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TooManyFandomsForOneUsername chapter 37 . 4/18/2014
I recently found this and i think it's a little unnessary to review since its almost a year since this story was last updated...
But it was truely amazing. It was one of the best fanfics I have ever read. I am not exaggerating when I say that I LOVED this story.
HeronLightFairStairs chapter 37 . 12/26/2013
I have to say I just finished reading this and it is pretty amazing story! I really like Jezebelle's story with tricking people into thinking that she is 12. Sad when India died unsure what to do. And I liked that Casper won because of his daughter and wife!
three-golden-mockingjays chapter 29 . 11/19/2013
I only just found this SYOT after submitting my tribute ages ago and YOU KILLED HIM I WAS JUST GETTING ATTACHED TO HIM GODDAMN IT HE HAD POTENTIAL!

Seriously though you are going a really good job with this and I am enjoying reading this. I thought I was just going to read the bits with Markus but now I'm getting really into the whole story.

Now I'm going to go mourn for my poor Markus Wade... death to Anna.
Guest chapter 37 . 9/21/2013
oh wow, that was amazing. I loved the poem at the end, it was beautiful. Thank you for writing this story and I would like to thank each person who submitted a character, you helped make the story. I will always remember the character's from this story and this story because it has taught me so much and made me realize so many things about the world. Thank You, I don't think I can say anything else, so I'll say it again Thank You
Ruetheday chapter 37 . 9/21/2013
Great, great, job Kat! You really are an amazing writer and I'm so glad to have become FF friends with you! :) I really hope you make another story because, honestly, and I seriously mean this, this is the best SYOT I have ever read. You have description, length, emotion, and lots of depth woven into this story. I'm sad to say goodbye to this masterpiece of writing! :)
Guest chapter 37 . 9/18/2013
Yay! Casper won! Katerina's death was sadder than I expected. I wish you would write an epilogue or something.

Anyway, great job with your story! The saddest part's that it's over!
Eusaq11 chapter 37 . 9/19/2013
Amazing. Just wonderful. I can honesty say that this story is one of my favorite hg fanfics. Thank you for giving my the opportunity to read your story(:
ABNSteph chapter 37 . 9/16/2013
Hey! It me, I just didn't want to log in. I'm so tired... I'm super sad Violet didn't win, but at the same time glad that Casper did. Thank you for sticking with this SYOT and making our characters come to life.
Annie and Ivy chapter 37 . 9/16/2013
You truly are an amazing writer and I love this story with all my heart and I hope some day you can make another SYOT like this because this is inspiring and the characters really speak to me. I love it all :)
-Annie and Ivy
drinkthatliquorstore chapter 37 . 9/17/2013

Alright. So Katerina may not have won the Games, but she won in a way. She proved not just to Adonis that she isn't just a heartless monster, but Casper saw it too. They both saw that she's just a scared girl who's been throw to this dystopian and horrid world. I absolutely am pleased with how it turned out. I'm really happy with Katerina's death though because at least she didnt die alone. :)) Of course, I would've wanted her to be the Victor, but she killed Shimmer! My baby killed that big bad antagonist who she's been wanting to finish since Training!

Other than that, you've developed Katerina so much. I really saw my own character come to life and evolve. She wasn't the manipulative and seductive girl I planned in my head but she grew even more. She is just a scared fifteen year old girl who's hanging on to her own sanity. You are really accurate at the bottom. Katerina reminds us that not everyone is who they seem to be. Amazing.

Casper is a deserving winner and I'm super happy that he can finally meet his child again and just woah. I'm super excited for him! OMG, if you write another SYOT, Casper should be the first chapter like him as a Victor and interactions with his family, awh!

Each of the characters are really flawless and this story is just amazing. I have never finished a SYOT because the author either abandons the story or kills mine off in the Bloodbath or completely interprets the character horridly. But you, Kat, are perfect. Everytime I checked my mail and I saw an update for Blood of the Betrayed, I would SHRIEK. Literally shriek because your writing is one of my favorites because you add so much detail, and each POV, you really make us see the characters thoughts and how they feel. Sometimes I even empathize with them. That's an amazing talent you have.

I'm super happy with how this SYOT turned out, and if you ever write another SYOT, just know your homegirl right here will be happy to submit and read and review. Thank you so much for writing this and accepting my character and just, never giving up on this. We know some authors get lazy or have Writer's Block, but you've always stuck to this. So props to you, Kat.

