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Flameraven chapter 26 . 5/13
Huh, thought this was dead, nice to see I was wrong.

I hope X:COM gets its ass to the Citadel and quick, as that is the ONLY backup they can hope for right now with the relays on lockdown.

Jacob is in a tight spot, and already down a man, we will see how long he can hold but I'm not holding my breath for anyone on his team right now.
goodpie2 chapter 7 . 4/6
I don't think it's rational that the humans would agree to get rid of the Chryssalids so quickly. They're a potent weapon, and an important part of Humanity's arsenal.
Tara chapter 24 . 3/30
Shepard is an asshole.
Tara chapter 16 . 3/30
Ah... Humanity.

Were I Tevos, I would be kicking Udina's ass. That was an assholish position for humanity to assume., just tearing up Feros.

God, I'm having trouble being sympathetic for my own race.
Tara chapter 15 . 3/30
Garrus 3 And this is why he is my second fave. Thanks for the awesome battle scene.

Now. I like how you are making the self-actualizing heretics, you're keeping me on my toes with this. I am fully expecting to see those mystic platforms on the geth True Consensus.

As for the Thorian...

Impressive plot twist.

Looking forward to more.
Tara chapter 14 . 3/30
I love the Shepard-Wrex interaction. Awesome *grins*

Also, Legion. He was my fave already, but you write him excellently.
Tara chapter 13 . 3/30
I sort of love and hate this chapter.

Like, I like your portrayal of the geth. But why weren't the geth kicking all of the ass? Let me explain: While you showed it (props for that!) the geth are a hivemind, and can consider tactical operations. And each cluster of, say, a hundred programs (they operate in swarm intelligence, after all) offers a different perspective. The geth collective is trillions of programs. The processing power must be huge. They should be... a force to be reckoned with.

That's not to say the organics should've been walked over.

And you battle scene was awesome. Like, WHOAH. I really liked the creativity you pulled with it, that little black hole was completely unexpected. At some points, it was like watching a film. But there is something off about your battle narrative I can't quite put my finger on, I just can't immerse myself totally. Just thought you should be aware of it.

Also, why would the geth would need supercarriers? They are Von Neumann machines. Emphasis on the *machine* bit. They have manufacturing capabilities well beyond organics, and a host of frigates. I seriously doubt the whole of the fleet of 95% of the geth was stationed in that battle. I'm not saying they can build a dreadnought on 3 days (that's ridiculous), I'm saying they are well-stocked, especially if they have known about the Old Machine threat for a while.

Unless they use the opportunity to study the supercarrier, that is. That sounds smart.

Is this going to be a Tali/Shep Romance? Because they would mesh very well. Quarians and humans are both trigger-happy idiots.

That said, I'm stoked to see how the XCOM will try to reverse-engineer geth stuff!
Tara chapter 12 . 3/30
Yup. I hate John. Granted, Tali *was* being unreasonable, no way around that. But John is the adult (Tali is coming of age) and military officers of John's caliber kind of need to have a better handle on their emotions, and no, "I've traumas" doesn't cut it. So John's a Paragon asshole. Lovely. I knew I would end up not liking him.

Fortunately, everybody else seems in-character, and the fight was pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot.

Beware of the technobabble! I like it well enough, but it can bog down your fic.

And now I want the Geth with XCOM weaponry. Given the reports, they are already defending themselves against it, anyway. (Yeah, I like my hfy with the difficulty levels for humans cranked all the way up to hard. Feels more triumphant, somehow, when we kick ass).
Tara chapter 10 . 3/30
Fuck humans. Seriously. I'm not looking for a fluffy diplomatic story, but I'm getting tired of our collective hat.

We look like bloodthirsty idiots.

We have Leonardo. Boticcelli. Dante. Pérez Galdós. Cervantes. Byron.

We *are* greater than that.

I am getting the feeling I'm not going to like Shepard.
Tara chapter 9 . 3/30
I love hfy. But.


The humans reverse-engineering capabilities are starting to bother me. As well as their advanced technology and their ability to curbstomp the Council.

Some points:

-Turians must number in the trillions, given how long they have been spacefaring. Humanity cannot stand equally against them on that front. Not to mention the salarian and asari (and I suspect that's why krogan bcame a threat). A great deal of Council species influence, I suspect, comes from their ubiquity. Being generous, humanity is (at best, given XCOM) at a hundred billion.

-Reverse engineering such an advanced species' technology like the XCOM aliens do, at your fic's development speed is stretching my suspensionof disbelief towards the breaking point. Let me explain: Given relative XCOM and Ethereals' relative tech levels, and *understanding* of physics, reverse-engineering Ethereal machines is like... Like being a 19th century scientist, with all the tools it implies, trying to reverse engineer a modern supercomputer.
Not impossible, but greatly difficult. That's not to say it isn't *impossible*, mind you. You are just cranking the difficulty levels up to beyond Insanity. I suspect a lot of human advancement (which shouldn't be *that*advance, anyway) is in the technical, rather than the scientific sense. What do I mean? Simple: They know it works, and take great risks to figure out how to improve the tech, but they are still hashing out the scientific principles behind it.
As a matter of fact, this poses more of a problem for humans than Citadel races: Citadel races must have a broader understanding of the universe. This is not an if, should, or ought to: It's a must. They have been advanced for longer, and been doing science for longer, so any human tech that falls into their hands, even if they are working from complete opposite ends of physics, will eventually be cracked and, more than likely, understood much better. Of course, humans still have the upper hand of knowing the technical capabilities, such as *safe limits* and whatnot, but Citadel races would be advancing. Hugely.
This bothers me because is something that should be happening, and it's something XCOM should have foreseen happening, so they should have sent scientists in joint investigations to try and learn as much as possible from Citadel tech, and look at new theoretical perspectives. Also, learning the underpinnings of reality that Citadel races probably do not think twice about but have got to be mind-breaking for them. This, in order to stay awesome.
To sum up: humanity has a hard time reverse engineering. Citadel races would be like a Chinese linguist trying to decode English with a Rosetta-stone-equivalent on hand. Especially quarians. Now *that's* a race that runs on reverse engineering (Tali bringing the Normandy eezo core to the Flotilla just from tinkering with it, anyone?).

-Humanity is too trigger happy. They *need* good rep, especially if the Reapers are still coming. I don't like Udina. I like him less than canon.

Good HFY is about humanity struggling and yet kicking all of the ass. ALL OF IT. Not about supposed struggles and then curbstomping.

You need to consider what tech means to humanity, and what tech means to millenia-old space-faring civilizations. Those are two different things which are going to affect tech advancement.

It will also improve your story, which is pretty great (so far) in, and of itself.
trninjakiller chapter 12 . 3/18
If the geth get xcom equipment then I am done with this story.
trninjakiller chapter 7 . 3/18
That was kind of hippocritical. He said that they will use the chrysalis if they are attacked then randomly turn around andsay that they will ban them? Which is it?
Crolynx chapter 26 . 3/17
Man, very interesting story. Good work. I look forward to the next chapter. Took me a while to get through the story once if found it. You've done a very good job so far, and you've had good reasons and characterization a the whole way. I will definitely keep an eye out for your next chapter. Do you plan on working your way through all of the ME games in this story, or are you going to break them up into multiple stories?
fuzzyidioms chapter 26 . 3/15
And here I am again at the end. I would love to see you finish this some day it would be wonderful. Agayak, Thank you
Quintain Apprentince of Alduin chapter 26 . 3/5
This was a fun ride, but massively disappointed it ended with a cliff hanger. And what happened to the fusion weapons?
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