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Supernova18 chapter 94 . 3/21
Yeah, Cecelia's, Woof's and Seeder's death definitely hit me harder here. It's horrible, because I knew who would survive the bloodbath but this chapter made me so mad at 13.
Awesome chapter.
ETNRL4L chapter 93 . 3/11
Hey! Sorry this took so long. Life sucks.

Why is the guy from Nine down on the fourth floor? Did he work his way down from Nine smashing cameras?

Haymitch didn't drug Katniss and Peeta. And I doubt either slept that first night. Katniss definitely didn't. She came to breakfast late after a night of nightmares featuring severed tongues. Your canon complicity sucks. LOL!
I'd rather have guards then cameras. Guards can't record.

The morphlings are in their late thirties to mid forties. Not sixties.

Brutus is infuriating, but I can't help feel the tiniest bit sorry for him.

I agree about that 'last wish' thing.

Seeder is not very realistic.

Oh! Yay! The private sessions! I asked for this!

Cashmere's seems a little like Katniss's with the dummie and all.

Oh, Vicuna!

Enobaria is such a bloody Tom!

Once again, Brutus is 44 or 45 at most. Oh, and it's conditioning. If you teach a child to be a slave from birth, they rarely question it.

I don't get the symbolism in what Wiress did.

I don't thing exploding generators would affect a forcefield unless they created an electromagnetic pulse.

Mags took a nap, though. This is the only one in canon.

I don't see Finnick poisoning someone to make a point. That's specifically what he despised about Snow.

Different kind of forcefield, Johanna. This one is not polarized to deflect. Just fry.

Poor Woof...

Well, wasn't Seeder dramatic?

Did you write that for Chaff? What melody goes with that?

Peeta went before Katniss, dude. Even in the movie.

You FORCED them to murder, you bastard! There is NO WAY Caesar did this. He's an entertainer. Number one rule of entertaining is empathizing and catering to the audience. This is bull. None of it fits Caesar. You got completely OOC.

People aren't reviewing as much because the chapters are long and they'd rather just enjoy the reading, man. It's been over a year and alomost 600,000 words. Just be glad we are all still here.
Supernova18 chapter 93 . 3/5
In this story, Snow was often portrayed as the guy riding Achlys coattails and slowly ruining Panem. That's what I got anyway: that he was just good enough at using force to keep people down. Now he's clever. He's just underestimating how badly the Districts want things to change.

Btw it's quite rich of Snow to look down upon victors for being murderers...

Loved every bit of it, thanks for writing.
melliemoo chapter 93 . 3/4
I loved the private sessions and how each Victor related to the Gamemakers. I also really liked how you had Snow's commentary on all of the interviews.
Vyrazhi chapter 93 . 3/2
Fantastic job sucking me in with the opening scene! I seriously thought that one of the victors had gone psychotic and was determined to kill Mags in a fit of blind rage. It also reminds me of the scene in Stephen King's "The Shining" when Jack goes on the rampage with a roque mallet. In the movie, it's an axe, but in the book it's just as scary. Crash!

"Katniss Everdeen! Woot! Woot!" - Said every die-hard Katniss fan EVAR.

"Enobaria! Woot! Woot!" - Said I, after witnessing what she did to a certain effigy.

I don't know what I'm going to do for my next fic, which is just as well since my class just ended last Friday. I'm kind of spent, like Capitol currency on a stupid fashion fad.
Iacopo chapter 93 . 3/2
You write evil very well. I wonder what would have happened if one of the victors had tried to tell the truth.
Amber chapter 93 . 3/1
Great chapter as always.I look forward to updates from this story and am always astounded by the level of writing.
Lollipop chapter 93 . 3/1
Lol, I liked the idea of some victors just stirring up sh*t for the heck of it.
Random plush toys. Lol. Genius.

The Gamemakers' session were intense. Seeder and Chaff get a medal for spooky. Lol. I also laughed when Enobaria put Katniss' "throne" on fire. And Mags is awesome. The rebel thing with the gamemaker's wife to prove to Snow that the rebels are being active was also cool.

I just had this WHOAH! moment when I read Snow's part. Like everyone is so certain the Capitol has no clue at all about the rebellion, because, face it, they're usually bloody clueless, but instead, they know just enough to be seriously scared of the districts and to want rebels locked up. The rebels just don't get that people in the capitol are scared and that getting angry is exactly what Snow wants. I'm a bit surprised that Mags didn't think of it, but she probably doesn't care enough to bother to explain to the other victors because she's sure they'll be rescued.
The average capitolite must be really confused, like hate them!, but cheer for them! and they must think damn, must I? and then 'right, cheering, I can do that and I'd love to pretend everything's great'. Lol.

Yeah, sorry for that long rant.
I don't mind more scenes in the Capitol, even if it's filler. I don't mind going straight into the arena either.
Great chapter!
Supernova18 chapter 92 . 2/22
I kind of wonder how much Finnick will manage to make people care. I mean, even if Capitol people go march down the streets or something, how's it going to harm Snow? It's not like he has real elections or something. He might get scared if the Homeguard or peacekeepers turn his back on him, but as long as the military are loyal, he'll be fine and just raise taxes if socialites stop spending bucketloads of money on tributes.

I feel for Lyme and can't wait to see how she ends up where she was, leading Two's revolt and everything.

Lastly, I've watched the movie, I guess most of us have, but it'd be nice to have the description of how good Katniss is with her bow against the hologram in text instead of just implied. But yeah, that's the only piece of criticism I could find.
ETNRL4L chapter 92 . 2/21
*waves furiously* High!

This isn't cynicism on Cecilia's part. It's practicality. She's low on that totem pole. What kind of 'pet' could Victoria want with the disposable thumbs to shoot an arrow.

Alcoholic ice-scream? I don't see Beetee being this brazen.

Peeta and Katniss were early-not late, to training.

You favor movie canon well over book canon. I don't know ehether to judge this brilliant or lazy.*blows kiss*

I know I don't tell you this often enough, but reading the history of Games from Mags's point of view has been a wonderful experience.

I don't get the point of all this posturing between Finnick and Cashmere.

Was this all a show to pull at the Capitolites' nonexistent heart strings?

Everyone's putting their metaphorical eggs into Plutarch's poorly woven wicker basket.

Guest chapter 1 . 2/19
Hello it's me again Isabella Katniss from 2012. Let me first just say I am really sorry. One of my friends took my phone and was reading my old fan fictions as a joke, and she wrote that comment. When I tried to get my phone back it accidentally posted. You were incredibly helpful to me as a young author, and we're just offering constructive criticism. You are also a very talented writer. I am sorry.
Guest chapter 8 . 2/19
This is in third person but good try :)
Guest chapter 92 . 2/18
I like Finnick's moves crashing the party to drum up support - very clever!
Iacopo chapter 92 . 2/18
I was a little scared that these next chapters would be less original because we're following the books so I apologize for doubting you. I'm enjoying every little piece of this and above all Lyme throwing Finnick on the food table.
Lollipop chapter 92 . 2/18
Lol, I told you Plutarch acted like a sociopath, even Cecelia agrees.
Beetee is nasty, I love him. He's like a Career but without the muscle. Mags tries to mother them even now, it's so cute.
Seeing Finnick, Cash and Gloss steal the show was glorious. Shirt less Finnick! Woohooo! (Thanks Lyme! Lol) I hope it'll have far reaching consequences and really help the rebellion.
Work those contingency plans, Glynn, I'm counting on you.

inebriate instead of inebriated
hadn't build instead of hadn't built
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