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Starfire201 chapter 26 . 6/14/2013
I liked the idea of the Ysalamiri in Zahn's trilogy. While I knew there were alien species that were immune to the Force, the notion there was a non-sentient that could block it was one I found to be a clever creation.

I'm worried about Dooku here, to be honest. He's asked the Temple for asylum, but knowing that Sidious/Palpatine has eyes and ears there, I'm not sure how much longer he's going to live. And Obi-Wan really should be a more cynical being, because even though he doesn't know it, and I suspect the Council doesn't, there was some manipulation behind the scenes, it seems to me..

Having read Wild Space recently, I liked how you started the adventure, and the alterations you made. I look forward to seeing how the rest of this goes, now that there is forewarning and protection there.
shanynde chapter 25 . 6/7/2013
wow, intense. Cannot wait for more.
Starfire201 chapter 25 . 6/7/2013
All I'll say about the ending is this: So much for him thinking he could hide the evidence. Now there are at least two witnesses to say he was beating her, should the whole thing go to a court of some kind. I imagine you're right and the Jedi Council will probably have bigger issues to deal with, but even so, this would be perfect for a divorce hearing. It's no longer her word against his.

What really stood out to me through his thoughts as he interacted with both Padme and Palpatine was how great his arrogance, paranoia, and instability have grown. I think by this point, he's no longer going to listen to reason. Anything said to him will be considered an attack.
Mony19 chapter 25 . 6/7/2013
I have been wondering if when Anakin eventually turns to the dark side, he will realize that he had been played by the Chancellor to be who he turned out to be or maybe when he is fighting with Obi-Wan. All I know is that I don't feel sorry for him at all.

Great Chapter

It is nice to see Anakin's thoughts on the matter. However, he is a bastard for beating on Padme and he needs a good ass whooping himself. There are witnesses, so he does not have any say as there will be marks on Padme as well. I hope the Jedi expel him or something. He has been given too much leeway because he is the so called "Chosen One", I never believed that.

Can't wait for the next update
undergroundirector chapter 25 . 6/7/2013
Chapters 24 & 25 . . . . . . No Words . . . . . .

I knew it was coming and yet still I'm shocked. That said when I watched the movie I was shocked also at Anakins actions, he really has fallen. I'm more curious now on how the story will turn after this. How will the main three characters at all interact after this, there's no way Obi-Wan and the council won't find out right? And when they do that's expulsion from the order.

I really enjoyed Padmés point of view specially that her thoughts did included Obi-Wan in any real significance until the dark deed was done showing that her desire for divorce was not solely because of her love for him. That said I'm dying to see now how the two will interact because of this. If anything I can see Obi-Wan pulling further away from Padmé because of this, blaming himself for his Padawan's actions.

As For Anakins is his mind twisted or what? To truly believe he can get away with such actions is remarkable.

Two wonderful chapters I look forward to your next chapter.

P.S I noticed on your website that you have three more Obidala stories in the making, I'm beyond thrilled at the news. Otherwise I'd be dreading the end of this one knowing there would no new one to look forward too.
RKF22 chapter 25 . 6/7/2013
nice work milady cant til obi wan finds out which will be awhile i am sure may the frce be with you
Starfire201 chapter 24 . 5/31/2013
He has officially crossed the line. I'm not certain whether or not he's right that the Council would support him over Padme, but given some of his conduct and how some of the members view him, he may find himself in for a bit of a shock.

I'm not surprised by what he did, really. If he could have such an extreme reaction to the death of his mother, then an announcement like that from Padme (a person he thinks he loves) is just bound to trigger a similar one.
Mony19 chapter 24 . 5/29/2013
Well, now she knows the real Anakin. Such a bastard. I hope her security does get to her in time. The Jedi's need to hear about this. She didn't drive him to be who he is now. She was a part of it but he has always been unstable and Palpatine played on that as well.

Poor Padme, I had hope she would see Anakin for what he is before she got hurt, but at least this will make everyone see the bastard he is and not some "Chosen One"

Can't wait for the next update on June 7
pronker chapter 24 . 5/29/2013
/his decision to deceive the Order once more concerning himself/

Yes, he's into the groove of deceiving, a difficult one to rise above. But, so is she and I'm glad you included 'Naboo is used to dealing with secrets,' too because she is also used to deception, regarding the use of handmaiden decoys. They are both of them complex people. Where it all goes pear-shaped is when he gets physical with her, because up until then it's the usual breakup scene where one wants to break up and the other doesn't. Good writing about her moving away from him and back and forth in the room, as the argument escalates.
cilepe chapter 24 . 5/29/2013
Force choking or regular choking? It wasn't quite clear. Scary Anakin; much scarier than in the film.
RKF22 chapter 24 . 5/29/2013
Well done so the truth is out can't wait till obi wan finds out hopefully it won't be too late may the force be with you
pronker chapter 23 . 5/25/2013
Anakin is acting the calculating, conniving part here - are we sure he is not tainted with the DarK Side irrevocably? I hope he takes that opportunity that he's thinking about to thank his Master for the years of devoted training!
undergroundirector chapter 23 . 5/25/2013
Again your writing is to a standard that is rarely matched, great chapter. It is clear that the main part to the story is about to come to pass. The atmosphere is clearly one of the calm before the storm type feel to it.

Again from Ob-Wan's perspective I love the humble nature he possess when it comes to his own valves. I particularly liked the part mention that the Jedi has a whole always saw Obi-Wan as a great knight with such high potential. Also Anakins remembering the stark differences between his Knighting and his Master, the fact the Jedi are not above compliments and phrase were credit is due is a great relieve in some ways to know Jedi for the most are not emotionless drones.

Anakins section was great for the purpose that ever time in comes to his perspective you can see his gradual deterioration. I look forward to husband and wife reuniting can't wait to see what happens there.

Again great chapter and I look forward to things to come
Mony19 chapter 23 . 5/25/2013
Nice chapter

I am still not fully trustful of Dooku but he has given them a hint on the evil one as he said the person is trying to convert Anakin to the Dark Side, and only one person is constantly talking to Anakin.

Anakin didn't deserve to be a knight. His ego makes him arrogant and jealous of others. He keeps saying Obi-Wan is getting favouritism when in fact it is because Obi-Wan is a great and humble Jedi, better than Anakin will ever be.

ud soon
RKF22 chapter 23 . 5/24/2013
So he's knighted now can't wait to see the confrontation between him and padme and what obi wan will do may the force be with you my dear
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