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WrappedInRed29 chapter 12 . 8/24
Please finish this story! I cannot stand to have my beloved characters ripped away from me so unjustly! I would like to know what happens in the end of your magnificent tale.
asprankle1 chapter 12 . 1/4/2015
Hey! Don't end it now! This is absolutely fantastic!
gl-andrea chapter 3 . 10/14/2014
I love the story so far! Cant wait to read more of your work!
darkraistlyn chapter 11 . 9/25/2014
I really do hope you update, dear. I just finished LL and that was lovely as well. This is just an excellent story, and I think you portray both of them spot on.

I realize I still have 2 chapters to read yet, but I wanted to encourage you because I've been reading this all night and wanted to get in a review before I drifted off. :)
darkwolf1121 chapter 12 . 6/14/2014
Oooooooh, do hurry with another chapter! The fact that your last update was almost a year ago is a little disheartening...Have you discontinued it?
Also, you said something about a Tumblr account, but I can't seem to find it. Am I just missing it, or have you removed it since?
YunaWhitefire chapter 12 . 3/18/2014
I'm intranced by the story! Please updated soon, this beautiful story must go on!
audibartoli chapter 12 . 12/26/2013
Please, please, please keep writing.
Guest chapter 12 . 11/27/2013
This story is wonderful! I long to know more: what happens with Raoul, when does Christine ever return to perform or will she ever? Do the couple become more intimate or play it moderately safe? If you ever get the chance I would adore more to this story :)
Guest chapter 12 . 11/18/2013
I love this story so so much! Please tells us you still plan on continuing it!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/12/2013
Still planning on updating?
PhanOfThePhantom chapter 12 . 7/27/2013
Eep.! I love this story so much... c; I just had to say that. I can't wait until chapter thirteen.! :D Oh, and also, have you ever thought of writing a story that is of your own characters and trying to get that published.? I assure you, you are such an amazing author(ess) and would undoubtedly get published. I would buy and read any book you were to write, and that is a promise. c: Maybe give it a thought because you are just...too awesome.? c: 3
Your Phan,
M.S.H. 3
WholesomeToast chapter 12 . 7/23/2013
*sees Erik's thoughts* O_O maybe it's a good thing you stopped them... Lol! XD
That right there is some EPIC self control on Erik's part. I applaud you, sir!

She felt utterly exhausted, her eyes blinked lazily, yet she could not find the peace to attempt slumber.
How did you know? It is 6:10 am right now, and I haven't slept a wink because I haven't been able to put this story down! X)

He donned a black fedora and leather gloves quickly and picked up his violin case.
Hmm... Lemme guess... Muirin's "Modern Erik", eh? X)

The rode for a long while using the back streets of the city to avoid the eyes that saw too much and mouths that questioned too quickly.
That is so cool! Such a perfect way to describe sneakiness!
Sneaky Erik is sneaking! Lol!

Wow! I want to go to this beautiful secret nook in the world! A map, horse, and epic black garments, please. And someone who can learn me French, as I can't speak a lock other than the usual and ballet terms which would get me absolutely nowhere! Lol! X)

Have you any questions for me this evening?" he asked. "You've yet to voice any and your lack of curiosity is worrisome. Are you feeling quite well?"
XD haha! Awesome!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D
That ending made me so happy! I am now a devoted slave to this Phic and will check back often to see if it has grown any! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my (sleepless) heart for what you've already given is, and Erik, thank you for being such a gentleman to Christine and Mlle. Bella's wishes. Know that it warns the cockles of my heart to see you be so nice. Here is some sheet music for your trouble. *hands him sheet music of Bach's Fugue in D Minor* Dat's some epic shtizzle you've got there so don't hesitate to go full out, kick butt awesome while playing it! X)

Until your next update, when I can rave about the new chapter,
I remain your most humble and obedient follower,

WholesomeToast chapter 11 . 7/23/2013
When you describe Erik's voice as an "his angel's voice", you know my mind is flitting back to Charles Dance... X) lol! Gah! His voice is like music! (that was probably the point.. Duh!) X)

I feel you, Christine! Disinfectant hurts like the devil!

