Reviews for By Baker Street Station, I Sat Down and Wept
SweetSalty chapter 142 . 8/29
I would have commented on every chapter, except I downloaded this as an Epub for my Kobo and was so absorbed that I didn't have time to write. What an incredible story! You've surprised me in so many ways. I never would have thought to read a story about Petunia Dursley for one, and so many OCs. Tbh though, I love your OCs. Pompey and Ishmael are my favourite, followed by the Dreadnought. I'm really impressed with the route you've taken with this narrative, and while I'm sure some have complained about its 'meandering' style, I find it eases the pacing nicely and gives you time as a reader to get to know the characters as you've portrayed them. It doesn't feel rushed, and I'll be honest I adore long books (this one clocked in at 1400 pages on my Kobo). I know it's probably not much use asking, but is this still being worked on? Is there any end in sight? Because I'd be happy to settle into it for the long haul ️. Thank you so much for putting so much work into this labour of love! (Plus, we both live in Ontario! (I think). We're practically neighbors! Hi neighbour!)
Guest chapter 50 . 8/29
I love the dragon personalities. And I am liking Sholto. Wonderful writing of these characters.
Guest chapter 46 . 8/29
Wow! Not a surprise, the diary has been leading up to this, was just a matter of which horcrux and the mentions of Rowena made that clear. Story keeps getting more layers and is absolutely riveting. Thank you for writing and sharing your creativity.
Guest chapter 41 . 8/29
Reading this story at one sitting, loving it! So much original plot throughout and you've given a wonderful depth to Petunia. Well-written, and looking forward to the rest.
BlueReine chapter 142 . 8/9
Love your story! It's so different from everything else. And even though there's alot of original characters in your story im not annoyed by them. I love them all, which is saying something, because 98 percent of the time I hate OC. I also love how realistic you make all the characters. Please continue to write!
SnowBloodEbony chapter 142 . 7/7
Amazing story, would love an update!
Aetzfeder chapter 10 . 7/4
I am hooked. It's a great concept. I am looking forward to the other chapters.
Hainbuche chapter 142 . 7/3
Ich habe nie eine bessere Story gelesen und die meisten Handlungen wurden in teilweise mehrfacher Hinsicht schon benutzt. Aber diese hier ist die erste der Art die ich so lese und sie hat mich wirklich von vorne bis hinten gefesselt.
Ich warte ganz gespannt auf Fortsetzung.
LG Hainbuche
the frowning Chesire Cat chapter 142 . 3/24
I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed this piece, despite being a reader for many years. And sadly, I think what’s prompting me to do so is the fact there isn’t more story. You deserve so many reviews.

This story has been on my mind for a long time; I fondly thought of it as that “one fic with Petunia raising kids and dragons”. It’s such a unique story, one like I haven’t read anywhere else. I love stories with Petunia when she decides to be a good parent and take care of Harry, so that’s probably how I came across this.

Your writing style is impeccable. I love the French tidbits, the little additives that aren’t really canon, but you blend them so nicely I can believe it to be so. The different types of magic, the surges, everything. Even the way you write Snape, it’s so in character and so rich. There’s so many plot lines, I can tell it’s a bit confusing, but I wouldn’t change anything of my reading experience.

I took a big break, probably when I ran out of chapters the first time (this was definitely prepandemic) and I vaguely remember getting a little update notification but brushing it off bc I was a student and had so many emails. I decided to reread the story and was so so so delighted when there were like ten more chapters that I hadn’t read. I’m really invested in Sholto now because of that. I have a new excitement about this story.

I hope you keep thinking about this story. I’m a hypocrite, I have fics of my own that I haven’t updated despite being present on the site, so I totally get the feel. But You’ve clearly invested so much into this story and I’d love to know how it ends. I love Petunias found family. I love your writing. I hope you’re still here ~


A longtime reader
ThePirateQueen367 chapter 72 . 2/12
Nesta has ALL the boys up in her yard. As she should!
ThePirateQueen367 chapter 62 . 2/12
I fucking knew it! I KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE SNAPE! Im dead this is hilarious
AmethystMagic chapter 107 . 1/18
I relate so hard to Petunia's menagerie of stray humans!
What's the point of having manors if you don't fill them with people?
Tobias is gonna be in shock when he figures out she is using magic now too. Interesting to see how his prejudice is gonna play out.
AmethystMagic chapter 36 . 1/14
Moody & Fake Moody duel is seriously epic! That is on the level of the best action scenes in canon imo!
phoebuscat chapter 142 . 1/4
Not too often that I like Petunia, but your version of her is great! Also nice that Crouch has a better role here. Please please finish!
Cassy chapter 13 . 12/14/2021
I love this fic so much and now i'm rereading it :))
I have a question - could you please post another chapter detailing how you think it would end? As i remember you posted a few chapters ago that youve already planned out the ending. I would be so grateful!
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