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Vyrazhi chapter 98 . 6/4
"Katniss had had no questions, just purpose..." Wow. I couldn't have described Miss Everdeen in the actual trilogy better if I'd written it myself. Sure, Katniss does ask some questions because she's not a total idiot. However, she is a pawn of the rebels.

"Quipus" - If I recall correctly, a quipu is an Incan or Mayan abacus. Am I right?

I want to see what Caesar Flickerman thinks about all of this. He's meant to be the comic relief in the movies and the book, the goofball. However, you add so much more to your characters than their cinematic dimensions show. As for events, I'm sure you'll probably delve into Peeta's torture. There's almost nothing I enjoy more than a scene of a man being broken, a la 1984.

As for me? I'm working on an original novel that I haven't posted, except to my writers' group on Facebook.

P.S. Go, Enobaria, go, but you knew that already.
ETNRL4L chapter 97 . 5/22
I hate these 10K word chapters, man.

I love how you wrote Enobaria. So unapologetic. AMAZING!

The double meanings behind all Caesar's headlines. Chortling.

Tee-hee! You named the brothers like in my fics. I''m honored.

Based on this little interlude between Caesar and Peeta, I'm going to guess you haven't seen the deleted scene from the movie where Snow explicitly tells Peeta he has to do the propos for the Capitol.

The bread memory was actually untainted, dear. They didn't have any footage of that to distort the memory. Remember, they screwed his memories with tracker jacker venom and edited films of their time in the first games and after.

Medicine grew back a tongue? LOL! Okay.

Peeta's warning to Thirten was more dramatic in the book.

Annie's run seems a little far-fetched.

What happened to the undertaker?

The interview timing was several days off in canon.

melliemoo chapter 97 . 5/18
I loved how you wrote this chapter in the different perspectives, and torturing Peeta was brilliantly done.
Lollipop chapter 97 . 5/17
Enobaria: she's always interesting because her loyalties aren't cut and dry. Unfortunately, I see her playing it safe and obeying it until she gets home.
Caesar helps us learn what's up. lol. I hope he gets his comeuppance.
Peeta. Ugh Peeta. How he kept so focused on Katniss to get information despite the state he was in. It's horrible to think they'd tortured him so badly despite the fact he'd done all they asked.
Annie. She's so cute! LoL. The line about Snow letting her be wherever she was (provided she wasn't giving information on rebels, but it sounded like she wasn't) because it was less trouble than bringing her in to torture was pretty neat.
Jo. My dear Johanna. The last line cracked me up. I love her.
Iacopo chapter 97 . 5/16
Beautiful. I felt many things reading this chapter and I am very happy that none of these victors let the Capitol make them helpless.
Vyrazhi chapter 97 . 5/16
A few minor mistakes: "She and Aster" are gone, and Enobaria dropped a crystal "glass". Other than that, fantastic work. I liked the Caesar Flickerman part as well. I've rediscovered that some people follow canon just as religiously as religious books, and if you mess with it, you get crucified. I haven't run into any of those kinds of critics here on FF, but then again, I've been lucky.
Supernova18 chapter 97 . 5/16
I absolutely loved this chapter.
The relationship between Annie and Finnick is left a bit of a mystery in the books. The movie acknowledged it with Johanna when she told Katniss "love is weird". You have a very unique Annie. She'd cute and optimistic (I liked being reminded how she collects pretty things), but she's still a Career and not always overwhelmed by her PTSD. I loved her part. It caught me totally by surprise.
Peeta had it the worst, but I love how strong they all were. The end almost brought tears to my eyes.
ETNRL4L chapter 96 . 5/7
"taking a bunch of liberties"? I'm chortling to myself.

I'm going to miss the undertaker.

So, we're saving Effie? Farewell book canon. I loved thee well.

I like the little back story on Pollux.

Ooohhhh! The confrontation between Finnick and Enobaria!

And now a '24 rolls' reference? Really? This is a warped amalgam of canon, movie canon, and Anla'shok couture 'let me just make some crap up'. LOL!

There's "no time to make sense of information riddled with holes", all right. I'm just accepting the kidnap and shuttle craft thing with a grain of salt.

Crabs? You read 'clicking sounds' and you think crabs?

Shoved him into the crabs. This is how Peeta killed Brutus in your head canon. *rubs at bridge of nose*

I don't think the bombing of Twelve was an afterthought. I think Twelve was gone before the Quell started. The book says the bombing started minutes after the arena blew.

The first bomb fell in the square, my love.

melliemoo chapter 96 . 4/28
I really liked how you were showing what Snow was thinking and doing.
Supernova18 chapter 96 . 4/26
I'll be crossing my fingers for those AU epilogues then.

I'm sure the chapter from Enobaria's POV would be one big WTF. It sucks that 13 had to leave her behind and I really hope it's because they had to. And Snow went from being paranoid to being REALLY paranoid. He looks like he's that close to shooting everybody.
Iacopo chapter 96 . 4/25
Twelve has just been bombed and Coin is dreaming about being President. Of course she does...
I found the idea of using the Hovercrafts to 'take 12 hostage' and get Katniss to surrender awesome, Snow really should have done that.
Great chapter, I feel for poor Finnick who's trying to keep everyone alive while everyone else is freaking out.
Vyrazhi chapter 96 . 4/25
"Enobaria, don't kill me, just follow me." Only in the Hunger Games would this be anything more than a throwaway comic relief line. (LOL)

Achlys and the Pox Plague resurface, if only briefly. Hooray!

I love the tension-to-length ratio here. It looks more like one of my chapters than one of yours, although I probably would have made it even shorter.
ETNRL4L chapter 95 . 4/15
This fan fic relationship of ours has lasted longer than most marriages.

"No estas muerta." Nice. If you add 'todavia' at the end, you have, "You're not dead yet."

Mags's death was written so powerfully.

Finnick's thoughts about Peeta costing Mags her life are illogical. She was slowing HIM down too. In the book, Finnick was the one who got the worse of the fog and it was not because of Peeta.

I can see how Gloss and Cashmere were suicides.

Movie canon is taking the easy way out.

Supernova18 chapter 95 . 4/14
I suppose you never considered going AU? This whole Catching Fire sequence felt like watching a trainwreck in slow motion.
Great writing, I don't think I've ever followed a story for this long and I'm so happy you never abandoned it.
melliemoo chapter 95 . 4/13
RIP Mags indeed. I nearly cried, and how you had Finnick reacting to her death was brilliantly written and very emotional. I also liked the ending scene with Finnick and Johanna - I have always liked their relationship.

I STILL haven't seen MJ part I, but must ASAP!
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