XD bahahahahaha! yes, Erik! Envy the skirts! Lol! XD

*whispers* there's a period missing between love-seat and Thinking. Let me know if you want this sort of information in PMs instead of here.

That was what bothered him most. Should he compose what he felt, she would be able to recognize the messages woven into the notes and chords.
So perfect...

She wanted to hear his soul poured out into notes as she had before.
... I'm speechless...

"Erik, I'm curious," she ventured gently.
"Imagine that," he quipped back while the music continued.
So cute!

"And how would you know what I am feeling?" he questioned softly.
BECAUSE YOUR SOULS ARE EN-FREAKING-TWINED! *ahem* excuse my outburst of love-shouting at this couple I adore do much under your direction...

Erik thought for a moment. If he decided to show her his pent up frustrations, joys, and fears, she would be hearing the essence of his being. Frightening as it was, it appealed as well. "Very well. But if I play for you Christine, you must listen to it all. No matter what you hear or perceive, you cannot simply demand me to stop, for I cannot guarantee that I will have the power to do so. Music to me is consuming. I'm attempting to be honest, if you have changed your mind, it shall not hurt me."
This! So good. So perfectly and hauntingly expressed.

Oh my gosh... The way you so accurately describe music... Gosh...

Yet, suddenly, he wanted to unnerve her, to make her aware of what he had been tormented by.

NO! NO! No, no, no, no, no! Erik! Will you stop being a tease and FREAKING KISS HER ALREADY!
*my apologies, dear Bo... But that was sooooooo wrong to end it there! X) lol!*
Only one chapter left! I have gone through this way too fast!
WholesomeToast chapter 10 . 7/23/2013
Aggressive, dissonant chords chased her heels, bouncing off the natural cave walls and creating a hideous cacophony of harsh sound. She winced with every abused note.
O_O wow... I have no words...

He would beg and grovel on his knees if he must; anything to make her forgive him for showing his face.
Again, a beautiful reiteration of just how much love there is in their volatile relationship! It's dark, and windswept, and strong, and passionate, sounding in every strain of music that has ever been cast into time! And yet, when they hurt one another, they love each other sill more enough to go to such lengths to secure forgiveness for things like a wrong look or, in Erik's case, his face... Sigh! Such beauty...

Surely if she was truly abhorred by him she would have barricaded herself within the safety of her room.
Did you mean to say "if he was truly abhorred by her", my dear?

He pursued her scarlet prints, a stalking shadow in the darkness.
Amazing imagery! I want a movie of this right now! (I want a movie of Lost Love as well! Lol! Animated by Muirin007, maybe? I can dream, thank goodness!)

"Please do convince me that this was only an evening stroll and that you were not running for fear."
XD is it wrong that I broke the moment by laughing because of how truly bad a-hem this statement is? Because I can't help it! Erik, for the win! XD

But how was he ever to truly accept that she did not fear his twisted face? It seemed impossible.
And yet sooooooo many Phangirls feel exactly the same way! Lol! XD

"Please do prove your conviction.
I ask only one simple task.
Touch my scars without fear or disgust, then perhaps,
I will consider trusting your words."
Dude! that rhymed so well! You are a boss at writing Erik. Hands down!

Vulnerable. That is how Erik felt as Christine stared curiously at his exposed distortion. With his mask on he was invincible, the god-like Opera Ghost who always held control. But without the protection of his mask, weaknesses and emotions could be seen and manipulated. And Christine could see them all.
This... Just... Wow...

