Reviews for By Baker Street Station, I Sat Down and Wept
Hello hello chapter 142 . 8/6
Please w rite more!
lighting one chapter 142 . 7/17
I have been reading this story from day dot and have seen it grow to this massive piece. its fantastic writing that keeps you hooked.I love it.
AliaDragon chapter 142 . 6/30
Holy cow it took like a week but I’ve caught up! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. It seems anytime I catch up on a really good story the author goes MIA. on the other hand you have stuck with this story for quite some time...fingers crossed...
Village-Mystic chapter 142 . 6/27
Well, we do seem to be getting closer. Seems like this version of Harry is still with Ginny, too.
Village-Mystic chapter 141 . 6/27
Very cool tour of un-tread ground with good character moments.
Village-Mystic chapter 140 . 6/27
Interesting and exciting with some lovely character moments. Thanks for continuing the story.
Village-Mystic chapter 139 . 6/27
Good follow-up. When in the school year is this? Do they leave campus during the week or on the weekends?
Village-Mystic chapter 138 . 6/27
I enjoyed the pay-off interactions between Snape and Dudley.
Village-Mystic chapter 137 . 6/27
Good chapter. Enjoyed the character moments.
Village-Mystic chapter 136 . 6/27
Good plot point, pay-off chapter. Good amount of action and character moments. Good handling multiple characters, and good bringing back the story to the established characters and character problems. Also firmly establishing that Sholto was not Mr. Arcos.
Village-Mystic chapter 134 . 6/26
Interesting and mysterious. Certainly a very long distance to travel, even by Port Key.
Village-Mystic chapter 133 . 6/26
Wow. Intense.
Village-Mystic chapter 131 . 6/26
Good stuff here. By handing the ring to Sholto she's including him in the biggest information currently on his radar. The sketches might be nice to show Algy when Sholto isn't there. We still don't know if Sholto's wizard form can still happen and at what age he would appear at, but certainly the idea of having the polyjuice - although looking like Crouch might be dangerous may help. I'm still more than half-expecting for Sholto to be Mr. Arcos.
Village-Mystic chapter 130 . 6/26
Very exciting near the end there - good character moments earlier. I'm glad to see Petunia and her cousin Sholto finally having some common ground for civil discussion.
Village-Mystic chapter 128 . 6/26
Good chapter.
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