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oma13 chapter 18 . 11/1
Lovely, just lovely. I love the story and love the updates. Please continue it and finish it. Too good not to finish and its sequel would frustrate me! ;-) I want to see Merlin whole again! He has been suffering too much!
AWholeFleetOfShips chapter 18 . 11/1
Your story is brilliant! I haven't been able to put my phone down to stop reading it since I discovered the story! Just so you know, I would be completely on board to read more about Merlin's aftermath. I have a soft spot for PTSD. That being said... There's a dark part of me that doesn't want Merlin's legs healed. :O
Oh dear. I really want you to know that I am loving this story! And can't wait to read more, I'm sure that whatever direction you take this story, I'm going to enjoy it immensely.
Kas3y chapter 18 . 11/1
Amazing chapter :D Arrh, that Merlin is a smart one :D Keep up the fantastic work :D
Jesse R chapter 18 . 10/31
THIS IS IMPORTANT AND NEEDS TO BE FINISHED! So many of these stories get to a point and are left hanging so you do not know what happens...better to not start than to start and leave things as a mystery unsolved just hanging!
mersan123 chapter 18 . 10/30
Ok that last line all but broke me. I tell you that I saved this chapter for a time I would be alone (family all busy doing their own "things"), have some piece and quite and maybe a glass of wine to enjoy with.
The chapter was worth all this and more. Seeing Merlin suffering like this just breaks my heart BUT to see how Arthur is doing all he can and completely out of any comfort zone just fills me with so much hope.
Merlin has laid bare all his "sins" thinking Arthur deserves to know but also fearing he will hate him. Arthur has responded just as one would expect the Once and Future King to, with sympathy and compassion. Go Arthur.
Thank you so much for continuing this story. Brilliant story, beautifully written.
chele the original chapter 18 . 10/30
good chapter.
animals202 chapter 18 . 10/30
LFB72 chapter 18 . 10/30
I like it when you write from Merlin's perspective. His pain, reflections and observation about Arthur were well handled as was there discussion
Talking of Morgana, I wonder what her role will be hear.
maldru chapter 18 . 10/30
Reading this brilliant chapter was quite a tough ride. Heart-wrenching even . How could Merlin even talk, being in such extreme pain for so long? And still keep his wits... I would love to see this story completed eventually, as opposed to a risk of having it stopped before it concluded and all loose ends tied up with a sequel uncertainly looming ahead. I am actually almost physically aching for a healing conclusion. Each new chapter is a highlight of my week :D (2 weeks? ;( )!
AMirroredImage chapter 18 . 10/30
Yes, another update! This was such an amazingly wonderful chapter. I absolutely adore the way you write the relationship between Arthur and Merlin. From the beginning this story has been excellent, so I would love to see more of it, sequel or longer story, whatever works best for you. You can definitely count me as a reader. Hope we won't have to wait so long before the next update, though. It's messing with my emotions and I need a bit of closure! Thanks!
JadedKrystal chapter 18 . 10/30 the way this story is coming along. sooo how many chapters till our favorite warlock gets healed?
Gwenneth chapter 17 . 10/27
Enjoying this story a lot! I stayed up til nearly midnight on a weekday just to get to this chapter. Hope you continue it. I'd love to see Merlin well and Arthur's reaction to seeing him do some magic!
Kas3y chapter 17 . 10/22
I couldn't really remember any of this story, so I read it all over again and I still loved it :P I cannot wait for you to get the next amazing chapter out :D Keep up the fantastic work :D
JadedKrystal chapter 17 . 10/17
i really like this story...please don't abandon it. update soon as you can.
Moonwing1 chapter 17 . 10/17
This is an excellent story; I've gotten so involved in such a short time! I hope to read more soon, so good luck and get writing!
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