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Guest chapter 2 . 8/27/2015
Thank you in advance for such a wonderful story. I read just a smidgen of your profile and a very small portion of the story and I'm glad that you're doing something original with Hunger Games. I love it when writers are original.

If you want to e-mail me do so at

Again, I know I'm going to love this.
Thank you for such a wonderful story
Lollipop chapter 102 . 8/8/2015
Awww, it's over. Damn. lol
This fic is a work of art, Anla'Shok. Mags was an exceptional character, your OCs were great, and you never passed up a chance to give depth to the canon Victors. The world-building and complexity were amazing, and it's right up there in the top 3 fics I consider as must-reads in the Hunger Games fandom.

My bottom line is: 658k is a whole lot of words lol but you have made them count.
sillymoose13 chapter 102 . 8/2/2015
I just wanted to let you know that I just finished binge-reading Checkmate (I started about 3 weeks ago), and I thought it was AMAZING! You did such a great job at putting us in Panem, that it almost felt like we were there. Mags was incredible, and almost all of the OCs were extremely likable as well; my favorites were Fife/Deidre, Glynn, Gilly, and Marquise. I loved how Fife was such a fighter, and how Gilly was able to put such a positive spin on her Victor status, with all of her mini-victor cats

All of the deaths were so emotional, from Fife's suicide (well, that's what I thought it was at the time) to the Vicuna/Marquise/Achlys triple assassination to Gilly sacrificing herself for the good of Panem, but the saddest one was definitely Esperanza's untimely murder. You could really see how it affected Mags, and that made it so powerful. Also, the one-by-one deaths of all of District 4's beloved victors was sad as well, as Eirene, Mags, Nori, Chelsea, Gilly, and Finnick seemed to die back-to-back-to-back

I also think you did a great job with the cannon-characters. Finnick and Annie's relationship was so adorable, and I loved how you gave lots of backstory to Seeder, Cecelia, Beetee, and many of the other Quell tributes that aren't focused on in the trilogy. Mags became a great protagonist, and it was so breathtaking to see her slowly-but-surely take over Panem. Even though she died before the rebels were victorious, this was definitely her rebellion, and it wouldn't have happened without her

I was wondering about some of the characters that seem to disappear as the story progresses, but I guess they're pretty meaningless, if they weren't mentioned. Did you ever talk about Fife/Deidre dying? because all of the sudden I realized she wasn't present in the story, but I don't remember anything about her after she came to District 4. Also, I guess nothing exciting happens with Dylana at all either. And Mags never sees Kyle at all during her tours around the District? I was kinda hoping that we'd get a reunion because their relationship was very interesting

Anyway, the epilogue was great too, and it was a very good ending to an amazing (but also very long) fanfic-definitely the longest I've ever read. But thanks for all of the effort you put into it because I'm sure you spent lots of time writing this!
Iacopo chapter 102 . 7/29/2015
Bravo! I'm halfway up a tree in Sicily to get reception to write this, but the chapter was worth the ants crawling all over my feet.
I'm sure I'll read Checkmate again one day. It's that good.

My favorite part of this chapter was imagining the poor european travelers from 100 years ago going home and screaming 'they're savages, they've got nukes!' when people asked them how it went.
Oisin55 chapter 102 . 7/29/2015
A huge congratulations are in order for completing such a monumental work. Well done. Checkmate will no doubt go down as one of the definitive Mags/D4 fics ou there. Now enjoy all your new free time! Unless you intend to start this process all over again.
ETNRL4L chapter 102 . 7/27/2015
This is kinda bittersweet.
I've never read a fic that took this long to finish before. I don't have this kind o patience. But, I hope you realize I read through this bastard for you, my dear friend.
We have an odd friendship you and I. We squabble like an old married couple. But I'm glad we got to know each other through Checkmate and Showdown.

Here goes my last review:

Chimp is so such a cruel nickname. Parents are cruel.

This sounds like the kind of conversation YOUR mother would have with you-asking for grandchildren...

You can't outlaw 'fashion', man. That's freedom of expression. You're basically describing communism here.

So... the police look like cowboys in blue?

Regrowing tongues. Ew. LOL!

Decharon grew back Finnick's severed head? His body was in an explosion, dude! You're telling me they cloned a dead man? LOL! This is far-fetched-even for you.

There are a lot more surviving victors in your telling of this. ;p

What Cressida's doing is daunting.

You're using mutts as forced labor? Isn't this how things went bad in Planet of the Apes? LOL!

I like the Gale losing his shirt to a geriatric groupie thing.

Jesus! You have someone kidnap Katniss? Has this child not been through enough?

Katniss is way too composed for a kidnap victim. And, where's Peeta?

These paltry punishments for murder belittle the value of human life.

Marquise is a genetically engineered freak of nature, you realize.

If Wolfe killed everyone who paid for victors, how's Decharon still around. He bought Finnick. Not for sex, but he still bought him. How would Wolfe know the difference?

Planning for someone old's funeral while they're in the same room is so morbid.

