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Paul chapter 28 . 9/7/2015
Two things I forgot to put In the review I posted just a couple minutes ago; it would be neat seeing wscene of winnow during the rebellion and of the district 8 uprising in steps on the way to the end of the world (which, in another thing I forgot to say, is a really good title, in context)
Paul chapter 28 . 9/7/2015
Something to say that has little to actually do with the Golden Mean. KEEP WORKING ON STOPS ON THE WAY TO THE END OF THE WORLD! I didn't find out about it until just today because it's only on and not fan (hope that changes) and it really has a lot of potential (I liked both chapters of it but the first was the best, hands down). There are so many things I hope to see in it (although I understand if you stop working on it in favor of other projects or pursue other subjects in it instead, especially if you already have most to all of it written out); Lyme becoming a rebel in District 2 (along with Philo-one of my favorite characters in your stories-and possibly Saffron and Otho), Paulin Gibbs featured more (not in a chapter of his own, but he always struck me as a slightly underused character), more about Cashmere's games, how Blight came into contact with the out of district raiders, a chapter narrated by Caesar, a chapter set in the District 4 victor's village (it would be nice to see more of Harris, Mags and Doolin-I don't include Finnick and Annie due to the large number of scenes they already have-and formally meet Desandi Matta), something showing the fates of Claudius Templesmith and/or Lucrieta Beckett (just thinking of them maybe being alive makes me mad), a chapter following Cressida becoming a rebel, a chapter following District 12 from the POV of the family of one of Haymitchs tributes who isn't as lucky as Katniss and Peeta, fighting in District's 11, 5 and 7 during the rebellion, a lengthier take on the interviews for the 3rd quarter quell (including ones not shown in the original book or movie), a chapter narrated by Boggs during or before the rebellion, a chapter following District 12 refugees in District 13, a chapter following the Distirct 1 victor's (it might be nice to see more of Gloss and Cashmere, but it would also be cool seeing the district 1 victor's melee that followed the quell, it's prelude and it's aftermath), the fates of unaccounted for Distirct 1 and Distirct 2 victor's who presumably die in the purge, a chapter narrated by Jack (maybe part of the Golden Mean from his POV, like escaping the viewing center or dealing with the aftermath of Johanna's victory), and a chapter dedicated to the Distict 10 victor's (Toffy was another one of my favorite characters and I really liked the others too, might be nice to see more of them and find out why only Toffy was a rebel-although maybe he just wanted to protect the other three due to at least two of them-Kate and Earl-having families (or at least a husband, in Kate's case).
All in all, I have a lot of hopes for Stops on the Way to the End of the World, as I don't feel ready to say goodbye to the End of the World series just yet and it would make a good finale. Whatever you choose to put in it, I really hope you don't scrap it and keep adding to it, especially seeing how the forward implies there will be a bunch of chapters and not just two.
Happy Labor day
Paul chapter 14 . 8/20/2015
Re-reading this story due to how long it's taking my favorite ongoing fanfic to get updated, I just thought I'd make a few comments on this chapter. Liked the descriptions of blight, beetee, henessy and chaffs games. Wish you'd described some of the others in detail though (earl's, hector's, desandi's, miracle's, lucanus's, lyme's, faraday's etc.) the readings and the meeting in the viewing center were also well written.
The code in cinemas letter about which districts were. In on the plan was particularly clever, I know you were going by the book but it seems odd district 10 wasn't in on the plan, seeing as how toffy is a rebel, kate fights alongside seeder and Cecelia with little prompting (as far as I know) and earl makes an alliance with chaff and is described as no friend of snow's.
Wish you'd told us a little more about kate, hector, thelma, and enobaria.
Am puzzled at how haymitch says he knows faraday Sykes and wealthy gibson only by sight when they both interacted with him on his victory tour-although maybe he forgot that due to his drinking or didn't consider it significant enough to mention-and faraday makes multiple appearances throughout the last tribute, although admittedly she and haymitch don't really talk.
Am also puzzled by another point-although not something from this chapter-namely the number of career mentors for the quell. It is stated in this chapter that district 1 and 2 have two mentors per a team as usual (I assume that means one mentor per tribute) and have loaned out mentors for districts 3, 6 and 8. This does not add up for the number of victors from 1 and 2 who appear in the viewing center or are mentioned to have been present throughout the story; wealthy, miracle, Lyme, philo, Otho Magro, verge gatty, lucanus, cinnamon colbray and diamond. Wealthy, miracle, Lyme, and philo are acting as mentors to cashmere, gloss, district 8 and district 3 respectively, but what about the others? This chapter implies that district 1 loaned out at least one mentor, and if they did then they would have had to do that for district 8 (the only district without a 3rd victor who's mentor isn't confirmed) so in all likliehood diamond was district 8's mentor. That leaves district 2, there are no additional districts which would need the loan of a mentor, yet they have 4 of their victors besides Lyme and philo present in the training center (I'm assuming that verge gatty comes from 2 because he's a capitol loyalist and every district besides 1 and 2 has already had all of their living male victors accounted for and with a name like that it's doubtful he was born in district 1). It is possible that the extra two had simply came to the capitol and gone to the viewing center to see the finale of the quell (which is especially likely considering they had two tributes in it), or that the district 2 mentors were working in shifts or getting help from the other two district 2 victors present. It's not a very big point, but it's still one that confuses me a little.
paul chapter 27 . 8/13/2015
one other thing I forgot to mention in any of my earlier reviews for the Golden Mean. Berenice and Paulin are probably my favorite version of the morphlings yet, I especially liked there interviews. Kate and Earl are also among my favorite deceptions of the District 10 quell tributes in all of fannon, I especially like how they allied with Chaff, Seeder and Ceceilia without being part of the original alliance, which makes me wish Kate had lived longer in the original novels and that one or both of them had survived the arena.
paul chapter 27 . 8/13/2015
I was just re-reading this chapter and noticed a few things I'd missed about it earlier. Most of them in regards to the Victor's you created. I've always been intrigued by Hunger Games victor's in cannon and fannon alike and even though few of them are really elaborated on, yours are some of the most interesting of them all (both the ones created for your stories and your take on the ones who already existed).
you sure weren't holding back; in your stories all but 20 Victor's-give or take a couple-were dead or as good as dead before Katniss even regained consciousness after the arena exploded.
I had been wondering what happened to Henesey Doolin and Desandi Matta and thought you handled there fates rather well.
The description of Will and Darla staying out of the viewing center fight sounds like them and while I can understand why they did it I also understand why they ended up getting killed a little better.
I barely even remembered Ravish before re-reading this chapter but it sounds like he was a pretty good guy, he got to die a nobler death than many of the others.
Your description of the melee between the four District 1 victor's was a stroke of genius, I wish you'd gone into descriptions and mentioned names. I guess the sole victor to survive that fight-apparently a rebel sympathizer-was probably executed.
I had been holding out a little hope that Wealthy and Miracle might have survived the viewing center massacre, too bad they didn't.
I had a little interest and fondess for Otho Magro before finding out that he slashed his way out of the viewing center, now he's one of my favorite dialogue-less victor's and I wish he'd survived the war and hope that maybe he did and just went into hiding, although odds are he got tracked down and killed by the peacekeepers.
I wish you'd stated how Diamond got out of the viewing center alive. I wonder who did kill him, probably the Capitol as it doesn't sound like he stayed out of it like Will and Darla and he isn't mentioned as having sided with the Capitol like Lucanus and Verge.
Lucanus training to fight with peacekeepers made me dislike him, yet also oddly admire him in a way for gong to fight on the front lines, he probably died there.
Verge Gatty is probably my least favorite Victor out of all those you created due to him killing Toffy. I hope Coin took him alive and had him hanged.
Looking back at characters like Harris, Toffy and Philo, I wish that they had at least survived the viewing center massacre and reappeared throughout the Narrow Path, dying in the war like Lyme, or surviving the war but being assumed to be dead for one reason or another during the vote for the Capitol Games.
Looking back at all the interesting victor's from this I feel frustrated that so few of them were mentioned in The Narrow Path. Jack gets a total of one (possibly two) mentions throughout the whole story and the others are even less lucky. It would have been nice, not to mention realistic, to have Haymitch mention Philo, Toffy and Harris (even Wealthy, Mindwell and Miracle, to a lesser extent) a few times while mourning or going over there deaths. It might have made a nice side note to mention the execution of Diamond (say as Snow's way of retaliating against District 1 rising against the peacekeepers there). I would have liked to hear which side killed Saffron Abatty, and why, as it's implied by her conversation with Lyme that she isn't a diehard Capitol loyalist. The deaths of Lucanus Bazzett and Verge Gatty (say when the nut is destroyed, and/or when the fighting in 2 first breaks out) are also things I would have thought would have been notable enough for someone to have mentioned to Haymitch (who, for Verge anyway, could have expressed some satisfaction at Toffy being avenged). Henesey and Sandi could have been mentioned while talking about Annie's capture. The death of Ravish could have been used as another example of why District 1 rose up. You could have also at least mentioned the Capitol manhunt for Otho Magro at least once. I understand that there was a lot going on in DIstrict 13, but it still seems wrong that hardly any of the fallen Victor's get mentioned at all and none of the ones still alive at that point have their deaths elaborated on besides Finnick, Lyme, Darla and Will.

