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Saalejandra chapter 21 . 6/29
Me has hecho llorar en más de una ocasión, haces que el lector sienta la histeria, tristeza, desesperación, así como otros sentimientos,deseos y ambiciones de los personajes. Aunque el desarrollo es algo lento, es muy fácil llevar la lectura y las situaciones están muy bien desarrollados.
X4uth0r chapter 21 . 6/27
Wow, that was... intense. I felt shivers when Slade said, "I didn't give you permission to stand," (or thereabouts). This is one of the many aspects of Slade's character you so eloquently are able to portray- powerful, and utterly in control. Him constantly asserting his dominance over Dick- whether it is through brute strength, or intelligence- is one of the many variables in this power struggle between master and apprentice. And Dick... that had to be damaging. Not just the physical beating (I was crying for him the entire time... while inwardly relishing the angst) but the whole mental one as well. First, all the stress from the simulation and the conflict between him, Batman, and the team. Second, his obsession with Slade and those mind games that only caused further rift between him and everyone he cares about. Next you have the whole blackmailed-into-an-apprenticeship-with-a-villain-thing... Lastly, his mentor/father is killed in front of him. That's not including those original beatings, which were absolutely *brutal*, with Slade hell-bent on Dick understanding he would never be able to defeat him, or run away from him. This time, though... Dick having to submit to him by calling him master? That takes the cake. I was cheering him on when he had the guts to fight back at the ending scene... but I sense that the fallout will be rough.
There were so many things about this chapter I enjoyed! I'm going to mention only some of them here briefly-
The partnership between the two, during the mission. You gave them such a fantastic balance between working well together and adding in imperfections. You could sense Dick's growing frustration of Slade- his ill-supplied suit, the lack of communication and no clear instructions, Slade seemingly waiting to pounce on him when he made errors, or even the praise you know he so desperately craves (something he never really got from Batman). It's interesting, because the way Slade acts toward Dick during this mission is extremely similar to how Dick acts towards his teammates when taking the lead- he automatically expects everyone to know what to do, and thus doesn't see the necessity for any further communication or clarification. Slade expects him to keep up- he made it quite clear that he does NOT think of Dick as a child, and thus does not allow him the protections or excuses of one. That's another reason between him and the Justice League- despite being dubbed 'partners,' they really aren't- maybe they aren't exactly sidekicks, but there is clear seniority among the mentors and their charges. Slade, however, claims no such thing- he completely disregards Dick's age, but makes no pretenses of his authority- the line is perfectly clear, master and apprentice.
Some half-thought-out musings/continuation of rambling-
Slade continuing his mind games, stressing on psychological warfare- possibly using Dick's craving for praise against him (way of earning respect?)
Dick's hesitance with stealing- it was interesting that he had been fine up until having to steal item himself, and that his morals are grayer than they were, but still holding fast.
Fallout from this chapter- Dick distancing himself from Slade, definitely not trusting him as much. Anger and frustration from mission, calling him master, comparing Slade to Batman, unpredictability when it comes to Slade's mood/temper.
Still curious about Vandal Savage and his interest in Dick.
Now curious about the thing they stole- the fish thing.
...have I mentioned how much I love this story? Or what a brilliant author you are? Well, let me say it one more time: you are an extremely talented writer, and this story is freakin' awesome.
I also am really enjoying these fast updates. It's possible that the ending was a little rushed, but I think the only thing it might need would be a few details added here and there, and a basic edit sweep... nothing too pressing. Anyways, thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us!
Update when able.

(Just looking over what I've written... this review is a mess. I can only hope that you can understand even a semblance of it. Good luck with translating- you'll need it.)
Esther Coutoi chapter 21 . 6/27
And the dark side apears! Yeah, Slade is kinda gore when he wants or you go in his bad side.
I like the final "Pathetic", it seems like "I'm a badass" or something like that.
And I just want to read, you know how to write ;)
Guest chapter 21 . 6/27
Is Slade going to use the starro tech on robin? Or make the light pay for it back? Ever way it another good chapter on a great story so please continue when you are able to.
wolfclaw1098 chapter 21 . 6/27
awwww I'm so sad I love when slade and dick work well together especially when slade was getting all fatherly to the distraught dick
bookwormbored chapter 21 . 6/27
Slade is such a jerk! Even though it was short, it's still good! Hopefully Dick gets him back good!
Guest chapter 20 . 6/27
love it
bookwormbored chapter 1 . 6/21
Slade and Dick's relationship really is spot on; it's how I would've thought they actually interacted. BTW I love your style of writing!
Sairey13 chapter 20 . 6/21
Slade also has a daughter named Rose
Naomi chapter 20 . 6/21
Even in the comics slade is a pretty crappy father tho.

