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JimmyHall24 chapter 12 . 8/1
I shall favorite this and wait for more.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 5 . 7/3
Please update soon.
LUFFY chapter 12 . 5/11
WELCOME BACK! IT WAS LIKE AN Eternity since you last wrote a chapter
Guest chapter 12 . 5/10
I hope for more soon
Worker72 chapter 12 . 4/14
It's a pity Jade is in an alternate universe. It would have been nice to see how the real Jackie Chan would react to the Guardians. But at least you are continuing the story. I look forward to when Jade/Kage returns with an army of Shadowkhan at her command.
gagaking chapter 12 . 4/9
It updated! Finally! The story's not dead! Hooray! Still waiting to see where the build up leads to. Keep up the good work!
IronWolfe chapter 12 . 4/5
Huh. Very interesting story. Poor Jade, she is so far from home. This could very well break her. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for writing!
OMAC001 chapter 12 . 3/30
Interesting spell. Can't wait to see how Jade reacts to the truth!
Az-Bebere chapter 12 . 3/29
It's nice to see a new chapter! And one well worth the wait. But is it me or is this chapter's theme "you know, this thoroughly unpleasant person has a point"? Between Miranda re. morality, the Queen re. Jade's situation and Kur re. Caleb's faction's blind reliance on the Mage, it's been rather present in this chapter.

It would be darkly funny if, for all that Tibor is a stickler for how a Sage or Oracle ought to act, what he found in N'Ghala's diary made him become a new Althair.

I wonder what will Nubian's role be in the story though: while his death, above all if to the hands of or framed on someone considered by Elyon as a shapeshifter like Jade or Miranda, might do the trick to bring her to Kur's camp, I can't help but think he would be in a better mindset than Elyon, Caleb or the Guardians for a technology heist from Earth. Looks like Kur was both too heavy-handed and played his hand too early. Nice to see that Elyon isn't a complete fool but did Alborn or Miriadel think about giving her intensive courses on ruling and politics? And to the former rebellion's upper echelons? Because, with Blunk's revelation that Phobos offed the nobility as soon as he could, looks like the only ones with any experience ruling are either Phobos's former officials or the village chiefs with Kur, no? I fear not talking of the Shapeshifters' Purge might backfire on Alborn & co in the long run for it was a perfect way to introduce why (some?) shapeshifters don't hold the line of Escanor in their heart to the point they sided with Phobos: when the previous queen tried her level best to kill you all and the current one at the time, if Miranda's flashback happened during Wiera's reign as I'm guessing, for all her claims of wanting equality for all her subjects turned a blind eye to Kur and his ilk's actions against your kind, someone who wants to do in everyone equally may seem a progress. And I wonder why didn't Alborn do the comparison with the Final Solution if he wants to dissuade Elyon from Kur's position: Caleb is unlikely to have heard of the Second World War but Alborn presumably did, having lived on Earth for a long time; Elyon knows of it, having been schooled on Earth for most of this time, and, importantly, Kur doesn't. And there's a nice bit of persecution olympics from Kur's crew on their last intervention.

Cedric seems to have been well-informed on Earth's society so I wonder why didn't Phobos's regime do a technology heist of their own? While I don't see them bring, say, steam engines to get popular support I totally see them bring that or a printing press for the palace's purposes. I don't think Raythor, or Nerissa for that matter, will be very happy with Jade just up and leave mid-mission, just saying. She'll need a big gift to get back in their good graces Looks like Meridian knows of the Oni, even if not under this name, and fears them? Interesting development...did Meridian ever have contact with the likes of Yua or her friend Kage? And when Jade finally accepts that she's in another Earth, I fear that burning all her bridges may bring her to make her bullshitting about being the spearhead of a Shadowkhan invasion the truth...
org13fan chapter 12 . 3/28
*sniff* I'm so happy you updated. I could cry!
In all serious though, great chapter. My only concern is the fact that they are trying to sugarcoat Kur to Elyon. If she becomes aware of what kind of person he is, I've no doubt Elyon would blast him through the nearest window. Elyon isn't stupid, and I'm glad you've actually show it, unlike in the actual show that really underplayed her as a gullible airhead. I just hope she puts two and two together fast.
sarista wow chapter 12 . 3/26
A very awesome update, you covered a lot of stuff and introduced a ton of neat elements while giving them the attention and detail they deserve.

Seeing the new queen settle into her position but be faced with paranoia and an unknown world with her own developing biases and desires and issues is fascinating.

Love the OCs, well hate some of the but that's cos they're villains XD

Intriguing stuff regarding the history both known and unknown and how people are all trying to believably manage info and don't know all the facts.

Loved the stuff with the frame up, it was very well done and the back and forth between Miranda and Jade was really well done, also interesting to see Jade's struggle from the outside. Jade's unwillingness to admit the truth is quite understandable, its a hard situation to believe and not one she want's to be true (Sort of wondering if she'd consider trying to get to Australia to check up on the Book of Ages.) Looks like it'll be a heartbreaking event and set more things in motion when she sees Jackie (Loved the meta in their scene as well, with the show and everything)
Kriss1989 chapter 12 . 3/23
I would have gone with kage no waza instead of kage no āto since waza implies a more mystical bent to a technique. Still otherwise excelt work. And I love that the Queen figured out the alternate Earth thing quicker because she figures out thing Jade denies or suppresses. It's a nice touch honestly.
Kavali chapter 12 . 3/23
I am so happy you updated this story. I really like the direction it's going and can't wait to see what happens as jade comes more into her own
Eduard Kassel chapter 12 . 3/22
Seems Tibor found a code. What does this secret hold? What survived hidden between the lines all this time?

The audiences of Nubian and Kur make for an interesting contrast. Fine OCs both of them.

I worry for Nubian, he is brought and hopeful and seems to have struck a real chord with Elyon. I think nubian being killed or abducted would be a sure way to push Elyon toward the edge she has been unknowingly daring. Elyon won't be easily corrupted by Kur's words, but her ow anger and despair if she sees a light like Nubian sniffed out could imperil her. Leave her more open to impulses.

The First Queen outlawing religion strikes a menacing note with me. Elyon makes good points both ways, but still it shows the kind of vast power a super powered autocrat can hold. Even the best with that kind of power is very dangerous. And i wonder now, even if it was outlawed I would expect there to still be cults or sects around as a minority in hiding. As V said, ideas are very hard to kill.

And that admiration for the Queen worship could be as dangerous as any dogma. Kur of all people points out the blind faith they are putting in the Mage, not even trusting but not even wanting to check just in case she missed something. Elyon is in a dangerous position she is seen as the savior of meridian, even if they don 't call her goddess she may well be obeyed as such and her actions and words carrying deadly weight.

As for our favorite shadow and spider, delightful. Miranda gets her say in, and she and Jade make excellent foils for one another. I hope Jade gets back soon and this partnership is not dissolved completely.

Jade's denial is well handled. She is being delusional, but it is understandable. Jade has been through so much in a short time, and has never been cut off from family, home, and the relief that comes with it for so long. Her desire for a simple solution that returns the world to its familiar dynamic is understandable.

But the fallout, it will be bad. Unlike some other reviewers I don't think it will be the Queen ascendant or anything, but rather Jade having to crawl back to the Knights and take things seriously as she is lost with no direction on what to do.

However it goes, it will be fascinating.

I wonder if the girls will be able to get clear of Miranda's scheme here as well?

Thank you for updating. It was great to read this.
CaptureGod-Otamegane chapter 12 . 3/22
Dark Jade never dies, great new chapter!
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