Again, amazing story. Amazing portrayal of characters. Amazing CHARACTERS. Amazing chapters. Amazing Kat. We have to part ways now, but this will always remain to be my favorite SYOT and one of my fave stories here, ever!
MissBunburyHope chapter 37 . 9/16/2013

The final moments of everyone else were really interesting- I must admit that I was terrified for a while that Shimmer was going to kill Casper- and I really felt for him when he had to watch his ally being killed again. However, I suppose it's good that Katerina finally got to kill Shimmer, after all that wishing that she could; it was strange to see how her thoughts about Adonis and Kaja were in her final moments. It's just unfortunate that Shimmer's swing got Katerina, although it did mean that Casper didn't have to kill anyone; I must admit that I was a little scared that his kindness would be his downfall there, as I thought that Katerina could possibly find a weapon out of nowhere, but I'm so glad she didn't!

Now, onto Casper. Originally, I only created him because you needed tributes to be filled on your SYOT and you asked everyone on that collaboration to help, so I did. I don't think I've ever been any less helpful, though, because I gave you hardly any detail when I created him and I probably didn't even consider him surviving for a few days, let alone being the Victor. I really feel as if I should give something to you to say thank you for making my character so incredible because he really was, and it was because of your writing mainly.

Your story is honestly amazing and it's because you write it in such a haunting way. I've never read a SYOT before all the way through, but I don't think any story I've really read before has stayed with me so much. You are seriously one of the best authors on this site and I looked forward so much to getting an update on this story, so I could read your incredible writing. I will miss seeing this updated, I suppose, now.

If you were to do a reunion with Elorica and Casper that would be so good, especially so we can see what the baby/Star is or will be like- I do hope that Casper hasn't missed his baby's birth!- and also how life as the first Victor in the rebels' District treats him. However, even if you don't, this has been more than I could ever ask for and you have been so good to Casper. Thank you for looking after him and for not killing him off. You transformed him from a weak boy who was scared that he'd never return to his wife and baby, into a man that would return as a Victor, even without killing anyone.

I know I've tried to say already, but this has been one of my favourite stories on here, but this has definitely been the one to pull at my heart strings most. I will be advertising this for a long time, to try to say thank you to you.

But, really, I mean thank you so much. Thank you for a brilliant story. Thank you for making Casper a brilliant character. Thank you for being a generally brilliant person. And thank you for the beginning to what I hope will be a brilliant birthday.
OkIvy chapter 37 . 9/16/2013
I loved the ending and everything else I hope one day you can make another SYOT just as amazing as this one :) and well you did an awesome no scratch that I can't fid a word that describes this story it's just wow :) your my inspiration :D
-Annie and Ivy is currently on a break because of family issues :(
Eusaq11 chapter 36 . 9/9/2013
I'm in awe at how talented of a writer you are. Let me just say, your deaths are always so beautiful. I was reading Keira's death in class on my phone the other day and started crying. The teacher even asked me what's wrong lol. I thought for sure Adonis was gonna be the victor. I love this soft side of Kat.
Again, your such a good writer. Unlike the other syot stories you don't just tell the story of the hunger games, your really telling the story of the people in the hunger games. Beautiful work. And thanks for not killing off Violet, who is still, my favorite.
drinkthatliquorstore chapter 36 . 9/6/2013
I've been anticipating for the next chapter so once I saw the email notification that you updated, I literally shrieked! This chapter was super exciting. I mean, dude, final 5! This is pretty intense. When I saw the title "The Unexpected" I had all sorts of crazy thinking like Shimmer would win, or Violet will kill Casper, just random things but what you wrote was even more unexpected! I could not believe Adonis died due to poison! I kind of had an inkling that Adonis wouldn't win, but you wimp. You died and left Katerina alone. MY SHIP JUST SANK. Hahha, but Kadonis forevs! At least he's with Kaja now. I really liked reading Adonis' thoughts as he was getting infected with the venom because he tried so hard to fool himself but eventually he knew he was dying. It was a really original idea because most of the time Careers die an epic death, but this just shows, death can take us at anytime and any way. It was pretty sad, and I'm sure Katerina is sad too because her crush died, and she now has no ally. Her wall completely crumbled at the part of the Games. She's now just so vulnerable and hollow, I'm a little worried for her and her emotional well-being. But good job that she didn't cry. Casper's POV tho.. Y U MAEK ME CRI?! His chapter just makes me so sad because all his thoughts and realizations and his insecurity and him just wanting to see his baby. Oh the tears but I'm gonna cry even more because he's gonna get attached to Violet and god forbid, what will happen is Violet dies? CASPER STOP DOING THIS TO YOURSELF JUST WHY. I kind of root for Casper though. Of course I'm rooting for my baby, Katerina, but if Kat died sadface, Casper ftw! Shimmer, you know no one wants you to win, but you're a good arse antagonist! Awesome chapter, Kat! Update soon, much love!
RandomAngel123 chapter 36 . 9/5/2013
wow, I never thought one of the animals would kill a tribute. That was really shocking, great twist. I have said it and will say it again this is an awesome story and you are an awesome author
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