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WithTheGrain chapter 2 . 1/4/2013
This chapter has so much wonderful insight of the past year and changing relationships. Really excellent the way you included the most recent events they had all gone through, including Dearing’s effect on everyone. Plus Gibbs’ thoughts on Ryan and how she expected more from him than what she was giving in return. You really put in some key points regarding Dearing and Ryan. And also the good things that had changed in Gibbs’ relationship with his team and Abby with her brother Kyle, and also the shift between Gibbs and Abby back to being relaxed, comfortable, flirty. I really love your observations regarding all of these instances.

My favorite parts of this chapter were Abby’s thoughts and reactions to Gibbs. From the very beginning as she sat next to him, admiring his clothes and physique. I totally love the way you express what she’s feeling and what she’d like to do, such as crawl all over him and nibble the smirk off his face… (squeak! I need a snowbank!)

And I could picture perfectly Gibbs standing behind her and reaching into that cupboard and Abby struggling to maintain control. You described all of that wonderfully! I chuckled at Abby’s thought of needing more beer to pluck up the courage to turn her head when Gibbs kissed her cheek. Throughout the entire chapter I could feel the tension growing between them.

I so adore Abby’s reactions to Gibbs putting up a tree, knowing how difficult it would be for him. And Gibbs’ thoughts on just how hard it was for him with memories of Kelly and Shannon but that he did it to make Abby happy. That entire bit truly tugged at my heart.

I really liked the way you worked in the incident with Abby and the frying pan. Plus all of the affection Gibbs was displaying as they worked side by side and his extra kisses had me sighing with delight.
titousphinx chapter 2 . 1/4/2013
Wow, great start ! I love it, it's fun but also full of feeling, it's so well written. Really looking forward to read more :)
tanya2byour21 chapter 2 . 1/3/2013
I like the start of this and I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. Keep up the great writing and please post more when you can.
fart fart chapter 2 . 1/3/2013
Great update.
Gibbsredhoodie chapter 2 . 1/3/2013
I gotta say the opening image and thoughts of Abby’s almost sent me to the floor dead :p This in particular...’His presence was as overwhelming masculine as usual. The way he owned... dominated... any space the minute he occupied it, whoever else might be in the room, never failed to crank her chain.’...*flails at dominant Gibbs*

And the way she studied everything about him just had me staring at the screen, the picture of him perfect in my head because of your descriptions. But seriously, this made me just lose any sense of coherency I hoped to have for the next 2 hours...’Abby surreptitiously studied his profile, taking in the strong nose and firm jawline and neck, the sweep of silver hair flopping over his forehead, the short hairs above his ears and at the back of his neck making her fingers twitch... soft or rough.’

Loved how you went over the events between the explosion and Christmas and how much of an influence and permanent fixture Gibbs was in Abby’s life. Also liked how she has noticed how he’s changing and making the effort to spend more time with her and the rest of their NCIS if little by little he’s starting to realize he doesn’t need to hide from them and instead make the most of every moment they have.

Thought you dealt with Abby’s inner turmoil really well too, with her having to keep her feelings hidden for him for so long but also being too scared that she might hear from him that she could never have him...almost like if she didn’t bring it out into the open there was always that chance he might want her.

Loved Abby’s reaction to the tree, both sweet and funny and Gibbs’ thoughts on how difficult it was to decorate it were incredibly heartfelt...and it signifies just how deep his feelings are for her that he would put himself through that just to make Abby happy. It was very emotional and open, especially when Abby was looking at the decorations of Kelly’s.

The subtle build up between them has me just melting...the mistletoe and the way they are overcome by being near each other, as well as inhaling one another’s scent *sigh* There’s a wonderful mixture of flirting with this subdued but sizzling connection when they almost look like they’re gonna give in. It’s just perfect. And the woman is lucky she could even remain conscious with this...’One time as Gibbs stood behind her to reach for something in a high cupboard, Abby fought against her eyes closing, struggling not to sway back into him as she felt the solid bulk and heat of him so close behind her. It wasn't helped by his warm breath gently washing across the back of her neck and she trembled in spite of herself as his barely there touch made her nerve endings tingle.’

And that last line says it all when it comes to these two...they are accepting of each other no matter what, and I think you really have brought that out here :)
Ron's Sweetie chapter 2 . 1/3/2013
please update soon i love you're story
WithTheGrain chapter 1 . 1/3/2013
There’s so much in this first chapter that had me laughing and sighing happily. You really captured their voices, the banter, and the relaxed friendship that they have. Throughout this, I could feel Abby’s enthusiasm because it was Christmas time. And some very nice insight into Gibbs thoughts about the team as ‘his family’ now. Gibbs’ thoughts as he looks at Abby’s outfit is a nice way to reveal his hidden feelings for her. And then Abby’s outright flirting says so much also. Love how you include the little things that Abby does that affects Gibbs, like whenever he sees her biting her lip.

