Reviews for Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper
Ersatz Einstein chapter 1 . 3/11
There was some phrasing unusual to the point of awkwardness ("the one Sherlock Holmes," "matching manners to boot," "so full of vibrancy") and grammatical errors ("under enrolled," "skeins of yard," "she'd let out... after she'd," "it was Scarlet").
I enjoyed the semi-quotes of Molly's conversations with her mother ("That Man on Intranet," "Sherbet"). The little touches of humor kept things from getting irritatingly romantic, particularly the bit about pantaloons. The ending was appropriate and realistic, leaving just enough ambiguity to suggest that whether Sherlock figured it out or not, it won't change anything.
Surburia chapter 1 . 2/10
Love the little character details you put in about Molly’s mom in the beginning, and even just her little bit of dialogue because it sounds exactly like her. “Internet, Mum, honestly.”

“Why did she like the one Sherlock Holmes” Here it’s almost like your thesis and it’s one I’ve actually wondered about before. Why was Molly so drawn to him when he’s such a jerk to her?
With this one sentence you promise a story that’s going to explore that attraction and give us more insight into Molly.

“he had the pale skin…” this is great! I love this description, and clearly it seems that it’s not his looks that she’s attracted to. To compare someone you’re attracted to to a cadaver isn’t much of a compliment in my eyes. Cause, eww.

But then we see that what she is attracted to is the complete opposite of what she encounters in her day to day work. She works with the dead. No life, nothing, and she’s drawn to the maniacal energy that fuels Sherlock, the life she sees there.

Hee hee I love her dad’s dialogue. And just the little inclusion of “Molly-bear” and “that sherbet chap” give life to his character.

And you show just how much she wants to catch Sherlock’s attention by all the hard work she puts
into learning to knit and actually making him a sweater, not to mention the time and money she puts into her project. Wow, this really makes me realize just how awful Sherlock was to her in the Christmas scene, and I haven’t even reached that part in your story. Gah! I’m dreading it. Sherlock, Molly put so much hard work into making that for you!

Though wait, I’m confused. You said sweater and then later switched to scarf. I’m guessing that you meant scarf the first time.

And AHHHH that’s so horrible how he treats her especially after you’ve just told us how much thought she put into choosing the colors and then embroidering his name.

The ending is bittersweet. But I like that you hint that Molly is going to move on. The passing from winter to spring adds to that as well. Spring is a time of growth and change. Wonderful story, Wendy!
Miss Kells Bells chapter 1 . 2/9
Hey Wendy! So I love Sherlock and I absolutely love Molly Hooper. I think you nailed her character perfectly. You wrote her so insecure and wanting to please but also adorable. You heart just breaks for her.

I loved the description the cadavers and your comparison of them to Sherlock. Molly says Sherlok's the opposite of them (in all but looks) because he's so full of life but think this comparison works on a deeper level. On hand it gives us deeper insight to Molly. If these are her normal companions, if we think about how she's always surrounded by death, it's no wonder she's developed this crush on Sherlock, the one man who's there to give here a little insight into death. On the other hand she can take comfort into the familiarity of Sherlock. He's a lot like a death guy. So unattached to the world in his socially stunted ways.

When Molly's dad called Sherlock Sherbet I laughed. I thought it was funny! Really helped push the clueless parents angle.

I think it would have been cool for you to go in depth a little more on Molly's learning to knit. It felt like you just glossed over it in one line. I would have rather seen the scene where Molly dropped the F-bomb than just here the narrator say it happened.

I think you have a typo. You wrote it took Molly four month to master knitting/make Sherlock the perfect sweater, but obviously she makes a scarf.

Then we get to the ending. You have some amazing moments in your ending. First we have Molly going to give Sherlock the gift.

"Instead, Sherlock did one of his famous deductions on her, guessing (albeit correctly) that she's giving a gift to someone she loves that night, though he's clearly not such a genius after all when he doesn't realize that it's him."

That's such a great characterization of Sherlock. He's so smart but so dense. It kind of reminds me of when he meets John and he guesses John has an alcoholic brother, but it turns out be a lesbian alcoholic sister, lol!

Then you get to the part where Molly waits to see the scarf on him. And he never wears it. It's so perfectly heartbreaking. And perfectly Sherlock.

I love this story so much. Great job!
GeorgyannWayson chapter 1 . 1/31
Wendybird! Not canon blind to Sherlock, so yuss I know what's going on! :)

Guuuurrrrlll, I love this opening. I'm not very good with doing what I call 'casual narratives' that read as though you're just talking to someone, but you are great at it. I got a huge kick out of [internet] vs [Intranet]! I also like how the narrative turns from rather light-hearted to more muse-worthy and Molly reflects on what she likes about Sherlock.