Okay. Plutarch is over 100 at this point.

Cell phones and internet are not possible without satellites.

This was a very wistful and fitting end to an intriguing and riveting tale.

Thank you, my love!

Supernova18 chapter 102 . 7/25/2015
Reading Checkmate made me want to write. Then I started drafting stuff and appreciated your writing even more. I loved everything in this fic: the wordbuilding (maybe the most impressive part), the characters, how we really got to see how propaganda and rebellion and everything worked.
I haven't been the best reviewer but you can be sure I won't ever forget this fic.
melliemoo chapter 102 . 7/24/2015
Wow. I loved the epilogue. You did a nice job tying up all the loose ends and showing how Panem slowly returned to civilization. Nice touch having Europeans land. I also like the new twist on the Games near the end. I am sad this is over, and hope you will continue writing! Thank you.
Vyrazhi chapter 102 . 7/24/2015
All I can say is: WOW. I feel like I've crossed an ocean with you. The last line is absolutely perfect, showing that in a hundred years, Panem has indeed recovered. When children no longer live afraid of the old days, but romanticize them, civilization's healing from such traumatic events is well underway.

Is ignorance bliss? For Callie, yes. For us, no. We real folk need to learn our history.

I guess what I was trying to say there is that ultimately, the Hunger Games is a fable, and not only a dystopia. (Why did it take me so long to realize that? Duhhh...)

Speaking of fable, I'm trying to give one a test run on FictionPress, but am having some trouble with the downloading and uploading. Au revoir, and THANK YOU!
Paul chapter 102 . 7/23/2015
A fitting finale. It is with bittersweet feelings that I bid checkmate goodbye.
Like the brief appearences of Eli and payload mother and the mentions of Mario and big loomer. Garret's appearance was good too. Project empathy was pure genius.
Mercury and Caesars conversation was both interesting and realistic.
Cressida and Deenas scene was sad but necessary.
Like the Johanna and gale ship tease, I always thought they might make a good match, wish they'd at least interacted in the books. Hopefully they will in the last movie.
When you said Wolfe would cause trouble you meant it. Still, the boy has style. Wish you'd wooed whether he killed the rebels who killed most of the victors from one and two. Almost felt like cheering for him killing all the bad sponsors. Sometimes I wonder why I like him so much, I guess largely because of his games. I really wish you hadn't killed him and Lyme though.
DeCharons tribute memorial was a fitting way to have the character exit the story on a high note without killing him.
Like Plutarch and Annie's talk.
I am impressed at how you had communications with Europe and Asia are established and how they weren't wiped out. That was one of the biggest unanswered questions I had about the original trilogy.
Checkmate; It was great while it lasted and it needed in style.

P.S. I might set up an account but I'm still not sure, being a semi enigmatic guest reviewer has a certain appeal to it and I'm kind of paranoid about internet hacking. Time will tell.
paul chapter 101 . 7/21/2015
one last request for chapter 102. Could you give names to the District 10 Victor's who died in the 3rd Quarter Quell. They really were interesting and underused characters. It would be easy having their names mentioned on a memorial or something. I never really agreed with you leaving them unnamed in the first place, every other Quarter Quell Tribute got a name, why shouldn't they?
Paul chapter 86 . 7/19/2015
Was just rereading this chapter and thought if there's room in the epilogue it might be interesting showing, or even briefly mentioning, how general garren and the home guard adapted to a post Capitol world-assuming they survived the war. Also, if paylor appears in the final chapter it might be nice having Marko, Eli and big loomer appeAr, I liked them as characters and wish they'd been in more chapters.
Can't wait for your last chapter, no matter how it turns out it will be well worth reading.
Paul chapter 101 . 7/17/2015
Been waiting for chapter 102 and actually feel encouraged ain't hasn't came out yet. The longer it takes the more thought and effort you'll likely put into it and the final chapter for a work such as checkmate should just be short and simple, it should be longmire well thought our, and cover or mention many past plot lines, and characters instead of just a few while showing as much about the new panem is possible to fit in addition to everything else planned to that last chapter.
Take as long as you want, it's fine be me.
P.S. Hope your story ends on a light note-except maybe for Caesar-the. Characters have been throug so much already and with coin and snow dead I really would like to think that it's over and everyone-aside from the people on wolfe's kill list-is safe.
Lollipop chapter 101 . 7/17/2015
Hi! Sorry for not reviewing lately, I had a thing with my eyes and I couldn't read without tearing up for like a month, but I'm almost all good now!
Lol, I laughed when Glynn got all jealous of Katniss because of how she shot Coin.
That twist with Caesar, wow, at least he rescued Mercury. I wonder if she helped him out somehow, because there's no way he's done just out of the goodness of his heart.

Well, you already know how much I loved this story. I probably could have made all my reviews 3x longer and still not have said everything there was to say about each chapter xD.
ETNRL4L chapter 101 . 7/17/2015
Eunice was here.

lol I know it's short, but my life is in upheavel and I didn't want to not leave a little something.

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