So many things that Abby said had me chuckling. Such as this… “When I was having a cook-athon last week, I said to myself... self, if you're cooking one of whatever it is, you might as well double the quantity and cook two of whatever it is, don't you think?" (perfect Abby, having her talk to herself.)

And I adore this bit… Abby held up a finger. "Oh, but there will be... I worked out the cubic capacity of your freezer when I came over last week and then how much room this all takes up." … "Of course you did." … She narrowed her eyes at his smirk. "Mock not, Gibbs...” (You captured both of them wonderfully here.)

And this line did make me LOL… "Right, let's get going or the turkey will be banging on the door of your oven to get out."

You had me chuckling again with Abby bundling up before going outside. You described it so well, I could picture it perfectly. This… "Only going to my truck, Abbs... not walking the whole way home," he teased, looking her over. (I LOVE all the humor throughout this chapter!)

I really like the way you wrote Abby’s response about the clock and how Gibbs knew she was lying. That part really intrigued me. And the last line, I love the potential you’ve built there!
fart fart chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Great start to your new story.
Gibbsredhoodie chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
You know how much I love this, but it doesn’t hurt to tell you again :p Love how there’s instantly that feeling of them looking after each other right from the start, and there’s also the natural ease they always seem to have with one another and the teasing and banter that comes with that. Love Gibbs being envious of the reindeer on Abby’s chest LOL

Think you did wonderful with getting Abby in the Christmas mood too, cos it seems to be something about her that she radiates Christmas cheer and is even more bubblier than usual. The descriptions of what she was wearing and the way she moved were so detailed and I could picture it all so clearly.

I love that she cooked enough food for them not only for the day but to last Gibbs a week, think it’s those subtle things they both do that make their relationship so special. And it would be just like her to want to make sure he was eating properly, knowing how difficult this time of year is for him.

Really loved these thoughts from Gibbs too when Abby thought she might have stepped over the mark...’It had been a long time since anyone had made such an effort for him like Abby did...Since anyone had taken care of him, full stop...Gibbs knew Abby worried about him and this was her way of trying to care for him and he didn't want her to think he was annoyed or felt that she was interfering. She was probably the only one who could get away with it.’...*says a lot about what’s between them that they have different boundaries than they do with others*

Liked how the tension is building between them slowly as well, it’s all these small things that they’re becoming hyper aware of, which are brought more to the surface because of the time of year and also because they’re spending the time alone.

Gibbs’ thoughts about how he’s starting to realize that he needs to be around the people he cares about were really insightful too...he has become more open in the last season or so and I you really brought that out. Love this...’the thought that Christmas Day would be theirs, just the two of them, this year was a good one...If Gibbs were honest with himself, it was something he wanted every year.’...*happy sigh*

The image of Abby all bundled up cracked me up and was so her...’ The only thing visible was the tip of her nose and her vivid green eyes and she looked like a mischievous elf...She caught his smirk and a muffled, "What?" emerged a she cocked her head on one side.’...*LOL can so picture that, and Gibbs’ response too, just classic*

And this..."Nah... I'll keep ya warm, Abbs." He bent to kiss her cheek as he moved past, and was out of the door before she could respond. As Gibbs headed for the stairs, wondering what he'd just given away, he was assailed with images of the various ways he'd like to do just that...* much promise of things to come*
Kesterpan chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
I kinda wanna head slap Gibbs for being clueless! Her flirting is so direct - I can't believe Mr. Investigator isn't getting the hint! Of course, Ms. Forensic Scientist isn't doing much better... they need to carry some neon signs around or something. :)

Seriously, though, the connection they have is so nice and easy, despite the way they're dancing around each other. The timing is good, too... he's obviously finally acknowledged his team as family, publicly, and if there was ever a good time to take things to the next level, this is it.

I am really, really wondering what Abby got for Gibbs that she gave up the clock from her grandmother - that's huge! I hope Gibbs doesn't feel bad about it... going to be so interesting to see how this all works out. So I'm glad it's not another marathon, although you know I'm always up for the ride with those!
Talldi chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Good start! Can't wait for the next one! ;)
Ron's Sweetie chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Great story I love it update soon
mdp2512 chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Wonderful stuff! Bring it on!
Can't wait for chapter 2
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