Reviews for Reaper's Blood: Reincarnated
Animalover205 chapter 61 . 11/18
Not bad, not bad. I especially like the blood crystals, a very nice touch.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/18
I like how Zabuza actually earns his reputation in your version, as well as the interaction between Naruto and the rest. Especially Hinata, love never goes away and its resurfacing now.

Back to Zabuza, he's an S-rank (I think?) in the manga/anime, so he should be up there with the likes of Kakashi and the Akatsuki. So he should be able to handle Kurenai and Anko no problem. I also like how you took into account the fact that he underestimated Naruto and thus nearly lost, but now that he's serious he should be able to take them out easily.

Overall, nice job on this story as a whole.
thor94 chapter 61 . 11/16
violent chapter.
guren is really strong.
naruto trick failed again and backstabbed him with force.
to not change naruto is always weak. ask how many years it will take before he only scratch the surface of his clone power.
hope naruto will obtain his power up really soon.
for next chapter, kyuubi, jiraiya or another unknown shinobi will probably come from nowhere to save naruto ass again.
Guest chapter 61 . 11/16
blasterdog chapter 61 . 11/16
A man can't rest in peace anymore. Think his own thoughts, take his time, be his own man, without crazy purple haired crystal heifers attacking him bareass. Please blow her up, sooner than later would be lovely
gamelover41592 chapter 61 . 11/15
awesome fight scene :)
Leaf Ranger chapter 61 . 11/15
Wow. Impressive fight here so far. Very awesome work.

Keep it up!
rpie11 chapter 48 . 11/10
i would like more chapters
Guest chapter 60 . 11/7
Write longer chapters lazy bum
Domssj chapter 60 . 10/15
Awesome, can't wait for next chapter.
marquis.shax chapter 60 . 10/13
way to short of a chapter lol
NarutoXHonoka chapter 60 . 10/13
IoI Guren join the fray :D, i am curious what kind of battle scene you will make , i will wait for your new chapter :D
Waldo Santiago chapter 60 . 10/13
Guren time.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 60 . 10/12
Jiraiya is going to grab the idea of a beautiful assassin jumping her targets in the bath for his next book. I can't wait to see how Naruto fares against Guren, especially if Jiraiya doesn't intervene.
blasterdog chapter 60 . 10/12
No rest for the weary. Can't a man be alone with his thoughts. No. Has to get jumped by some crazy crystal heifer with a snake fetish. Daggone shame. Great chapter. Should be a good fight.
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