P.S. I also feel a sense of loss at the implication that none of the families of Haymtich's tributes survived the bombing of District 12 besides the Everdeen's and River Bloodwood's sister. I really hope he just missed a few in the crowd.
P.P.S. Although my criticisms wouldn't imply it, I like your works very much and, on most days, think of them as THE Hunger Games fan fiction stories that should be cannon (I say most days because there are some other good ones out there too, although only a few even come close to what you've achieved). You obviously put a lot of time, effort and thought into your stories, and I can't thank you enough for creating them.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/4/2015
Holy shit he was the guy beat to death because he looked like Peeta and Mir being abused is why she's always so spiteful and ahhhhh you're a genius you're a genius you're a genius
Paul chapter 28 . 8/4/2015
Interesting epilogue. A nice tie in too the narrow path. Justinian was an interesting character.
Peeta and Aurelian being cousins was a brilliant twist. Kind of surprised that mir's father actually had planned on coming back for her.
paul chapter 27 . 7/23/2015
another first rate story. If it wasn't for knowing what happened in cannon the ending would drive me crazy though. Wish you hand't killed Philo, Toffy, or Peeta's niece, Harris, Mindwell and Jack were regrettable but I understand their deaths a little more. Stupid worker on a coffee break. Like how you did such a good job of developing characters doomed by cannon. Wish the 3 careers besides Brutus had been featured more. the massacre at the mentor viewing center had me on the edge of my seat. Earl's death came off as kind of inserting, I never would have pictured his killer as a dragon. the scene at the carnival was very well written, I hope the artist and those kids survived the war (same with Julian Day, a rather interesting character). the artist's pictures of how Haymitch's tributes would have looked if they'd lived to be old moved me to tears and I wish you'd described more of them.
Collen DeWitt chapter 1 . 12/19/2014
Reading them all in order and this series continues to be fantastic. I did think one line in this chapter was a bit odd though about Digger, "I don' t know if it would have gone anywhere, though I loved her well enough," seems a bit out of character with the Haymitch from the other stories like "The Hanging Tree" and "The End of the World". He gave her his last name - I think that qualifies as liking her more than "well enough". Still, though, love your stories. Hope you add more!
Kou Shun'u chapter 5 . 12/1/2014
Isn't it 1725? 23*7324(haymich year) 22(katniss and peeta's).
Kou Shun'u chapter 1 . 12/1/2014
Awww, I thought I'd get the inbetween and then onto this story after "the last tribute" . I was hoping since this followed the other that this will continue with delly and the townsfolk pov. :( alas. I do hope you do write it eventually. I'd love tosee how the town acts more after they return and no longer are couplely back to all over each other on the victory tour onto being reaped again and doing the games the second time around.
Collen DeWitt chapter 27 . 11/19/2014
Thanks for letting me know about this. Great story! I love all the background Haymitch and Peeta :)
Godiva9 chapter 27 . 11/18/2014
Ooo it was just as good as I knew it would be, you really are a talented writer! Thanks for writing and sharing, I'm off to read the next! : )
ColMikeFuser chapter 5 . 10/18/2014
Hah! Nixon's secret was to bug his own sanctum and record every word on tape. He got clean away with it. In the end, all his successors wanted what was on those tapes, and had to give the bastard immunity, to get it.

