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Gingerfluff chapter 89 . 12/1/2014
I hate Coin. I really do. They should never have let her stay Mayor. She hates everyone and doesn't care who dies.
Plutarch was so cute. It's been a long time since Plutarch was cute! I feel for those two. And I HATE COIN because now it's obviously her fault that Mags and Cashmere and everybody died during the Quarter Quell.
Finnick and Annie are so CUTE!
This was too short, you'd spoiled me with your 10k words chapters lol. I'm so excited for the Quell.
Vyrazhi chapter 89 . 11/30/2014
Ah, President Coin. She is supposed to be worse than Snow, but how? Is it because she's a false messiah/rebel savior?

"A new Panem would rise from the Capitol's ashes." Ironic, but not surprising, that Coin will become Panem's new dictator. "We make the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship." -George Orwell, "1984"

In the Year 74, November, the Capitol chapter, it should be "fire motifs" on the little girls' dresses. "Motive" may be what you say in French, but in English we use that to mean a reason for doing something, as in 'a motive for the crime'.

Now that the end of this saga is in sight, are you exhilarated? Excited? Tense because the final triumphant chapter hasn't yet arrived? All of the above? I would be! :)
ETNRL4L chapter 89 . 11/30/2014
The timeline for the Pox is perfect. How old are you making Coin?

Why are there One courtesans in the Capitol? Travel from the districts to the Capitol was banned. And bodyguards? Really? There was no reason Snow would allow this.

That scene with Paylor was awesome! What happened to the Peacekeepers? How does that thing from Three work?

The way Plutarch and Glynn speak of the lives lost as collateral damage due to their plots is sick. The are so apathetic.
Wait. They thought Thirteen was coming to help before the Quarter Quell?

Beloved is Queridita. You spelled it wrong.;p

Love you...

Iacopo chapter 89 . 11/30/2014
Coin is disturbing and Thirteen a very unhealthy place. The rebellion is ugly, but it looks like the Capitol only manages to keep a bloody status quo rather than get anything solved.
Glynn's suggestion that Thirteen get involved in the Quell makes me wonder what went wrong in canon. It's really a great plan.
Great chapter. I loved Mags' part, showing that even old she deserves her place as hero of this story.
Guest chapter 88 . 11/16/2014
Hello, my love.

Okay. I don't get how everyone's so comfortable hiding out at Mags. Why is her house not bugged like all the other victors'?

So... this is your rationalization for the crappy Four tributes in Katniss's Games. Fire burnt down FLASH.
Okay. LOL!

They give Haymitch a new liver every decade? How are you envisioning this? Cloning a new organ from some old healthy tissue they took after his Games?

"Ostentation rather than erudition." DUDE, I love you.

Brutus is an ass!

Clove was eighteen. And a good 5'7. Don't confuse her for "movie!Clove".

I'm not swallowing this idea that Haymitch couldn't see Peeta was hot for Katniss and Finnick did. I mean, Haymitch is a tactician. He's more attuned than this. And I'm pretty sure he was in on the rebellion well before the 74th.

So much intrigue between Seneca and Plutarch. And thank god because poor Peeta.

I still don't buy this Finnick coaching Haymitch on mentoring crap, man.

Aaaaaawwww! Cecilia and Plutarch's babies!

Cato's death was not seconds. It took the mutts at least 8 hours to tear him apart. All night. From dusk till dawn.

This was sooooo good.

Roxiblilly chapter 88 . 11/14/2014
Mag's manipulations are finally coming to fruition.
NathanHale2 chapter 88 . 11/14/2014
holy bumnoughet really well done! 88 chapters my my how time flies yet you managed to create a perfect retelling, setting up the rebellion, createing a living breathing world with believeable and exciting characters for whom we have come to care for. Wow. just wow. A hell of a ride which is not even over so looking forward for the next chapters.

