Reviews for By Baker Street Station, I Sat Down and Wept
Books85 chapter 37 . 10/17
Oh my. "Lord Voldemort qualifies as a full bore flaming nutbar'.' I want to put it a poster with the face of the politician of your choice above it. You do give Petunia the most wonderful lines!

Thank you for writing this! Oh! The journals of Cato and Cicero. You do love a plot with some depth. so do we all, that's how we came to this fandom.
hule chapter 141 . 10/14
What a cliffhanger again. And thanks for the story. It is so consoling., you see., to read the work of a sane and brilliant person after all the dangerous idiots I am forced to meet with, you know.
HoneyBear84 chapter 141 . 10/10
Love it as always and seriously can't wait for update
Books85 chapter 23 . 10/8
I do love how Petunia's Muggle outlook simply cuts right through Wizarding conundrums. Ask Dobby indeed! Everything seems to need a wand to fix it if you are a Wizard, as every problem needs a hammer if you are a carpenter.
Thanks for taking the time to do a rewrite. I don't recall having enjoyed this as much the first time, but that is probably because I didn't have much energy to spare at that time.
Books85 chapter 21 . 10/8
I am so glad that you are going through and re-editing this work. It gives me a chance to enjoy it again, and even better I now have to savor it; retirement is like that!

I was a bit surprised that you glossed over so much of Chamber of Secrets; I was rather looking forward to the chewing-out that Petunia inflicted on Dumbledore for the whole "I couldn't figure out what the Monster in Chamber was, yet a third year was able to work it out." It always offended me that the adults all took that as an indicator of how bright Hermione is rather than how careless and feckless all the staff of the school was.

Sorry I don't review frequently; I tend to wait unless I have something to say. I was also amused by the Methodist line in Chapter 6, but I was a bit puzzled; I had thought the rather pompous Vernon Dursley would have been Church of England rather than a sect that had it's roots in the coal mines of Great Britain. It's different in the states, where Methodists are perfectly normal, thank you very much.
AurorQuill17 chapter 141 . 10/8
I am obsessed. Love your petunia and all the oc’s.
graynavarre chapter 141 . 10/5
I was so glad to read this update! After I read it, I went back and reread the whole thing.

I really love this story with all of the dragons and mynah birds and Tobias and especially Sholto.

Looking forward to more.
Relephant chapter 141 . 10/4
This is the story I rush to to read when I get an email update. You've made the characters your own and as always, this chapter is wonderful.
janefanatic chapter 141 . 10/3
Thanks for the update! I hope they find the last horcrux in the cave! I’m surprised that Amy isn’t more freaked out about the existence of magic, or the dragons, but old people are a little weird. You haven’t mentioned Petunia’s tutoring in a while; is she ever going to take her OWLs?
Mrs anonymous chapter 141 . 10/2
So thrilled to see an update! You are amazingas ever.
JOdel chapter 141 . 10/2
Excellent! Progress is being made.

Even if it's just progress in seeing just *how* much of a handful Cressida Mayhew was for anyone who had to deal with her.
MissMegan24 chapter 141 . 10/1
Thank you for continuing to write and share your story!
BlazeVein chapter 141 . 9/30
So glad you are back. Hope you are ok :)
Guest chapter 141 . 9/30
Just glad you are ok
Leoni Liponscovi chapter 141 . 9/30
Awesome chapter! I love where the story is going, you’re a genius!
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