Reviews for The Odd Life of Oswin Oriall Oswald
Sophiehelenee chapter 29 . 1/19
Whaat, no! Whyy whyy
Lovely chapter 1 . 11/22/2014
You may think I disappeared. But I never left. It been 2? years. And whenever I'm in a Kili kind of mood I come right back here. Oswin Oriall Oswald's story is still one of my favorites ever! 3
amateurauthor101 chapter 29 . 11/4/2014
It was a wonderful story while it lasted :) Maybe you could put 'discontinued' in the summary? I was very disappointed when I saw the author's note at the end. As for constructive criticism... a little more passion in the relationship with Kili could be nice. The big reveal about her heritage was awesome :) But a little confusing that could be resolved with more description and back story. Let's see... a little more of her emotions at being displaced then her world being turned upside down would add depth to the story. The character development was nice, but I would like to see her relationships with the company develop as well. Hmm... maybe some embarrassing stories to add a little humor. Overall a very well written story with interesting characters.
hannah.roberts.5095110 chapter 29 . 10/16/2014
No! Why?!
Promise1982 chapter 29 . 5/18/2014
was hoping you continued this soon.
it was getting really good.
rileys mom chapter 15 . 4/4/2014
I cant get the web address to work is it gone?
MaxRideandPercyJackson4ever chapter 29 . 3/20/2014
YOU JUST BROKE MY HEART YOU MONSTER! (crying on the inside)
Guest chapter 29 . 3/3/2014
What! This was a great story and your giving it up! Just before she was about to go talk to Thandruil and Leggy?! I was bloody well looking forward to that! Please don't give this up! It was a great story and should be continued plz. :( :3 for me
Ps. Did you mean for oswin to be a connection to doctor who?
pervychan1 chapter 29 . 2/16/2014
I look forward to seeing this story reborn!
Artemis Longbow chapter 29 . 2/14/2014
No! Please don't stop. I love this story. It is the best I have ever read. Please continue! I'm begging you! I am not a writer on fanfiction, but I am under this name. Can you please check out my work? But please, carry on with this wonderful piece of work! Great job and please continue. Find the life again. This happens to writers, but you always find it again. You'll do great!
sarenelsoria chapter 28 . 1/4/2014
You really need to alert people to the fact that this isn't finished
Marine76 chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
Good start!
legolasgirl77 chapter 29 . 12/16/2013
Arg -' Can't believe it ! Too bad. I like your story.
Guest chapter 24 . 12/14/2013
both stories sound really good but you should pick the story-line you like the most
TimeWolfSaphira chapter 28 . 11/30/2013
I really loved this story, and quiet sad that you are no longer writing it. A quiet wonderful story, and maybe one day you might continue with it. Hope you do :)
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