-glad that mags children are alive.
-you have managed to give cashmere a LOT more character to her in my opinion blank, antagonistic character we know from the movie. Sterile damn.
Iacopo chapter 88 . 11/14/2014
I will miss this story when it will be done. You don't pretend that rebellion is a simple thing, you have so many characters that it slowly stopped being just Mags' story (and so I was very glad to see Plutarch toast to her at the end), but because of these reasons it is probably one of the few fanfictions I would read again, knowing I have missed things.
There was a lot of humor in this chapter, there often is when Johanna appears, but not only then. I also liked Annie and Mags together, to see Annie's fun side even when Finnick isn't there. Finnick's decency shines through when he spares a thought to Cato and Clove.
melliemoo chapter 88 . 11/13/2014
I liked how you painted Katniss as defiant. Nicely done.

The whole bit with Cashmere and the marriage I found confusing.
Gingerfluff chapter 88 . 11/13/2014
It's so sad that Mags couldn't be there. Maybe she could have helped with Brutus and the other Careers too. I think they just need proof that Snow isn't the most powerful guy around and that they can afford hope.
I can't thank you enough for giving Peeta and Katniss their due. So many OC fics go Katniss bashing and I hate that. It was wonderful to have all the mentors and Plutarch cooperate (although it's kind of creepy of Cecelia to use her kids like that. Really smart, but creepy.)
Lollipop chapter 88 . 11/12/2014
So basically, a mentor's job is good marketing, right? Lol. Plutarch is so manipulative.
I loved all the mentors, Jo and Cashmere sniping at each other (sooo funny) and Finnick helping Haymitch get the Capitol. Effie's POV scene had me splitting my sides (and is that Hayffie I'm seeing between the lines? I'm so believing it is! lol). I'm so glad Cashmere is finally free. You also showed well why the Twos won't be part of the alliance to protect Peeta, but I think Cashmere and Gloss would throw their lot with FInnick if they figured he had a chance.
Vyrazhi chapter 88 . 11/12/2014
Your second paragraph was brilliant, and filled me with nostalgia for the earlier chapters of this saga. I don't call it a "story" anymore, because if I printed it out on paper, it would probably be as long as a medium-sized Stephen King novel. :D

"Mr. President would see how wrong he was." The reason this made me smile is that as far as I know, there aren't any right-wing-minded people who'd post, "That sounds just like Obama111!"

"Wear a mask too long and you find you can't take it off anymore." Hmm...*evil chuckle* You have just given me a great idea for FORMLESS, and the Unumites' Masked Ones.

So we get to Katniss and Peeta at last. A familiar section, but awesome in your hands.

I've missed you! How was your trip to San Antonio?
Lollipop chapter 87 . 10/19/2014
I was so going to take a dig about you posting late then I realized it had taken me a week to get to reviewing so I'll just shut up about it. lol

Weeee Cinna! You got me in fangirl mode. You really shouldn't do that. It makes me go hyper and stupid. No, you know what, this is totally cool. People and peacekeepers are dying, Beetee is going on about more people dying, Jo might yet stick it to someone before the 73rd, but at least we know that the fighting is getting serious. And Mags' family is (almost) safe, that's what matters.
ETNRL4L chapter 87 . 10/18/2014
She's ALIVE! 11,000 words. I despise you.

The districts are backwards. Five, Six and Seven are likely West Coast. Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen and East Coast. Where I live was wiped out by the catastrophes. ;)

Dude. You killed her freaking family.

You disappeared Four's victors. Intriguing take on why there were so few left at the end of Mockingjay.

Are Finn and creepy dude talking about killing old people or making already dead people look like circus attractions here?
Wuh... Cinna was a mortician?

So... they poisoned the new peacekeepers that abused their power to send a message. Would this really have worked?

God, I love Jo.

You reaped twins? Sick.

I LIKE the fire in your Beetee, man!

That's true. Tyrants do kill the brightest.

Great. Another monster.

I'm still here. I'm that rash no Cortizone will kill.

Iacopo chapter 87 . 10/14/2014
We are so close to Katniss' games now, I'm not sure I want this to end.
I feel sad, because it's obvious you have to use different point of views because Mags can't be at the center of everything anymore. More than anything, that's what makes it clear that she's old.
Finally FLASH is used as the army Mags had always wanted.
I have to say that I'm a bit annoyed at you. You made me like Careers, and now you shattered that with Beetee's speech. It just makes the whole oncoming war taste very bitter.
Great chapter
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