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Luna Weasley Black chapter 20 . 11/12/2017
I love your fic, and I hate bad reviews when you write better than that. You have got my support. I hope that you continue your fics.
Kai chapter 1 . 6/21/2017
And I forgot to put this in my last comment(Under name 'NeedsAnAccount).
My name is Kai (or that is what I go by).
Im 15 years old and I'm a tomboy.
I have a odd personality.
I'm Asian and I don't like spicyfood of fried fish and my mom find that weird because alot of people on my asian side of the family like spicy food and fish.
I have two older brothers and three older sisters,not all blood related of course.
I spend my time reading,drawing,living life miserable and thinking. (I don't really know about that last one).
I play the violin and when I was eleven I wen to the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) summer camp.
I have a sort of form on insomnia so that is why I am up at two in the morning (Floridian) typing this on my phone.
I'm very accident prone,this year Ive been to the hospital three or four times because of motion stress,a sprang arm,I fell down a staircase and injured my right side and something else.
I've been bullied because of my boyish features and how I come out as the prodigy child some times.
I went through anxiety and depression and I have a form of dyslexia to where I cannot speak or talk right with out mixing up my sentences.
For example.
You have received a message.

Hi,you're Kai from Algebra Class,right?
Hi did you get a message frome Algebra class?

And speaking-
I mean to say "Can I go to the library to pick up the art textbooks?"
But instead I'll say"Can go I library pick up textbook art?"
Get the point?
I have a boring life and have a lot of struggles.
I have a starting YouTube channel called 'Kai Alone' where I write down peoples stories on note cards and make videos,people send me a story of abuse or bullying and I make the note carda,and I never use there real name unless they want me to.
Whe I'm older I want to have a profession in Psychotherapy,and I don't really have a goal on life but to help all I can and make others stories known.
Thats really all.
Have a great summer and good luck with school and your job.
Guest chapter 20 . 5/28/2017
Yo. Your stories are great. Marina is not a Mary Sue, she's a person? Like what. Hope you feel better. Update! I really like this. Like a bit of a slow burn but it's exciting and I wasn't t more.
Nightingale690 chapter 2 . 4/26/2017
you humans are all racist
Jade chapter 20 . 4/9/2017
I guess before I begin I should introduce myself. I'm Jade, and I'm about to turn 17. As for you, writing has always been my perfect escape, whether it be in poetry (which I do quite often), fanfictions (not as much), or originals, there is something about expressing yourself in a world that doesn't exist.
I get a lot of hate and criticism for my work as well, but I have to remind myself the same thing I about to remind you. You can't please everything. People are going to hate, they're going to comment and be disrespectful. There's nothing you can do about that.
All you can do is focus on those who support you to end and help you through any stage of life you may be dealing with.
Some said I would never make it. That I was worthless and my writing belonged in the trash. I'm now a Junior in high school taking college English classes with stories written that make published authors want to read more. (Yes, I have encountered quite a few. They are wonderful people. It's an art to make a world that no one knows.)
That being said, I never hate on other people's work. However, constructive criticism is a constant.

I love your story and the way you spin a tale. You should have seen my look of disappointment when I saw there was no "next" button.
I would like to talk with you sometime. I, also, suffer from mental issues that affect every aspect of my life...but I still find ways to let my words flow.

Don't ever let anyone get in the way of the things you love. After all, if they took the time to read through your story and find any errors that were made, they seem to be putting a lot of effort into you. I wouldn't say that's hate...would you?

Stay strong, stay positive, and never let anyone stop your shine.
anon friend chapter 20 . 3/12/2017
Hey! I think you're awesome. This story is fantastic, and your writing is stellar! Never let anyone dull your shine, because you are amazing! May God bless you my friend! You are loved!
xoxo chapter 20 . 3/2/2017
I'm honestly so tired of the phrase "Mary Sue." People just use it for ANY character they don't like, no matter how developed they are... too talented - Mary Sue. Not talented enough - Mary Sue. Etc and etc and etc. It's incredibly silly.
ChaoticQuiet chapter 20 . 3/2/2017
I read this whole thing through, and, I'd just like to say that I've been following this story for a few years (I'm not sure if I've been following from the beginning, I don't remember) and I always get excited whenever I see you've updated, no matter how much time has passed. I've never read any of your other stories, but I'm sure I would enjoy them just as much if I wasn't too lazy to read them.

I'm glad that you're feeling stronger with the new year. I just want you to remember that with every hater, there's someone who thinks you're a fucking inspiration. I'm one of those people. Hello, I'm Jinx, nice to meet you. :) Bee-tee-dubs, I found that quote on Google, because I'm not a very good quote-maker-upper. That's totally a word.

Some people take fan fiction very seriously, and after Fifty Shades of Grey was published, they just got even more serious about it. It's an outlet of creativity and a way to improve writing, but not a serious "if I write well enough, a publisher is going to read it and I'm going to become famous". You don't have to be perfect. You can be, but you don't have to be. You don't have to try and impress anyone but yourself. As long as you're happy with what you're writing, than everyone else can fuck off. If you're not happy, keep writing until you are.

You have no need to take this as advice. This could totally be just a rant that I'm trying to make positive instead of going off on the asshole who took the time to make a whole post dedicated to hating on your character. Honestly, if you pissed someone off that much, you should assume you're doing something right and just keep doing what you're doing.

Let's add some more positivity, because you don't need any negative bullshit. Think of a corgi going up stairs. It's kind of like a glass half full kind of thing, but with a cute dog with short, little legs.

Did my personality come off enough in this review? I haven't mentioned ducks yet. Now I have. Okay, I love you! (That may come off as weird, but I'll never know if I don't put it in) Remember the corgi!

-Jinxous *kitty face*
PrettyRecklessLaura chapter 20 . 3/2/2017
Can't wait for more!
Runa Ollivander chapter 20 . 3/2/2017
Brilliant story! Had me hooked from the first chapter! I feel like the relationship between Barbossa and Marina needs more explaining but everything else is great! Can't wait for the next chapter!
nerdylittlesecret chapter 19 . 2/26/2017
Great story! Please update soon!
badwolffor3ver chapter 19 . 11/15/2016
plead update this is so good!
shika93 chapter 16 . 6/30/2016
Good chapter!
shika93 chapter 15 . 6/30/2016
Good chapter.
shika93 chapter 11 . 6/30/2016
Good chapter
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