Love the story
X4uth0r chapter 20 . 6/21
Whoa, that was a fast update- you sure you'ru not the Flash in disguise? Oh, and Villain Honor Code? That was awesome (Dick can be so adorable sometimes). I can't wait to see how the mission goes with Dick and Slade working together, and even with Dick- not necessarily being 'corrupted'- but I'm guessing he'll have the same thrill of stealing as he would protecting. Plus, you also delved into how him even faking being a criminal only ties himself closer to Slade while showing his worry of his friends not accepting him should he escape. Anyways, I'm really enjoying the dialogue between him and Slade, along with the general master/apprentice dynamic (if you can call it that- just, their characterizations within the complexity of their relationship). I'm curious what Wintergreen has been up to, or if Slade is deliberately spending more time with him.
Roy seems to be slipping into being Batman relatively well, even with his mistakes- I'm glad Alfred tried to stress that Batman wasn't perfect when he started out, either- especially against the joker. And the team have employed him into helping them find Dick! Lots of exciting stuff.
Thanks again for the speedy update- and keep up the great work!
dlsky chapter 19 . 6/20
So Roy's taking on the Joker.
Wow. That's intimidating and daunting. Even as Flash reminisced, Batman had trouble with the Joker at times, what in the comic world has always been an unvoiced expression was that Joker knows who Batman really is and just doens't care, he too realizes the complex mind and souls that are Bruce Wayne vs Batman his arch rival - interesting how he will view Roy in his replacement position.

And Dick argues with Slade. One thing Dick has always fallen into mental conflict over is the lack of black vs white. What get's Dick is Gray behavior and Slade certainly always has that luke warm, hot, ice cold behavior.
What will this conflict and Slade's wish to guide Dick into a re balance of his understanding and own behavioral habits...will he succeed?

Loved Alfred and Wally's interaction. I think of all the superheros in the DC universe no one interacts with Alfred outside the bat family besides Wally. Not even Roy has the connection and understanding or emotional conversations that often were seen and are in Fanfictions that Alfred and Wally have. Their mutual love for Richard Grayson is not just what binds them, or Alfred's cookies wally loves so much, but the respect and time Wally has spent at the Manor beyond all others that he grew to love Alfred like Bruce and Dick do, as a grandfather figure and Alfred treats Wally more like a member of the family then a guest with respect.

How will Wintergreen aid Slade in persuading Dick he needs to change as he's killing himself as he continues this unhealthy behavior?

Loved the post, even short it was impacted full of great elements.
Looking forward to more you said you'd share with us.
A chapter 19 . 6/20
Amazing story, don't feel the rush to update take your time because your effort between chapters shows and your writing is incredible.

I enjoy your chess game between Slade and Dick. The emotional strain between grief/ pushing limits and planning to out due him just catches the spirit of these two rivals and dicks refusal to let Slade win.

I think Roy is characterized perfectly or if this is aresenal and his goal to be independent and take on joker alone.

Look forward to more when the inspiration finds you.
Guest chapter 19 . 6/18
Really really loved the update keep up the good work and I can't wait wait for more
Esther Coutoi chapter 19 . 6/17
My favorite line was "He tasted freedom a few times and he missed the way it felt on his tongue already." that was kinda poetic.
I love the way you're making Slade-Dick relationship, is the way I always thought it will be, no the classic "because I'm a mercenary I'll torture you until you become a mindless slave who will be afraid of me"... I don't know how to say the thing you're making this, but I definitely like it.

Oh, so much angst! 3
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