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brantleyh936 chapter 3 . 5/20
the dare
on Nyx
No Hercules no matter what I must stand up for Zöe
Arthena818 chapter 10 . 5/20
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, update, update, update, update, update, update, update!
sky chapter 1 . 5/18
harrison wod do fine
Guest chapter 10 . 4/18
DystopianKitKat chapter 10 . 4/2
No offense, but your 'Percy' sounds like either a self-insert or a wannabe character. She is like Percy by only the barest of minimums, and the fact that you had her absorb Kronos' powers is making her WAY too overpowered in my opinion. Also, the fact that you made Percy smart almost 100% of the time doesn't sit well with me. I know that Percy obviously has his logical moments, but in the books Annabeth calls him 'Seaweed Brain' and Thalia says he has 'Kelp-for-Brains', which obviously implies that he is oblivious/a bit slow most of the time. I'm not bashing your character, but I will stop reading this because the character doesn't sit well with me. (Also the fact that you changed Percy's last name irks me SO MUCH! When Sally married Gabe, she didn't change her last name to show rebelliousness and you changed her last name!...sorry for the rant, I feel really strongly about that...)
Guest chapter 2 . 3/20
Tomato chapter 10 . 3/2
Are you ever going to update?! I REALLY MISS THIS STORY!
Guest chapter 3 . 3/1
Harrison should be the full name for Harry. ;-)
Seaweed Princess of the Fandom chapter 10 . 2/20
This was amazing! I loved it! Not just the story, mind, though that really is great, but your writing-style is amazing. It's never boring. It's like you're adapting J.K. Rowling's style of writing for the occasion!
pjoluvr4evr chapter 10 . 2/16
Your story is fantastic. And, though I know it won't help, I'm sorry about your grandparents. And don't listen to those who say that you can't do what you are doing. To be honest, they are just jealous that they can't come up with something as cool as this.
Guest chapter 10 . 2/16
Here is my review. Stop stealng from J. K. Rowling. It is illegal and against the rules of FFN to post published works like the Harry Potter books.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/16
You are not doing in 'right.' Stealing the work of J. K. Rowling is WRONG on many levels.
Yeah pt 2 chapter 2 . 2/11
I'm the one who wrote the previous review "Yeah...".

I could already tell I was right about the trying too hard thing. Seriously the whole De La-Mer thing is so incredibly stupid. What is the point of changing Percy's backstory? I mean, sure, I do like changing things occasionally to spice things up, but if you were going to basically reinvent Percy completely why didn't you just make the character an OC since that's essentially what she is? To keep the daughter of Poseidon and all the fun power stuff canon Percy got along the way? I don't want to say that your OC is Mary Sue-ish because I hate that kind of thing, especially when people don't apply it to male OCs as well, but I can't help feel that that's what your OC essentially is.

So, whatever, I commend you for whatever effort you put into this but it's just not something that appeals to me.
Yeah chapter 1 . 2/11
Why are the chasers there, exactly? They aren't really a part of Harry's tiny group of actual friends- sure, they're friends in that they all play Quidditch together, but they aren't people he would entrust his secrets to or anything. They really have no reason to be there. And why aren't they freaking out about Sirius Black being in the same room if they don't know he's innocent? Again, not a part of the important group of people so their lack of reaction doesn't make sense. Unless, of course, there's a buttload of off-screen stuff we're missing and you're just telling us as opposed to showing us.

As to your questions, I'm answering them for the sake of answering them since you haven't updated in a couple of years.

(1) Don't care about Snape, to be honest, so do whatever you will to him.

(2) Harry's full name is Harry. It's not short for anything. His parents chose a name that is utterly mundane, and that's okay. It doesn't need to be Harrison, Hadrian, etc. And honestly, the only time I've seen people really change the name like that is when they're trying to make Harry "cooler" or whatever, but it honestly just feels like the author is trying too hard. Then I'll read the rest of the story and see that they're doing just that.

(3) You didn't finish the books? That's a bit... wow. Was this that you didn't have access to them or that you couldn't be bothered to read them. You know there's a Harry Potter wiki that has the plot all summed up, right? Oh well, not like it really matters since this is massively AU as it is (seeing as Harry apparently married a female Percy). And if I'm entirely honest, there was some serious character regression (or just a lack of character growth in general) in the 5th, 6th, and 7th books anyway, so you may be better off.

I'm going to try and give this story a chance, but I honestly don't have high hopes for it.
CrimsonDream01 chapter 10 . 2/4
I can't wait for the next chapter...Will other Demigods like Nico, Annabeth appear?, and I can't wait to read how she takes the information that harry is her Future Husband XD. Also will harry worry himself when Nikki tells him about her adventures?. Patiently waiting :)
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