Reviews for The Silent Heart
Guest chapter 19 . 3/6
Absolutely astounding. There are no words.

You created a masterpiece.
Tumblingdowntheo chapter 19 . 2/5
It was incredible. I can't answer the questions your asking because I can't explain. I went from hating this time period and characters to being stunned with this take on things. You keep saying it is an honor to be posting for us readers and an honor to be sharing.

But hunny its an honor to be reading stories like this.
Tumblingdowntheo chapter 18 . 2/5
This story is a true masterpiece. I am in awe and so happy I found it. It's not my normal read and not a time period I like. I think the "Germany" area of FMA is crap and Hohenheim least of my favorite characters...but this story deserves its credit.

Thank you for writing and sharing. It was fabulous. I just had to say something before the epilogue because my heart keeps stopping as I read. I've been biting my nails and hugging my pillow and really I am just shocked something of this quality is out there. I hope other people will read this for you.
MadManWithATimeTravellingBox chapter 6 . 2/5
Ed has motor control problems now...? Mean author! :3
and what happened to Chris? He just disappeared off the face of... Fanfiction. I like the automail concept, and the way Ed and Hoho'e rela
MadManWithATimeTravellingBox chapter 5 . 2/5
How do you carry someone that's missing an arm and a leg while they're wet slippery and struggling? Ed said "How do you know my Colonel?" at one point when Hoho had no clue, and he seems a bit too cuddly. And who sticks their hand into a jar of... weird stuff? "Oh, some brown slimy stuff with chunks in it. TIEM TO DIVE IN LOL"
seriously. thats what I thought when I read it.

I like how Ed is slowly adapting to being near Hoho, most authors have him hate Ho for quite a while. I guess having no arm and leg wouldnhelp... The way Ed freaked out about being an invalid seems in character, but I haven't watched the first anime in w ,so I'm not sure.
MadManWithATimeTravellingBox chapter 4 . 2/4
Wait, how long has that author's note been there? Is there a picture for this story? THERE IS! I need to pay more attention. What's up with the stories name? Why is Ed not-modest? Since when is there a rating? How did Ed stay sitting up in the water? Does his shoulder look like someone took an ice cream scoop and scooped his shoulder off? How many pillows does the day bed have? Why do you know what German underwear looks like? unless.. you're German! Why did the hot water suddenly work? Why does their engineer suck so much? Why diWHOAH I CAN MAKE THE COMMENT BOX BIGGERd Hoho suddenly have a flashback about Ed crawling? I gave up on the posting everything in s ingle comment because I automatically click Post Review. You can tell I'm excited because I'm typing really quickly. oh wait, no you can't... Did they forget the wheelchair in the bathroom?
MadManWithATimeTravellingBox chapter 3 . 2/4
I like how Ed responded to the PM, it was pretty much how I guessed he would. Except for the butter knife.
I just read Hohenhiem, so I'm going to start at the third chapter for this story.
I think you spelled something 'umbrage' in around the middle of the story. Press ctrlf to use the page search option. And doesn't chewing large mouthfuls take more energy...? Because I think it does. ...Trust me, I'd know. Probably. Maybe.
Do you have any medical certification, or anything? Because you're pretty good at describing medical stuff. I can't wait to see what caused the lung problems, and how Ed will wil will adapt to thessdxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alack of automail, once he's recovered. and what book was Hoho looking for?
Guest chapter 19 . 1/30
Thank you for this beautiful story. I cried many times while reading and laughed many times to. It was perfect you are an incredible writer and this is the best FMA story ever. I will tell everyone I know about this.
Sokkasm chapter 19 . 1/11
I cannot thank you enough for sharing this story. It's packed with so many emotions, and it has the right blend of dark and fluffy.

This story was beautiful, and Ed's reaction with his dad (I loved how Ed called him that in the end while being stabbed) were breathtaking.

I can tell you've spent so much time into this, and it paid off. This is one of my most favorite stories on here.
Sokkasm chapter 18 . 1/11
I took way to long to figure out this was not ending like the anime...I am grateful. It slowly dawned on me what you were doing, and I had finally figured it out.

Reading that whole ordeal sent shivers down my spine, and I kept tending up, figuring something would go wrong.
Sokkasm chapter 17 . 1/11
I really loved the beginning, how Ed was moved by the music. That small something made me smile. Then, of course, Ed cooking.

Now I'm really starting to get antsy about what will happen next. You've been making the ends of these chapters so intense, and I long for more!
Sokkasm chapter 16 . 1/11
"What hit you?" "An asshole."
Ah, that's definitely a memorable quote.

Sheesh, Dr. Graham's method for healing Ed was gloriously brutal.

Now I'm really itching to see what happens next. I think I'll finish this yet tonight.
Sokkasm chapter 15 . 1/11
I was absolutely entertained. This was graphically detailed and amazing.

Poor Ed is borderline insane, and Hohenheim always seems to maintain a cool head.
Sokkasm chapter 14 . 1/11
It was so sad to see Ed being heartbroken in this chapter. I just want him to be home and happy, but since this is based off the first anime, I know that won't happen.

To top it off, you added German Havoc to this emotional mess.
LifeIsABowlOf chapter 6 . 1/11
Another excellent read. The shift between both was enjoyed with dialogue of creativity. It is refreshing. Understanding Edwards character it is nothing short of constant intrigue to hear Hohenheim's take on things.
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