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Paul chapter 24 . 2/9
Just read the Challenges story Burning. Really liked Prim's memories of a happier Katniss.
Paul chapter 24 . 2/9
Just read more of your challenges oneshots. Especially liked 'Reaping', 'The Victor', 'The Ringmaster' and 'Over Rainbow Water. They really were good, emotional works, and I wish you'd post them, the other Challenges stories (or at least the ones you consider cannon to your Hunger Games Universe) and Stops on the Way to the End of the world on , as I never really could figure out how to post reviews on live journal or archive forum.
Paul chapter 23 . 2/8
Question you not having Plutarch know about Philo being a rebel. Story wise, it makes sense and helps things flow better, but Lyme had never visited the Capitol before, so how did Plutarch know she was a rebel when she arrived? Given his age and when he started becoming involved in the rebellion, it's incredibly unlikely that they came into contact before Haymitch won the 2nd Quarter Quell. Granted, she may have just known to wear a flame sign and that clued him in, but that's kind of weak. Philo on the other hand had been visiting the Capitol for some time since his victory (he'd at least been present right after Annie won the 70th Hunger Games) and it might make sense he could have came into contact with Plutarch, but it says here that he didn't. Challenges 5 from LiveJournal states that Livius Frango and Otho Magro were also rebels, but Plutarch doesn't know about Otho (wondering which side he'll end up on in chapter 27) and it's unlikely Livius was the one who made contact with him on behalf of the district 2 rebel victors seeing as how he only won the year before Katniss and isn't mentioned as being in the Capitol during the events of The Last Tribute.
Paul chapter 25 . 2/8
Just read Challenges 2. Liked Caesar being a narrator.
Paul chapter 24 . 2/8
Hope to actually meet Livius Frango and Will Norton at some point in Stops on the Way to the End of the World or other future works of yours, as they both sound like interesting characters but we've never actually met either of them yet, just heard about them from others.
Paul chapter 27 . 2/8
Just read Challenges 5 on livejournal. Like the confirmation that Otho Magro was a rebel. Enobaria and Janus's hand signals and seeing enobaria protect the district 2 rebel victors were touching. Disappointed to here Otho died trying to get to three, I'd been holding out hope he might have just been in hiding. Suprised livius frango was a rebel, although it's poetic justice against Brutus that all three victors he mentored turned out to be rebels.
Guest chapter 27 . 2/6
Just read your story 'Challenges' narrated by Mags on live journal. Liked the complete list of victor's. Aside from that story, this chapter is the only source for the name of Will Norton, the male victor from 9 who didn't go into the quell. I find it a curious coincidence that there was also a Cathy Norton years before him who Mags mentored back when there were still plenty of mentors loaned out to other districts and a Kitty Norton who died in the 2nd Quarter Quell, both from nine. Wonder if the 3 Norton's were related and Snow had something against the family or if Norton's just a really common name in District 9.
Paul chapter 7 . 1/19
I liked how much you showed Edd in this chapter and how he found a way to smuggle messages and people like his father once did, even if it didn't last long before he died.
Paul chapter 1 . 1/10
Another request for future Stops on the Way to the End of the World chapters; at least one chapter narrated by Chaff and set during The Hunger Games and/or Catching Fire
Paul chapter 14 . 12/23/2015
Something ironic I just realized; according to this chapter, toffy is the only one of the district 10 victors who's and out and out rebel, yet in chapter 1 of stops on the way to the end of the world, haymitch says he's sure the district 10 mentors are rebels but has never had enough time to get confirmation from them. This is ironic in that by the time he said that, toffy had long since stopped coming to the capitol to mentor, which means he was probably wrong.
Paul chapter 28 . 12/18/2015
THANK YOU FOR FINALLY UPDATING STOPS ON THE WAY TO THE END OF THE WORLD AGAIN! I'll admit Snow wasn't the kind of new pov character I'd been hoping for, but this still works.
Rathfon and the red-haired woman were interesting characters, pity Clemm didn't listen to them. Snow describing the Games as 'king of the hill' was chilling. Snow's origin story about what he went through during the rebellion was interesting, but didn't make him any less despicable then before. Not surprised Glass was a filthy little psycho even when he was a kid, or that Snow really didn't care much for him (I agree with Haymitch that Snow probably was the one who had him killed and blamed Thia after he became too unstable).
Even though it was pretty hollow coming from him and didn't bother Snow, it was nice seeing Clemm call Snow a monster to his face and (unless he lived long enough to be poisoned by Snow) get away with it
P.S. Hope to see many future chapters of Stops on the Way to the End of The World and hope you eventually make chapters focusing on (or at least featuring) the Victor's from 10, 2, 4 and 1, Cressida, the District 8 uprising, Martius Snow, District 13, Cesar, Mayor Undersee and Gale.
P.P.S. The reason I'm reviewing here is because I don't really know how to review on
Paul chapter 28 . 9/28/2015
I was just reading this story on archive forum when I noticed the bonus chapter not present here giving details about the capitol musical 'star-crossed'. It was a bit fluffy bit it was entertaining and moving, and for some reason the brief description on the song 'countdown' where the tributes go over regrets as they are lifted into the arena, was moving to me and I could almost picture it. I wonder if anyone ever will try to make a musical of the hunger games, on one hand it might be entertaining but it would also probably underscore the message and image suzanne collins was trying to project and make it seem less important.

