Reviews for Once More, With Feeling
EleventhGurl chapter 32 . 15m ago
my god, that was a really pretty way to end this really pretty story. the story had been such a huge block of emotional words that i can't help but tear up at certain parts and smile at the others. in this chapter? i was all smiles and i can feel their happiness. four years and still so strong. it's wonderful.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/16
This is such a perfect ending to this story! Loved how Sakura transitioned from being a dancer to an actress and Sasuke continuing to tattoo. This last chapter was written beautifully. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us and you'll be truly missed!
YashiHashi chapter 32 . 6h ago
I usually don't review because I feel like I have nothing important or special to say but I do have to say something now!
This is my favorite story on this site. I'm do glad you finished it, I love the way you finished it! I couldn't have asked for a better ending, I'm just glad it all came together and worked out. Thank you for writing this awesome story with a great storyline and your awesome writing skills. As many nice people write stories here not many are as talented as you in my opinion.
I hope you'll continue to write and maybe someday continue your stories on here.
Anyway, great story, from start to finish! You're awesome :)
Guest chapter 32 . 4/16
Jellybelle chapter 32 . 4/16
Okay, so my other username has stopped showing up in reviews but...

Bye Daisy. We love you, and all the haters who put you down are just jealous IDIOTS who ruined something beautiful. If you ever write a novel, tell us here on , because we want to see it. We love your work. It's been a fantastic ride, and you're wonderful, and you should never let anyone tell you different. For every random, stupid flamer, you have five fans who are mourning your loss. Sweetie, don't ever let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Isn't that what this story is about? Good luck with whatever you choose to do in the future. We will be behind you all the way.

xoxo Belle
DeUtvalda chapter 32 . 22h ago
I think I'm gonna cry. I need to hug something...
Tanya chapter 32 . 4/15
Hey Daisy! Gosh, you are such a brilliant writer. All of your stories always kept me on edge, waiting for the next chapter. It's so sad to see you go, but I totally respect your decision because honestly I wouldn't want to put up with a bunch of idiots either who have no sense of civilization. So all-in-all, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us and I know you will make one hell of a doctor, helping people wherever you go. :) You are a true inspiration.

Xoxo, Tanya
Keyko chapter 32 . 4/15
No way I can say how beautiful this story is. And this last chapter was like a translation of everything I find source of happiness. Congratz Daisy!
Olivia chapter 32 . 4/15
Fabulous ending. Loved it so much. (: hate to see you go, maybe you'll be back one day!
mostlyblue chapter 32 . 4/15
hi daisy, thank you for finishing this and i'm sorry for never leaving a review cause I never know what to say when it comes to your stories and i'll really miss you and your stories because you and your stories helped me these last few years.

just wanted to say thank you one last time because I regret not thanking you more for your stories because ffnet is losing an amazing author without you here.

I hope everything goes well for you daisy and that you have a happy future, thank you thank you thank you for your words
Watermellow chapter 32 . 4/15
Bye, Daisy. This is a fitting ending for you. Beautiful and sad. I'm crying. Hard. I'm so unhappy that haters ruined something so wonderful. I check you page every day. Or, I did. So goodbye. I've loved every minute of this. I hope you write your own novel, and tell all of us on about it, because I know it would be great. You have hundreds of fans who will support you wherever you want to go with your writing career, and I'm one of them. Don't let jealous idiots bring you down. I love and admire all your art. Please leave it as a memorial of you.

xoxo, water :' )
Terahlyanwe chapter 32 . 4/17
This is an amazing story. :) normally I don't like these kind of Naruto fics, but you're marvelously talented!

And if you're still fed up with the BS on , have you thought about changing websites? archiveofourown . net is a great community, if rather new.
AlexisKeller chapter 32 . 4/17
Honestly? I'm crying. Like fully I-need-more-tissues-because-I'm-a-freaking-mess crying. But the good kind.
I LOVE YOUR WORK. This story was painful, sweet and real. I loved it. There couldn't have been a better way to end it.
I liked the part where Sasuke thinks about how his heart belongs to Sakura and that Itachi has his back. Best play on words. :)
It's touching, this story. It's beautiful. And I have to thank you for patiently sharing something as amazing as this with us. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're a great writer. No, scratch that; a FABULOUS one. And I'd read anything you'd ever put up any day, because it'd be written by one of my favorite authors; because your writing style is so different and fresh and awesome.
Hopefully we'll see you around. Till then, goodbye. :)
just an anon reader chapter 32 . 4/17
This story was so beautiful. Sasuke's realization is so spot on and realistic. I definitely cried during this chapter. I'm very happy with your ending, it is perfect.

I'll truly miss your writing, your notifications always made my heart beat faster with giddieness, so thank you. If you ever decide to write professionally, please post and let us know as I will absolutely support your books.
Eternally Happy chapter 32 . 4/15
I just came back from a gruelling history midterm and was pleased to find that this amazing story has been completed. I am thrilled and can't wait to see the endings of the other stories. Have a wonderful day!
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