Reviews for Got You Stuck On My Body (Like a Tattoo)
Ale7 chapter 23 . 12/31/2018
Well it’s funny. It’s definitely been more than a month. I always be coming back to this story. It’s beautiful. Thank you for writing this. It be great if u could come back but Whatever u do I hope u are healthy and happy. Btw happy new year.
Guest chapter 22 . 11/2/2018
4 Days to read all the chapters and I loved it.
RunawayToParadise chapter 22 . 5/28/2018
Jesus... it feels like it was so long ago when I first got into Glee lol I was only there because of Brittana, years down the line I stumble upon your fic and it's absolutely amazing.
I couldn't stop reading it, the way you wrote the relationship between these two is just so right. I love that you focused so much on the high level of passion that their relationship could take because it's so true and I didn't even notice it when I was watching the show.
I really enjoyed the way you represented each character. Everything felt really on point and somehow you managed to not make it out of character (I'm only saying that because Glee's writers were a mess and their characters often contradicted themselves so it's hard to represent them well). What you wrote about Brittany is so true (and I hadn't taken notice), no one called her out for her mistakes. I enjoyed seeing that happening in here.

I just had quite the good time reading it. It's been a long while since I last read a fic because they no longer leave me feeling something yet yours did. I finsh it a week ago but I still find myself thinking about it. It has angst and sexiness and at times it truly made me laugh, it made me reconsider things about my own life which was quite refreshing... so thank you so much for taking the time to write it and then to decide to share it with us.
I just hope you are doing great and having a good week!
Thanks for everything.
daomybuu1993 chapter 22 . 4/17/2018
Hi, I just wanna say that I really really love and enjoy Quinntana in your story. Just wish and hope that you have a time to continute write more in future. I will always waiting for you story update. Thanks you and wish you all the best in future. :)
Guest chapter 22 . 11/4/2017
Please update! :)
zk08 chapter 19 . 10/14/2017
one of best Quintana story, come back please!
Guest chapter 22 . 9/13/2017
Please come back! This story is so good and it really needs a happy Quinntana ending :D
Guest chapter 22 . 8/24/2017
pleaseeeeeeeeeeee come back
Moot44 chapter 21 . 8/2/2017
You really lost Quinn's Character in the last half of this story. Like most Quintana fic you focus completely on Quinn's sadness and insecurities and treat Santana like the heartbroken Goddess that nobody's good enough for. And Quinn should count her lucky stars that Santana even Grace's her with her presence. You lost interest in Quinn in particular and it's glaringly obvious. Your Quinn wallows in this purgatory between personal growth and self pity. Be the one author that let's her finally be strong and sophisticated.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/19/2017
I'm so fucking glad you offed ys because after reading this biased bullshit, anyone would want that.
Guest chapter 22 . 3/12/2017
Bravo. What a wonderfull fic. Seriously. Whatever were the espectations you had when you started this, let me tell you; you made it baby. Rigt out of the park. And its no easy word from me since I used to consider myself a hard core Brittana shipper. Till now, I must say. Your Quinn is precious and so deep and complex. Especially in the first half of the fic I felt a deep bound with her. Made me think a lot. This story is okay just like this. I think no need nothing more. Congratulations. Hope you' ll back to this Quinn Fabray in future works. XOXO.
ChezChezLaGhost chapter 22 . 2/19/2017
It's been over a year. You promised. I know that sometimes life gets in the way but this really deserves an ending.
Busshunter chapter 19 . 1/11/2017
So, yeah... I'm here again, sorry, but this story is the best I've read about Quinntana so far. It's like my heart need to see this story completed :( I don't know how to explain this, but I could feel every emotion that you wanted to express on each character and maybe it's a big deal to me because I lived a similar situation. Idk. It's a shame you didn't continue it. Hope you're doing well :) Have an awesome new year!
sidspa chapter 22 . 12/11/2016
Can't imagine my life without a final for this fic... pleaseeee :)
Guest chapter 22 . 10/23/2016
Please come back! I love this story :)
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