Which apparently isn't much, but hey, you know, it's something, right? Love the parallel between the bodies that liter the morgue and Sherlock himself; from his pale skin to those harsh manners (if we want to call them that), he does seem rather like Molly's customers, doesn't he? But ah, yes, the light of pride that shines in Sherlock's eyes as he one-ups someone isn't one that's easy to miss. Yes, Molly. Be attracted to it!

[In that time] just something I noticed in passing, but this sentence does seem a tad bit long :) but I do love how it sounds a bit crazy to further convey the craziness that Molly goes through to knit this gift.

[221 B] Pretty sure this is actually all one word but I could be wrong. And oh, good Lord, Molly, be realistic here woman! As much as you -and every Sherlolly shipper on the entire planet- would love for that to happen, just keep it real *nods*

Oh God...this ending. Wendybird, why?! I don't even ship this and I'm just like MAI FEELZ. That sting of rejection is just so strong and oh, to watch the narrative name off colors and not one times does the scarf she made show up in that list. Excuse me while I go to a corner and just cry now because that's just mean.

This was a nice -yet sad- holiday story and it fits perfectly into canon as we know it. Thank you for taking the time to write it, I hope your giftee enjoyed the story!
Luna Rapunzel chapter 1 . 1/28
So I don't know if a fic is going to happen tonight because ugh. But this review will!

When I went to read this I was completely expecting it to be a cute fluffy Molly-and-Sherlock-are-cutesy-at-Christmas fic, so I was really pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be more of a Molly-reclaiming-self-respect thing - I'm all about that message, and that's more up my alley genre-wise anyway, lol, but just it was such a nice change of pace from the scene you're referencing in canon to see Molly standing up for herself and growing as a character, which she wouldn't necessarily do in a fic where she ends up with Sherlock unless it were like a reaaaaally long WIP and you spent a lot of time developing her as a character outside of him or something. And, I mean, the ending you gave us was ambiguous - it could be read as more of a depressing "and then she closed herself off from the possibility of love and became a jaded cat lady" type deal - but personally I read it as Molly realizing people who don't respect her aren't worth her time so she decided to step it up by not exposing herself to them anymore and saving her affection for people who deserve her. Maybe I'm not reading it the way you intended, but eh. I think both ways work, and I like the line because of its ambiguity, so it's all good.

You had some really sweet moments here as well: the "Intranet" line was legitimately REALLY funny, the crack about Sherlock's manners, the way you worded "the family's favorite subject," the "Keeper of her Heart" moment and everything associated with it, etc etc. I thought that all the little instances like that made this fic an incredibly charming one and nicely evened it out into more of a fluff fic than an angsty UNREQUITED LOVE one, and even though I'm ordinarily all about the angst, I thought that the tone you chose worked really well for this, again because Molly had such a sort of charming take on the little annoyances and herpy frustrations she has to deal with in her everyday life and relationships where she had enough distance and perspective to sort of funnily reflect on everything as you can tell from the voice of the piece, rather than dwelling on how alone she feels and letting Sherlock dominate her in that way; definitely the overall tone you used contributed to the sort of theme of empowerment that I got out of this, and I liked that very much about it.

This is definitely my second new favorite from you. (We apparently always radically disagree about which of your fics are best? haha.) Archiving for sure.
J'aime ma vie chapter 1 . 5/30/2014
This fic was so beautiful; and it hit me right in the feels, too, because I think we've all been in Molly's position with having feelings for someone who likely won't return them, yet are still optimistic (somewhat) about it.

I really liked this fic because it shows Molly as someone in her own right - someone who stands her ground, yet is very vulnerable. She tries to remain strong, but falters, and likes Sherlock, but doesn't know why; or maybe she likes the idea of him, but isn't sure about that, either. I really liked how you gave Molly that awareness and how she doesn't understand why she likes Sherlock so much; but there is that bit of a high school/young girl fantasy going on there too, where you like someone *because* they're mysterious and there's something him that intrigues you and piques your curiosity. It also brings the idea that Molly likes the idea of Sherlock and his mystery more than him, but they're both very plausible.

Molly also remains hopeful that Sherlock will wear the scarf she knitted him, but he never does. I still love that about her, how she remained optimistic here despite knowing that she "doesn't count." It's heartwrenching, though... but it makes this fic so amazing, too.

Also, I did like the bit of comic relief you inserted. I died laughing picturing Sherlock in pantaloons and I loved how oblivious her parents were.

And the "What Is Molly Doing With Her Life and When Will She Get Married" jibe - I get that all the time from my parents.

