Reviews for Pentagram
TetiSherii chapter 1 . 1/12/2013
first of all, the main idea is TOTALLY new and i love it :D :D having all together and all working together, all friends very interesting and something that i -secretly- wish :)
but the most amazing thing here is how you capture all and each one of the five characters perfectly,, i already knew each them before reaching the part of revelation,,, i knew who was talking every time,,,, so really excellent how you presented them so accurately,,
what i liked too here, how Rumina recognized her sister once their magic contacted or even once they touched each other hands, and her reaction,,,,,,,,,,, woowwwwww only gives me a picture of good Rumi under her pride -so called evil- mask :) however i still can't get how she left before her sister woke up and settle down hanged things together,,
hahaha,,, i still can't imagine the scene of Maeve and Rumi hugged and celebrate their freedom together even if briefly each by her own way :D :D and i totally love those two together,, so interesting and funny too,,
the pentagram idea and the multi-sided complex spell is fabulous and i can't but admire -just like TK- your choice to colors representing the characters links, something that captured my attention once i read the story.
how you start and how you finished it very interesting as both are multi-sided opened type ;)
very well done MJ :) very well
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 1/11/2013
Aww, what a great idea! To have all five sorceresses work together and help each other in the process. :D

I like a lot how you portrayed them all and how you had Rumina and Maeve get along. It seems reasonable that after such long a time of being imprisoned together they would form some sort of bond, no matter how dysfunctional it is. And with Caipra and Serendib being there as well, they did at least have someone to make sure they'd not kill each other before time and old age would. x)
Aw, and Serendib has matured quite a bit I felt. Her reasoning was heartfelt but also very focused - something I would expect of her and yet it's a tad different from the personality she showed when we last saw her in the series (she was rather shy and insecure there imo) - but different in a positive way!

Hehe, and I really liked your idea about Rumina breaking the curse on Dermott voluntarily. That should indeed serve as a method to stop Maeve and the crew from pestering her any further. xD

All in all a lovely little story that I enjoyed reading. Thanx a lot for writing and sharing!
TK ;o)

Oh, P.S.: Great choice of colours for each bond!
Anime Princess chapter 1 . 1/8/2013
Interesting! I LOVE how the 5 got together and bonded with each other! Became friends