"I'm not going to hurt you," Christine whispered.
"Not yet," he murmured. The response sounded so absolute, so definite, it made something within Christine break. Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around his tall frame and clutched him close, as though if she pressed their hearts together she could keep them from falling to pieces.
I swear on a stack of Phantom of the Opera copies, you just brought the first real liquid tears to my eyes with those words... My feels are officially overflowing... *bows and weeps at your feet for the beauty that has stabbed my heart*

Erik could not remember ever experiencing such bliss as the touch of Christine's soft hands against his scars. No one had ever been so gentle. His sensitive, abused skin thrilled with shocks and waves beneath her healing caress. Pleasure he had never known coursed through him. He knew not whether to curse or thank her for the gift. So he remained determinedly still, trying not to weep at how sweet she was being with him. Oh god! Erik had never been given such sympathy, such tenderness. And even through clouded eyes that glanced through the foggy lenses of desire and despair, he could see the beautiful compassion that had possessed her features as she touched him. Not terror, not aversion, not even reluctance. Just that strange emotion of mercy that was so very foreign to him.
She claimed she would not hurt him. Erik could not help but argue that sentiment. Physically, Christine could never deal out anything he had not already endured. But, emotionally, she held the power to obliterate him. Should she ever flee, she would do exactly that.
Erik: Woman! Do you relish twisting young female hearts about your fingers with these words of angst and sorrow?
Me: *sniffle* I don't mind! IT'S SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! My heart is just breaking over the beauty and sadness. Gah! I shall never recover all my feels after being in this fandom...

Yet he wanted to show her how thankful he was for the blessings she bestowed that he did not deserve.
This... Oh my gosh, their love as you portray it, is amazing...

Erik's façade of control broke and he his hands clutched her frantically to him
There's an extra he in there... Lol!

Gah! The huskiness is back... X) I have problems, lol! But oh my gosh... That... Was the most beautiful, passionate thing I hadn't seen coming... Brava... I'm so in love with this story...
WholesomeToast chapter 9 . 7/23/2013
"We shall not move to the next piece until you present the emotions of the previous. And be warned, ange," the endearment fell so naturally from his lips...
Someone help me, I love it when his lips are mentioned! Or when he says angé...

He pinned her with his stare.
... I suddenly want a literal depiction of this... Anybody? Muirin? XD bahahaha! Oh, well! Guess its just me and my weird sense of humor! "I never have expressed myself like other people..."

"Desist this pondering of the character's situation and emotions, make this about you, not Juliette. If you cannot express yourself, how can you hope to portray the feelings of a character?"
I shall henceforth and forever remember this splendid advice given by your Erik. I think you just explained method acting (is that the correct term for that intimate acting style where they say "I am the villain so and so" instead of saying "I play Fantine" etc.?).

"There should be no effort involved in feeling, Christine. It is not forced, nor created. It is inspired. You must find that inspiration, the spark that ignites the desired emotion within you like a flame."
And that, my lovely, is exactly what your writing does to me... Which is why at this moment, I must slow my breathing and restore my fluttering heart to its normal rate of beat. Feels... Feels everywhere...

I was only proud when I saw the rose in my dressing room, telling me that I had pleased you," she spoke as she had when Erik had been her angel, adoring and fervent. "All the applause, the compliments, they meant nothing compared to your praise. You were to one to inspire me that night," she revealed softly.
Aw! That is so beautiful! Quick! To the tissue box! XD

"And the second memory?" she bid breathlessly, still confused by her thoughts.
"When you touched me."
D': *Heart gasp* so sweet! excuse me, while I replenish my feels, else I shall not make it through this chapter!

You posses the magic to write music... With descriptions and words! I can almost hear the glorious melodies of Christine's voice and Erik's piano echoing through the lair under the Opera House! Gah! Where's "Angel of Music" or "Music of the Night" when you need it? *goes off to listen in wrapt bliss*

"You see, ange? You still are my only inspiration. There has never been another."
*weeps for the beauty*

"I am your teacher and was your angel. I suppose it made me jealous that the most sincere moment of music in your life was not for me." He shrugged nonchalantly, "I'm quite selfish that way."
XD This. I have no words!

"Can you truly declare that even then you wanted me back, knowing my horrid deeds and disfigured scars?"
*Christine opens her mouth to reply*
*que The Jackson 5 "I Want You Back"*
XD I'm such a devil! Lol!

Also: o_o well, that escalated quickly...
X) Great chapter, as always, Bo! Allonsy to le next one! (I knew I devoured this too quickly... Lol! I can't help it; I have a voracious appetite for your delicious writing!)
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