Thanks for writing this! :)
Ballykissangel chapter 1 . 8/16/2013
I loved this, I like the way you portrayed Molly and some of her feels.
well done )
SlytherinHeiress23 chapter 1 . 8/13/2013
My heart just ached for Molly during that whole scene and it ached again, for her in this fic. Poor Molly. :( I really like the choice of his present; I really wished Sherlock had worn the scarf, though. :(
Madam'zelleGiry chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
Yay for getting to read more of the holiday fics! I'm really excited about this one.

"Her mother didn't understand what..." I love this way of starting us off. The use of the "Intranet" did totally throw me for a minute, but I started giggling when you got to the bit where Molly had to correct her with that annoyed tone. That was actually a very clever way of beginning the piece, so my hat goes off at this point!

"Well, not exactly the complete opposite" LOL, now that's the truth! I can just see Molly's face as she realizes what she just 'said'.

"favorite subject, "What Is" If it were mine, I'd change the comma to a colon just to slow the reader down a bit at this point. Because the subject is too good to read quickly, if you know what I mean. :)

"Sherlock strode up to her in..." I think that I just died from the epic images there...

"...two months to master..." All the feelz! *hugs Molly* I can totally imagine her curled up in her house, trying to master knitting all because she wants to impress him and get her to at least notice him.

As much as it brings a tear to my eye, I appreciate the fact that you kept the ending very canonical. I loved the fact that you showed us the different scarves that he did wear; it gave me a great idea of how her hopes slowly began to be dashed as he just doesn't wear it. The fact that you didn't dwell on her disappointment really made for a fabulous ending. I can't help but wonder if the scarf came up sometime during Reichenbach when he needed her help. There's hope for that scarf yet!

This was really lovely, my dear. I really enjoyed this. Lucky Kate!

Uncertain Anonymous chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
I applaud this. Vigorously.

Very well written, with beautiful characterization.
noukinav018 chapter 1 . 1/16/2013
Poor Molly... :(
The Death Frisbee chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
Thanks for keeping this short and canonical; it was an enjoyable read, and you have the right tone - I like that Molly isn't a pushover in this, as my read of her isn't necessarily the weepy, hopelessly devoted cliche that a lot of Molly fics are like.

I liked the 'pale skin of a cadaver and matching manners to boot' line - it's a nice, succinct way to characterize, so well done there! The tone itself is good and steady, not overdescribed or overly maudlin.

Bahaha at knitting. Very funny, and I know that was in there because you know I knit! Just so you know, there is a Dr. Watson's cabled sweater:
... I may or may not have plans to knit it in a nice heathery beige (Oregon Coast Heather, here:
- scroll down to the bottom. If I can make it work in fingering weight, anyway. But back to the review!)

Thank you for not sentimentalizing Sherlock's character as well; writing him as light and fluffy would have turned me off, but Molly's POV of him seems in-keeping with the show as well.

I liked the ending line, regarding closing off - I was expecting something straight-up shippy, and it's a good way to acknowledge that, by Reichenbach, she's pretty much over him as far as I can tell. Good way to phrase it without dwelling on it.

No constructive critique as far as the fic itself; it's cute and holiday-focused, and I enjoyed it! Thank you! SPAG (only a few) follows.


on the Intranet [sic] - I know this is intentional, but it reads a bit jarringly without the article.
under-enrolled - would hyphenate
But it doesn't go - you went into present tense in this paragraph! Same thing with "is the look on his face when he reads."
red- and gold-wrapped
Galvantula866 chapter 1 . 1/6/2013
I'm admit I'm learning the show "Sherlock" from the fanfiction I'm reading and so far I'm liking what I'm seeing.

Had to crack a smile at the Intranet/Internet part. Her mom did bring up good points on Sherlock: He's not the nicest guy on the block and he can be rather cruel to her feelings by ignoring her, but she still steadfast holds onto the hope that someday he'll like her as much as she does him.

I have to commend Molly for learning how to knit. It's hard to do, both for men and women. I personally can't sew to save my life, but again I was impressed by Molly's drive to thank Sherlock for all his help and perhaps get him to notice her as something more than a aid.

But love is never that easy, is it? I wonder if he'll even wear the scarf she made for him, given she took time off to make it for him. Sherlock is a detective of great renown, but he simply does not understand how to interact with people and Molly may have just given up on him after he didn't bother to wear the gift she made for him. It's a sad story, but who knows? Maybe Sherlock'll turn around someday and see just how much he means to Molly.
CreamoCrop chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Straight in the sherlolly shipper heart! That was wonderful!
Rocking the Redhead chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
My heart ached for her in that scene and once again ached when he never wore the scarf. Great many feels!