capitolites feel wealthier than they are.
I've read that last part three times, there's so many ideas, and the implications to each of them are so huge. It is so much easier to create chaos than to free Panem once and for all.

Haha, I see you've followed Iacopo's advice at some point because Snow and Finnick are safely in his office.
Cashmere67 chapter 76 . 4/29/2014
this story is really long
Guest chapter 76 . 4/29/2014
this is soooo not daddy
melliemoo chapter 76 . 4/29/2014
I liked the background of the rebellion starting with Glynn and Plutarch's discussions. Poor Finnick is starting to get an idea of what's in store for him.
Vyrazhi chapter 75 . 4/28/2014
"Can't have too moral a victor, can you, Caesar? Or the crowd won't feel superior enough."
-I think you just hit the nail on the head about my favorite reality show, SURVIVOR. The entire program is not only about living on an island and trying to survive in camp, but lying and betrayal. I hate to admit it, but I like feeling superior to the contestants as they try to lie and cheat their way to victory. It's because I try to hide the fact that I would probably do the same if I were in their shoes, because that's what the game entails. I'd like to think that I'd choose a different path, but maybe I wouldn't, and the Hunger Games are worse because you either win or die. They pose great dilemmas.

Snow killed Esperanza because in his mind, Esperanza was less than a pawn. She was more like collateral that someone in debt with the Mafia has. If that person doesn't pay the debt back, then his/her family members are "hit", and that's what happened to her. Interesting that her name means "hope", but I know Mags won't let hope die along with her sister.

Fabulous chapter!
Iacopo chapter 76 . 4/27/2014
Is Snow really that hard to kill? It sounded like he had no bodyguards when he approached Finnick (unless Finnick can't tell uniforms apart from regular Capitol clothing). If Snow walks around alone, an suicide-avox could get him easily. And couldn't their conversation have been easily overheard?

Wasn't the whole quarter quell spiel organized to prevent Katniss from becoming a martyr if Snow killed her outright? So that's where his fear of martyrs will stem from. ha.
ETNRL4L chapter 76 . 4/27/2014
Are you aware how rare it is to get the kind of consistent feedback you get for this fic on ANYTHING? You have a very good, loyal stable of readers, love. It's a testament to your skill as a writer and entertainer.

What drug are you sedating Finnick with? Just out of curiosity.

You have him in a dress? LOL! I'm envisioning this. I can't stop laughing.

Master manipulator. I like this angle for Finn.

I don't have other options, but this thing Glynn and Plutarch thought up is sick. This is why men can't lead men.

Lollipop chapter 76 . 4/26/2014
You could make a whole book about how Glynn and Plutarch pull strings to set things in motion. The glimpses we have are fascinating. You've created a really rich world.

I remember when Glynn was younger, now she's colder, she acknowledges that she talks of people like chess pieces, but it doesn't stop her. She's brilliant though and the plan sounds great.

I liked how the chapter escalated. From best to worse for Finnick, and then best again, with the Capitol's rebels. I laughed so hard when Finnick told Snow he knew because Snow wouldn't give a damn about Esperanza otherwise. It's just so brilliant in its simplicity. And it makes sense that Finnick would know a bit about peacekeepers.
Vyrazhi chapter 76 . 4/26/2014
Thanks for the cheat sheet! I'll be sure to refer to it in future chapters, and you're right about victors and morality. Suzanne Collins wanted Katniss to be a role model, and she couldn't do that if she had Miss Everdeen succumb too much to the darker side of the Hunger Games. At least for heroines, they can be bad $$, but not too much so or they turn into villains. With heroes, there's almost no holds barred.

When I think about Finnick being a gigolo, I think about Fantine and the other "public girls" with her. At the end, she probably had an ocean of STD's in her blood. Let's hope he gets good Capitol medicine...
Gingerfluff chapter 76 . 4/26/2014
Haha, the title dropping in the last line is awesome.
And kudos on updating so regularly. Plutarch and Glynn are reall smart, I can't wait to see what works and what doesn't. They don't seem to know about the ship sailing to District Thirteen so I can't wait for all of that.

Finnick and the drugs and the Capitol. I like how you withhold judgement though. Finnick is confused but he's not disgusted by gays, he's disgusted because he may have to pretend he's gay. He finds transvestites funny, just funny, and polyamorous relationships just complicated and weird. I like protagonists that don't shove beliefs down your throat, especially on things that don't have a central importance for the character.

Snow is scary, and Finnick did seem smart but weak during that, but I understand why Mags and Glynn think that's good. Showing Snow up would be stupid.
Supernova18 chapter 75 . 4/25/2014
So much for a breather chapter after Finnick's Games. lol. I'm astounded Mags will actually survive all this and I hope to see manipulate Snow into keeping her alive and allowing her to mentor. I get a bit confused with all the family members and figuring out who's a rebel and who's just a regular guy.
I was so sad when Esperanza died but it's nice to see they're not beaten. Great chapter!
melliemoo chapter 75 . 4/24/2014
I'm wondering what Snow is going to do to try and separate the Victors from each other. They all supported Finnick for Mags. Surely Snow won't allow that to continue.

So sad with Esperanza.
melliemoo chapter 74 . 4/24/2014
Great end to the Games. Delfina's death was sad, but she died nobly (you did call her Dylana at one point in the chapter).
Iacopo chapter 75 . 4/23/2014
I fear you. The only safe characters are Mags, Finnick and Plutarch. I can't even be sure Cereus or Glynn will make it to the 75th Games.
You upped the stakes, violently. Excellent writing.
ETNRL4L chapter 75 . 4/22/2014
Mags has brass balls.

Snow is too full of himself to realize the tighter your hold, the more likely something will squeeze through your fingers inadvertently.

I hate confusing veiled threats- especially yours. What's Snow planning for her, man?

Poor, Finn. He's so pretty. He's rape bait.

Ah, man, no! You had Snow kill Ezperanza?! You killed her little sister? WHY?! I'm sobbing.

Oooooohhh, no Snow done it. He done pissed her off.

Dude! Ezperanza's video. I'm crying so much right now.

And it begins... tun, tun, tun...

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