Reviews for A Greek Goddess and her Prince Charming
RiverLake chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA man that was so bloody funny :P well done, great imagination, I SOOO wouldn't have been able to write something like that! :P
Purple Parakeet chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
A parakeet!? SERIOUSLY?! WHY WAS I A PARROT?! *throws a tantrum out the window*

but anyways all the tantrum throwing aside, congratulations, you have the awesome purple parakeet as your very first reviewer :p Now moving on to the actual review. I really liked the crack you put in here and Fai's reaction to the dress turning pink was priceless! It's good to see that despite all the well... crack and the whole Syaoran being a goddess (with wings!) and Sakura being a Prince Charming, it was good to see that you managed to keep the realism of the situation (given those parameters) intact. and by that I mean that you didn't forget the wings or the obvious pull or the pain he would have felt there. I'd actually love to see a short drabble on how the Princess Fai (all clad in an alternating blue and pink dress - that was from Sleeping Beauty btw, right? ;P ) and Hero Kurogane managed to get the feather from the crazy author.

Oh and I noticed a couple of mistakes. near the end, the parakeet turned from purple to yellow... and umm... the last sentence, it oughtta be 'the parakeet made a happy, affirmative noise.' instead of an happy. you only use an with words starting with vowels or words where the first alphabet is silent and the next one is a vowel. for instance it would be 'an honor' but it would be 'a house' ;) I hope my bout of grammar Naziness helped a little.