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Guest chapter 8 . 2/19
This is in third person but good try :)
Guest chapter 92 . 2/18
I like Finnick's moves crashing the party to drum up support - very clever!
Iacopo chapter 92 . 2/18
I was a little scared that these next chapters would be less original because we're following the books so I apologize for doubting you. I'm enjoying every little piece of this and above all Lyme throwing Finnick on the food table.
Lollipop chapter 92 . 2/18
Lol, I told you Plutarch acted like a sociopath, even Cecelia agrees.
Beetee is nasty, I love him. He's like a Career but without the muscle. Mags tries to mother them even now, it's so cute.
Seeing Finnick, Cash and Gloss steal the show was glorious. Shirt less Finnick! Woohooo! (Thanks Lyme! Lol) I hope it'll have far reaching consequences and really help the rebellion.
Work those contingency plans, Glynn, I'm counting on you.

inebriate instead of inebriated
hadn't build instead of hadn't built
Vyrazhi chapter 92 . 2/17
"Let's hope I don't die so you won't feel bad, right, guys?" Ouch. Right in the gut.

"The Mockingjay made no sense without the sweet twelve year old." True that. Not only would Katniss not have been in the Hunger Games had she not volunteered for Prim, but Prim is part of Katniss' "angle", meaning "victor narrative", for darn sure. It's also Snow's leverage over Katniss, although - if I recall correctly - Alma Coin was the one behind Prim's death, right? Like the people on "Survivor", they have relatives they're playing for. Only once or twice have I seen someone who only wants the million for themselves.

"Capitolites thrived on common opinions..." I think in the US, we'd call those "popular opinions" or even "conventional wisdom". There was once a column in the magazine Newsweek called "The CW", meaning "conventional wisdom" - trends in public opinion. Who was "up", who was "down", and who "could go either way". I liked that column.

And, once again, Enobaria makes me turn into a rabid fangirl with her slicing off a lock of Wiress' hair.

How I wish you had written the original HG trilogy, but you've never heard that before.
Supernova18 chapter 91 . 2/6
We had so little on the other victors in Catching Fire and now you're handing it all to us on a platter, it's so great! Please don't rush to the games themselves, I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to any of them again just yet.
Vyrazhi chapter 91 . 2/5
Mags and the sugar cube. It's funny how the smallest details mean the most to me sometimes. Anyway, as odd as it is, it was my favorite detail. Perhaps that's because I've had a craving for gummy bears lately. (LOL)

Also, maybe it's the movies, but I liked Effie better in my own imagination. Maybe it was her pale blonde clown wig and weird makeup that got me, at least in the first film.
ETNRL4L chapter 91 . 2/5
Hello, my love! Here as always to review. Thanks for the shorter chapter. It really squelches the thirst for your blood. ;p

Well, she got it on her in the battlefield, all right. LOL!

Your description of Claudius Teplesmith is so cruel it's hilarious. So morphling makes you an artistic zombie. What the downside to that? Anyone else want to smack the smug out of Claudious? Just punch him in the throat? There is no Sea North of Four, lady. If water rose, it would eradicate most to all our Southern states, but the US mainland is too far above sea level for there to be sea's "North" of the mainland. The arena had to be South, likely where Louisiana and Eastern Texas once were. That is really awful use of an Oxford comma in that last sentence, babe.

Oh, that is bull. No octogenarian wears six inch heals. I don't wear six inch heals. The highest I'll do is 4 inches with a good platform. Mags must at the very minimum suffer from mild osteoporosis. She'd break an ankle just from the tension of trying to balance on those.
I always like it when Mags speaks Spanish and it's supper hot that Finnick understands her.

What were they trying to accomplish by being creepy and getting naked for Katniss again?

I'd love to know what Finn and Mags did to impress the Gamemakers at their individual assessments. Beetee to... do it for all of them!

Lollipop chapter 91 . 2/4
I kinda wish someone could analyze Plutarch. He's too feeling to be a sociopath, but the way he's bottling everything up... he's going to blow up! lol. He's cool, don't take this the wrong way.
I love how you wove in the detail about kids at a District Four wedding to explain why Finnick didn't marry Annie as soon as he realized he'd be reaped.
My favorite scene was having everyone slow down to match Mags' pace. It was just... awwww!
Awesome chapter!
melliemoo chapter 91 . 2/4
I like the planning going on in this chapter, the alliances being forged. Interesting how the plan for now is to get everyone out before the Games start.
Iacopo chapter 91 . 2/3
As you ask, I'd like to see more of Glynn and all that happens in the Capitol, but I am eager for interactions between victors. Mags says very interesting things about the Careers and how they don't understand the rebellion (although Enobaria's part last chapter could indicate that the others are underestimating her), and I wish it were possible to see in their minds. Lastly, I believe Cecelia deserves a last conversation with Plutarch.
Thank God that Beetee insisted they not 'put all their eggs in one basket' as he said. Jo makes me laugh.
Gingerfluff chapter 91 . 2/3
Sorry for not reviewing earlier. I got lazy, but I really liked the chapters.
I totally ship Haymitch and Effie, and I love how you write her. I hate that she'll be hurt just because she wasn't completely insensitive when doing her job.
It's really awesome to have Mags back in the middle of things. Oh and I really, really hate Coin now. How could she let the victors go into that arena?
Supernova18 chapter 90 . 1/6
You crack me up. You have a writer's block and the result is a twenty-five page chapter or so written in a month, without a drop in quality.

Of your OCs, I liked the 10 female most. I loved the idea of a victor selling out rebels to save her family and I don't remember reading another victor like her anywhere.
Canon-OCs, Blight and the morphlings were great. I liked the colors to explain Sparrow.
As for the others, I can't even... the Careers manage to hold it together but it's still so wrong, Wiress is cute and meek (somebody give her a hug!), Beetee is brilliant and the scariest nerd around, Mags has ironically the shortest part but she's awesome, Finnick isn't allowed to be so cute! Do you want me to cry? Johanna made me laugh, Cecelia and Woof wiped that smile off much too fast, Seeder and Chaff were awe inspiring until I remembered how it will all go. Katniss and Peeta make me want to slap them because they should be happy as they get to survive!

I hate canon even more now for killing so many people off and I hate you for making me care about characters the books neglected and making me care even more about the characters I already loved. How about an AU happy ending?
NathanHale2 chapter 90 . 1/6
Writers block is a b$%& and I can completely understand it now however unto the review of this chapter.
Even though this is just an interlude the chapter has loads of content (INTERESSTING CONTENT!) and is as always very well written. Your main focus here was charactersation and I have to say it is brilliant. The intentions, morals, motivations of each character was very well described and you have managed to give every single one of them believable human beings. Cashmere and gloss who in my opinion where wasted oppurtunities have been well written and explained to us the readers which is AWESOME!

What I also liked where Peetas and Katniss perspective so all in all as usuall an outstanding chapter keep it up!
melliemoo chapter 90 . 1/5
Sorry for the writer's block, but this was a great chapter, very enjoyable to see a little of each of our Quell Victors.
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