Reviews for By Baker Street Station, I Sat Down and Wept
Netchka chapter 140 . 12/12
Wow! Great chapter. The things that have been going on are convoluted and complicated. But what an epic story. I haven't read many fics that are over a hundred chapters and still going. But this is a good one. I really can't wait to find out what happens next. The characters are quite real, you can almost see some of them. Looking forward to reading more.
Netchka chapter 63 . 12/6
Oh my! Snape now has two boys in Hogwarts. What will he think of that. Other than shock.
evilbrat2013 chapter 140 . 12/2
This is a spectacular story, and your writing is beautiful, keep up the good work :)
stickleralways chapter 140 . 11/29
It was a wonderful surprise to find this chapter notification. I am enjoying your story immensely and multiple times. My only fear is that you will do as threatened and cut huge swaths of content and some of the many ocs. PLEASE, WALK AWAY FROM THE DELETE, JUST WALK AWAY! OK, you can spiff up typos and grammar errors. The charm, draw, pleasure, humor, or whatever you want to call it is from the wonderful meandering through the the plot line in the tradition of Douglas Adams. To steal a line from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, DON'T PANIC, and it's all connected. I look forward to the next update, well that's putting it mildly, and will keep reading again.
Guest chapter 140 . 11/19
Wow- I haven't seen this fic since the chapters were in the twenties, what an awesome read! Congratulations on your successful OC's!
Maybe you could find time to put out some 'outtake' scenes outside of the main script- the supporting characters are always good for that:)
KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun chapter 140 . 11/16
I haven't been up to date in eons for this story! I am sooooo loving it.
AmericanMuggleborn chapter 140 . 11/16
I've read your story so far and enjoyed it.

The talking dragons and the "mobster" Mynah bird were quite funny especially Ishmael. I definitely liked Petunia in this story.

This is my second reading of the story. The first reading got interrupted by I don't remember what. When I picked it up again I was so lost as to where I had been that I started over.

Some reviewers had been through it more than once.

I though Cato's story was tragic. He died early and his name was never cleared. I realize things like that do happen especially with the likes of Tom Riddle around.

Your wizarding America is pre-fantasic beasts but you started the story long before Rolling came up with MACUSA so to me in this universe there is no MACUSA.

As big a story as you wrote fixing that would be a formidable task and I'm fine with your wizarding America.

Your story appears to be headed for fireworks.
Chrystalline chapter 126 . 11/12
I've got a bit of confusion with the timeline in this story; part of it may be the absolutely massive size of this story, making it hard to keep track of when and where things are happening. It may help to draw out a full timeline, especially since the story cuts to flashback with the diary sequences. It's nice to have a big, involved story - I love having lots of events to follow - but it does complicate things with regard to keeping straight what happened when.

If contemporary with Riddle's graduation from Hogwarts, Sholto was born in the 1940s when Cato and Cressy and Tully were teens, with Tully noticeably younger than Cato, if not Cressy. If Tully did not sire children out of wedlock, and if Tully did not marry until after he'd been spirited away back to Britain and had his surge at 19, then Tully's offspring would have been born in the 1950s, possibly as late as the early 1960s. This does not leave room for another generation, let alone two, before Petunia and Lily.

Petunia and Lily would have been born in the late 50s or early 60s (Lily's grave says she was born in 1960) to be of age to give birth in 1980, especially if there are multiple miscarriages before that. If Tully's child was born in 1950 exactly, she would have reached reproductive maturity no earlier than the mid-1960s, and that's assuming she married and started having children at the start of her teens. If she waited to 18, it would be 1968, and the child would be younger than Lily or Petunia. If Tully and Marnie married young and started having children while they were still in America, they could possibly have given birth to Petunia's mother - a child born in 1945 (approximately the same timeframe as Sholto) would be 15 in 1960. That would make Petunia's mother a very early starter, if Petunia is a year or two older than Lily, but at least it would be physically possible. There's so much detail and so much going on, it just threw me for a loop when suddenly we were talking about three generations in a 20 year window, and I couldn't reconcile that, unless Cressy just doesn't have a clue what she's talking about with regard to Tully's family (but Petunia does mention Great-Aunt Cressy a few times herself so...?).

Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying the story, and I usually dislike the "Harry is actually Severus' son" stories. (It helps that there's quite a bit of story before that revelation and a believable reason for it, rather than an unmotivated "oh, by the way" as I've seen in some stories) There's a lot going on in the story and it's interesting, so when I stumbled over the impossibility, I wanted to try to offer suggestions to help.
ardis.cochrane chapter 1 . 11/12
hello dear author, just came in a few days ago and have swallowed it wholeand up til now was too busy whisking to the next chapter to review! I am enjoying every twist and turn. can't wait to see what's next!
Albertasteinthe21st.genius chapter 140 . 11/10
Fascinating. Haven't read something like this before:) It's interesting how the characters interact and how adding a whole new family can change the original story. Can't wait to see more!
What is an arrested look, by the way? I've been wondering for a while.
Chrystalline chapter 120 . 11/8
If Riddle is seventh year or just graduated, it's mid-to-late 1940s when Sholto is born. If Harry is born in 1980 and he's sixteen now, then Sholto would be about 50-60 years old. Muggles easily live that long, and wizards live longer, so the "If I tried that, there'd be a pile of bones on the floor" (re:animagus transformation back to wizard) makes no sense. It could be Sholto being deliberately misleading, but there are enough others there who should catch it, aren't there? Does no one but Petunia read Crouch's translations?
Mrs anonymous chapter 1 . 11/8
For those who are enjoying this fic: recommendations for similar entertaining fics?
Mrs anonymous chapter 1 . 11/7
What a great and under appreciated fic.
Dragonlady chapter 92 . 11/7
I’ve also had the pleasure of rereading it from the start and enjoying the very well written and thought out story
Dragonlady chapter 92 . 11/7
So pleased to have found this story again I was reading it when my laptop crashed .brilliant -clever -entertaining and I still want a talking dragon
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