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Manny Siliezar chapter 32 . 5/23
I loved all of these one shots. A clever idea, I constantly thought where some characters would fall under the fate series' classes. I look forward to more chapters in the future!
SW11037 chapter 32 . 5/22
Here's my suggestions:
Saber: Reisi Munakata (K Project)
Archer: Green Arrow (DC)
Berserker: Akuma (Street Fighter)
Assassin: Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed)
Rider: The Flash (DC; Barry Allen ver)
Caster: Green Lantern (DC; Kyle Rayner ver)

Can't think anyone for Lancer...
piddle chapter 32 . 5/17
Dracula the prince of darkness from castlevania 2
Pie Man chapter 1 . 5/16
Garrett, The Master Thief
TTrunks chapter 32 . 5/15
Some ideas I have, in no particular order.

Kenshin Himoura ((From Roroni Kenshin))
Vlad the Impaler/Alucard ((From hellsing and or fiction or Castlevania if you really wanted O.P.))
Alexander Anderson ((From hellsing))
Aragorn Son of Arathron, the True King of Men ((From Lord of the Rings))
Jegan ((Lupin the Third))
Slade Wilson/Death Stroke the Terminator ((D.C. comics))
Wolverine ((Marvel Comics))
The Punisher ((Marvel Comics))
Cole McGraph ((Infamous games))
Doom Marine ((Doom))
Zoro ((One Piece))
Marco The Pheonix ((One Piece))
Gol D Roger ((One Piece))
White Beard ((One Piece))
Michel Carpenter ((The Dresden Files, wields a "Sword of the Faith" that is said to be Excalibur.
Mace Window ((Star Wars Sword?))
Luke Skywalker ((Star Wars King?))
Darth Vader ((Star Wards (Berserker?))
Marshal Teach Black beard ((Ideally a hybrid version, but One Piece version could work))
Doctor Strange ((D.C. comics. He would not be amused.))
Kharn chapter 32 . 5/8
I can't stop saying this but Kharn the Betrayer and Juggernaut as Berserkers.
Kharn as Kariya's Berserker
Juggernaut as Illya's Berserker
Anonymous chapter 32 . 5/6
-One or more TF2 classes (don't think you've done any of them)
-Bendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
-Cuphead and Mugman (Cuphead)
-One or more members of the Fantastic Four
-An Overwatch character
Guest chapter 32 . 5/6
Zelretch second magic don't work like that, remember true magic is a mystery connected to the Root, whiting the boundering of nasuverse. What eggmen's technology did is an 9th dimensional capable to travel parallel universe with different law of physic, while zelreth's second magic use a 6th dimensional power in other word, travel in alternate timeline. or is 8thD.P.?
Guest chapter 32 . 5/6
I found this in quora. Can magi from Fate/Stay Night perform magecraft on other planets, is how I’m choosing to interpret this.

That is actually a very good question that cannot be categorically answered. We just don’t have the hard data.

That being said, my gut response would be that no, they can’t.

Magecraft in the Nasuverse is a complicated thing. It rests on the concept of the World: in the Nasuverse, the rules of reality (excepting possibly the fundamental laws of physics, it’s unclear) are established via a kind of permanent Reality Marble maintained by the Earth itself called the World. The World decides what is and isn’t “normal”, and actively suppresses what isn’t, and magecraft is defined as the actualization of phenomenons that go against the World’s sense of normality.

This is why magecraft requires energy in the form of prana: if it isn’t constantly fed energy, a phenomenon that goes against what the World considers “normal” will be crushed by it. It’s also why Servants really need Masters: beings from the past existing in the present is an abnormal phenomenon no matter what, but it’s much less abnormal if they have an anchor in the present, as in a present-day person they are connected to. A Masterless Servant needs enormous amounts of prana just to keep existing.

The key mechanism underlying the whole system is concepts. Basically, the more a concept is used, the more “normal” it becomes for the World, and therefore the less “magical” it is. This extends to human invention. To take a concrete example, consider flight: in ancient times, humans flying was a very, very abnormal thing, and so it was the domain of magecraft, but as humans developed ways of flying that coped with the World’s “normality” (flying balloons, zeppelins, planes and so on), the “magicality” of it decreased and with it the effectiveness of actual flying magecraft (sure enough, nowadays practical-minded magi mostly use mundane means of travel).

This is why, in Nasuverse magecraft, older is always better and the original is always better than a copy (no matter what Shirou says): every new concept has to fight the World to keep existing until it’s anchored by becoming “normal”, and so the older a concept (or an object bearing that concept) is, the more time the World has had to get used to it, and so it encounters less resistance. Hence the original “sword of kingship” (Merodach) being much more powerful than a “copy” with the same concept (Caliburn), and hence Gilgamesh being unstoppably powerful (the original “hero” armed with the originals of every man-made concept).

(It’s also why magecraft from ancient eras like Medea’s is orders of magnitude more powerful than anything a modern magus can do: in Medea’s time, the number of things that were “normal” for humans was much more limited, so “abnormal” solutions through magecraft were much more versatile and powerful on a conceptual level.)

So, that’s all just the basics. They relate to the actual question being asked in a very simple way: the World is planet-specific. The Earth has its own World, and so do Mercury and Jupiter and Venus and presumably every planet. Indeed, even lesser satellites like the Moon may have a World (the Moon certainly used to). All the planets in the Solar System, at least, are inhabited in the Nasuverse, and the Moon was too in ancient times: the connection between the World and a planet’s population (does one require the other, in which order, and what does it mean concepts-wise?) is unclear.

The point is, the laws of reality are different in those other Worlds. Indeed, a representative of Mercury’s World exists on Earth (somewhere in South America) and is very slowly converting the Earth’s World around it to Mercury’s World, which looks like a field of crystal. Anything Earthly that enters the area turns into crystal, too.

Since magecraft depends on what the World considers “normal”, my best bet is that in a different World (read: on a different planet), Earth’s magecraft would work either not at all or in ways that no magus could readily understand and exploit, unless that planet’s utterly alien civilization had somehow developed concepts that perfectly mirror ours.,.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/6
Pretty sure copying a reality marble is impossible (well, unless it’s your future self’s)
G0LDPH03N1X chapter 32 . 5/1
I love it! I've always been a massive fan of Jackie Chan, you did him justice. If I may, I wanted to suggest Roronoa Zoro, as a Saber class.
alakrux chapter 32 . 4/28
Love this fic. For a request, ill go for Light(Assassin) from Death Note or Guts(Berserker} from Berserk.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/27
Obscure book Characters!
Kylar Stern from Night Angel as Assassin
Kaladin from Stormlight Archive as Lancer
Guys as Berserker
Kratos as Berserker
Guest chapter 1 . 4/27
OK. I like your writing, but that was dumb. The sharingan can copy chakra activation via visual cues like hand signs, sure. I'm pretty sure it can not copy a human SOUL! much less, a heroic spirit. So, I repeat: That was dumb.
ScriptGenius12 chapter 2 . 4/25
The Punisher- Marvel Comics
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