Reviews for 365
Graveygraves chapter 365 . 4/19
WOW - thank you so much for this collection of stories. Each clip has been so insightful. It has been a fun, sad, emotional journey and I am really disappointed it has come to an end. Thank you so much.
Book girl fan chapter 355 . 4/16
I'd forgotten about that! That was definitely hilarious, but I did feel kind of bad for Reid.
Book girl fan chapter 303 . 4/16
Good. That was definitely missing.
Book girl fan chapter 198 . 4/13
I wish they did!
Graveygraves chapter 360 . 4/12
I loved your Blackhawk arc and the Christmas bits have been great too. Can't believe I have nearly finished.
GraveyGraves chapter 350 . 4/7
Lovely moment
GraveyGraves chapter 349 . 4/5
We have recently had this tradition start over here in the UK. I remember well the year I was pregnant with my daughter (who was born just before Christmas) was the first time i saw a tree like this. Its a lovly idea and I love how you have used it in this chapter.
GraveyGraves chapter 344 . 4/1
Totally loved this chapter - I could so imagine Garcia doing this.
GraveyGraves chapter 343 . 3/30
Cute, too cute. Love Garcia in this.
Book girl fan chapter 109 . 3/31
Shame there was no Italian.
Book girl fan chapter 62 . 3/31
I never noticed that before, but it is really creepy.
Book girl fan chapter 32 . 3/30
They may never need to visit the archives again! Reid will just memorize them all.
Graveygraves chapter 342 . 3/26
Yeah managed to catch a few more chapters tonight. Loving this and kind of sad the end is nearing.
Graveygraves chapter 339 . 3/22
So RL is kicking while I'm down so not reading as much as I would like but lovely the updates I have caught recently.
Graveygraves chapter 332 . 3/2
I love how you have captured the team and the way they are interacting.
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