P.S. Once again I hope you keep writing stops on the way to the end of the world.
Paul chapter 28 . 9/7/2015
Two things I forgot to put In the review I posted just a couple minutes ago; it would be neat seeing wscene of winnow during the rebellion and of the district 8 uprising in steps on the way to the end of the world (which, in another thing I forgot to say, is a really good title, in context)
Paul chapter 28 . 9/7/2015
Something to say that has little to actually do with the Golden Mean. KEEP WORKING ON STOPS ON THE WAY TO THE END OF THE WORLD! I didn't find out about it until just today because it's only on and not fan (hope that changes) and it really has a lot of potential (I liked both chapters of it but the first was the best, hands down). There are so many things I hope to see in it (although I understand if you stop working on it in favor of other projects or pursue other subjects in it instead, especially if you already have most to all of it written out); Lyme becoming a rebel in District 2 (along with Philo-one of my favorite characters in your stories-and possibly Saffron and Otho), Paulin Gibbs featured more (not in a chapter of his own, but he always struck me as a slightly underused character), more about Cashmere's games, how Blight came into contact with the out of district raiders, a chapter narrated by Caesar, a chapter set in the District 4 victor's village (it would be nice to see more of Harris, Mags and Doolin-I don't include Finnick and Annie due to the large number of scenes they already have-and formally meet Desandi Matta), something showing the fates of Claudius Templesmith and/or Lucrieta Beckett (just thinking of them maybe being alive makes me mad), a chapter following Cressida becoming a rebel, a chapter following District 12 from the POV of the family of one of Haymitchs tributes who isn't as lucky as Katniss and Peeta, fighting in District's 11, 5 and 7 during the rebellion, a lengthier take on the interviews for the 3rd quarter quell (including ones not shown in the original book or movie), a chapter narrated by Boggs during or before the rebellion, a chapter following District 12 refugees in District 13, a chapter following the Distirct 1 victor's (it might be nice to see more of Gloss and Cashmere, but it would also be cool seeing the district 1 victor's melee that followed the quell, it's prelude and it's aftermath), the fates of unaccounted for Distirct 1 and Distirct 2 victor's who presumably die in the purge, a chapter narrated by Jack (maybe part of the Golden Mean from his POV, like escaping the viewing center or dealing with the aftermath of Johanna's victory), and a chapter dedicated to the Distict 10 victor's (Toffy was another one of my favorite characters and I really liked the others too, might be nice to see more of them and find out why only Toffy was a rebel-although maybe he just wanted to protect the other three due to at least two of them-Kate and Earl-having families (or at least a husband, in Kate's case).
All in all, I have a lot of hopes for Stops on the Way to the End of the World, as I don't feel ready to say goodbye to the End of the World series just yet and it would make a good finale. Whatever you choose to put in it, I really hope you don't scrap it and keep adding to it, especially seeing how the forward implies there will be a bunch of chapters and not just two.
Happy Labor day
Paul chapter 14 . 8/20/2015
Re-reading this story due to how long it's taking my favorite ongoing fanfic to get updated, I just thought I'd make a few comments on this chapter. Liked the descriptions of blight, beetee, henessy and chaffs games. Wish you'd described some of the others in detail though (earl's, hector's, desandi's, miracle's, lucanus's, lyme's, faraday's etc.) the readings and the meeting in the viewing center were also well written.
The code in cinemas letter about which districts were. In on the plan was particularly clever, I know you were going by the book but it seems odd district 10 wasn't in on the plan, seeing as how toffy is a rebel, kate fights alongside seeder and Cecelia with little prompting (as far as I know) and earl makes an alliance with chaff and is described as no friend of snow's.
Wish you'd told us a little more about kate, hector, thelma, and enobaria.
Am puzzled at how haymitch says he knows faraday Sykes and wealthy gibson only by sight when they both interacted with him on his victory tour-although maybe he forgot that due to his drinking or didn't consider it significant enough to mention-and faraday makes multiple appearances throughout the last tribute, although admittedly she and haymitch don't really talk.
Am also puzzled by another point-although not something from this chapter-namely the number of career mentors for the quell. It is stated in this chapter that district 1 and 2 have two mentors per a team as usual (I assume that means one mentor per tribute) and have loaned out mentors for districts 3, 6 and 8. This does not add up for the number of victors from 1 and 2 who appear in the viewing center or are mentioned to have been present throughout the story; wealthy, miracle, Lyme, philo, Otho Magro, verge gatty, lucanus, cinnamon colbray and diamond. Wealthy, miracle, Lyme, and philo are acting as mentors to cashmere, gloss, district 8 and district 3 respectively, but what about the others? This chapter implies that district 1 loaned out at least one mentor, and if they did then they would have had to do that for district 8 (the only district without a 3rd victor who's mentor isn't confirmed) so in all likliehood diamond was district 8's mentor. That leaves district 2, there are no additional districts which would need the loan of a mentor, yet they have 4 of their victors besides Lyme and philo present in the training center (I'm assuming that verge gatty comes from 2 because he's a capitol loyalist and every district besides 1 and 2 has already had all of their living male victors accounted for and with a name like that it's doubtful he was born in district 1). It is possible that the extra two had simply came to the capitol and gone to the viewing center to see the finale of the quell (which is especially likely considering they had two tributes in it), or that the district 2 mentors were working in shifts or getting help from the other two district 2 victors present. It's not a very big point, but it's still one that confuses me a little.
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