,Nice touch. Snow knows, and hopes to use the Second Rebellion as a tool to identify his enemies...this seems a given. At his execution, he seems to know that the new Panem won't be stable.

I recall an historical precedent. Stalin purged the Red Army of the old generals and colonels, some of whom wanted change in Russia. The Nazis attacked immediately, and took advantage of the disorder in the Army, to push all the way to the Volga. (Also took advantage of Ukrainian anger at Stalin's conquest of Ukraine...numerous Ukrainians became Nazis in a show of support. It's more recently there've been actual race-hate groups forming there. Hopefully most will come to their senses before it gets cold in Ukraine this winter.)

Snow, if he's read any of Earth's recent history, will know that story. He intends to purge the ranks of the Peacekeepers, of all who want to seize power, but only after the Rebels are all dead or Avoxed, will he make that move. His adversaries, among the Peacekeepers, will have no reason to allow the Rebels to succeed, and will fight on his side.

I like your concept here. Brilliant.
almanera chapter 27 . 10/16/2014
You are such a wonderful writer!

The way you portray all the political schemes taking place "behind the screen" is absolutely perfect. I am absolutely unable to tear my eyes off. Somehow, your creation is even better than the Hunger Games trilogy itself, since it shows deeper insight into what Katness couldn't have seen, provided that she is a teenager who's been kept in the dark after involuntarily becoming a symbol.

Also, you really understand Haymitch and I truly admire you for that.

My praise goes all the way - well done! You are one of my favourite authors.
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