Reviews for Scars
feelintheaster chapter 9 . 11/8
I've been rereading a lot of your stuff lately (and waiting impatiently for you to post something else). Will you be doing anymore in this universe? Please tell me you are.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/6
Could you do another in this universe? I love big brother Jason. But it would be cool to see young Dick meet his grown up alter ego too.
Nightmare in between chapter 9 . 11/5
I'm literally so happy right now. This story gave me all the feels, all of them. Please tell me you have more planned with Jason as a sort-of big brother to YJ Dick?
Nightmare in between chapter 8 . 11/5
Beautiful, beautiful writing in this chapter. The reconciliation between Jason and Bruce literally moved me to tears. Just perfect.
Nightmare in between chapter 7 . 11/5
Wow, heavy chapter. Dick is safe but now there's friction between Jason and Bruce. Interesting rescue - I like that some of the old Jason slipped out when he was trying to protect Dick.
Nightmare in between chapter 3 . 11/5
Okay, I know the start of the chapter was sad for Robin but the end was so cute it made my heart melt.
Nightmare in between chapter 1 . 11/5
A sequel! A sequel! Oh this is delicious. And what a start. Already I'm hooked.
jokersfavor chapter 9 . 11/3
cool sequel. i read the volatile comic and story and really enjoyed them both but i tnink this is my fave.
Nightmaremoon chapter 9 . 11/3
And the sequel is just as awesome as Volatile. Please, please, PLEASE tell me you're going to write more in this universe? I think I'm a little addicted now.
The Richmaster chapter 9 . 10/11
This was a great story, I loved how you showed the interactions, especially with how Jason got extremely protective of Dick without even realizing quite what he was doing at the time and Dick's reaction to it.
Overall this was a great story,though if I had to say one thing that I would have liked, it would be more interaction with the Team. I realize that this was based around the interactions of Bruce, Dick and Jason (and Alfred) but it would have been good to see some others as well, I mean Wally's meant to be Dick's best friend, right?

To me, my personal favourite part of this was probably when Jason went to visit his birth world (due to seeing sides of them that are rarely shown) and when Dick talked to Jason about being smothered.

Again, you did a really great job with this; do you have any plans on a sequel? maybe a one-shoe where Dick meets his counterpart?
Cutie0612 chapter 9 . 10/6
That was so sweet I just loved it so much
Cutie0612 chapter 7 . 10/5
So please tell me that the next two chapters are fluffy goodness
Cutie0612 chapter 5 . 10/5
I loved this chapter and I can't think of what it is called but I know what it is they gave Dick
Cutie0612 chapter 4 . 10/5
I love this and now that dick is captured is Jason going to be alright and what about dick as long as they ARE fine I'm fine
Cutie0612 chapter 3 . 10/4
So much fluff I love it
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