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jusluvaleja chapter 32 . 8/31
Me: alright I'm gonna try not to start this one so soon so I can have something to read later
Also me: literally is dying of excitement to read it so I read in anyway and finishes it the day I start reading it XDDD

Another favorite of mine ! I'm so sorry for reviewing so much but I can't help it XD I love leaving reviews on amazing stories. I have so much fun reading your fanfics! I literally laugh and fangirl over them so much. I can't wait to read the next one :))
gffn chapter 32 . 8/3
Whoooosh I loved this so much, the emotion and feeling were so descriptive and I swear I was crying so hard on some scenes, and the sasusaku fluff was so cute!
clan ga kill chapter 32 . 7/29
Dear author, i practically never review any stories i read but this was the very exception. Your story was such a rollercoaster of a emotion with the way you realistically portrayed your characters without being ooc. I mean it was a show of such brute emotion that i am still reeling of it now. I don't know why but i personally cried at the last chapter with sasuke's p.o.v because as he said life isn't always what we want but we have to adapt to the circumstances and try and find happiness. I want to thank you for all the work you have put in this and hope that you will continue to amaze people with stories like that. Thank you again and this story was for me the best in all those i've read in terms of plot, pace and realism.
Birkastan2018 chapter 32 . 6/9
Dear author, what an aptly named final chapter. This final chapter just felt so damn good to read. I loved how we got to end with SAsuke's POV - and while seeing all of the incredible things that developed over the last 4 years for him and Sakura (their marriage, all of the exciting things happening with their careers, Hana and Iruka's baby, Naruto's band getting a recording deal, etc.) the thing that struck me the most was Sasuke's peace with and acceptance of uncertainty. That he doesn't know what's going to happen in the future and he's okay with that. He's just happy knowing that he doesn't have to be tied down by anyone else's expectations but his own. This was such a powerful message and an awesome way to bring this sensational journey to a close. Thank you so much again for writing and sharing this stunning story with us.
Birkastan2018 chapter 31 . 6/8
Dear author, I know it's cliche to say but this is hands down my favorite chapter in the story. I know there is Chapter 32 but this... I wish wish wish I was in that audience seeing this insanely gorgeous performance that you put to words. It is so cathartic to be able to read it, after all of the ups and downs and all of the hurt and grief and pain and reinvention and learning and overcoming that Sasuke and Sakura had to go through. The details you included here - Sakura looking so raw without a stitch of makeup, determined to show the REAL her, and Sasuke - having Sakrua's name over his heart... the only color on his body.. .all of it was absolutely stunning.
Birkastan2018 chapter 30 . 6/8
Dear author, I sometimes wondered about Kakashi's role in all of this throughout the story, and in reading this chapter - I think I'm beginning to get a better sense of what people mean when they say "less is more". I loved how Kakashi was written here. He's definitely a more subtle character, but as a reader/fan - i can feel how deeply Kakashi's quiet but steady hand of influence has on Sasuke through this chapter. Reading their reunion scene at Ink and Iron, I felt their relationship substantiate itself through all of the little things you mentioned: how kakashi wasn't at all surprised that Sasuke was back, how he kept all of Sasuke's artwork, kept his old room intact, how he just seemed to understand this kid even though very little words were exchanged... The only word I can think of is subtle - everything about the way their dynamic was written was so subtle, yet saturated in significance, and it was an absolute joy to read this exchange. as always, thank you so much for writing and sharing your work with us!
Birkastan2018 chapter 29 . 6/8
Dear author, that opening scene with Ms. Suzume was chilling and unbelievably cathartic at the same time. The lesson Sakura mentions - how just because a teacher tells you something doesn't mean its true - is one that I wished I learned earlier than I did, and I loved that towards the end, the other girls in Studio A got to listen in on Ms. Suzume getting her ass handed to her. I also adored the ending scene with Ino and gawwwd - don't we all need an Ino in our life? I thought that last scene was a killer set up for Sakura's final performance :D As always, thank you so much for writing and sharing your incredible work with us!
Birkastan2018 chapter 27 . 6/8
dear author, Four Roses Single Barrel is one of my favorite bourbons, and after I read this chapter whenever I have it I think of Tsunade. God, I love Tsunade and I love the way she was written here. There is so much that I enjoyed about this chapter, but as a fan I wanted to address your author's note here. That is just so shitty, and I don't blame you for having left this forum. As a reader and fan its awful, but no person in their right mind could blame you after having experienced something like that multiple times over. I'm genuinely sorry you were exposed to that, and I am so thankful that you still found it in your heart to continue on with this story and share it with us anyways. Thank you.
Birkastan2018 chapter 23 . 6/7
Dear author, whenever I read this fic and this chapter - I am always amazed by how much of an impact a deceased character without many actual lines of dialogue can have on a story. I know this is a SasuSaku piece, and I hope this doesn't counter what your intentions were for this fic... but Itachi is my favorite character in this story, and I read it as much for him as I do SasuSaku. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us.
Birkastan2018 chapter 22 . 6/7
Dear author, I don't know why because I've read this chapter more times than I can count but the build up to this call still never fails to punch me in the gut EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. When Sasuke says he feels almost nauseous as he waits for Sakura to pick up, I can relate... because I always feel a little queasy when I read this, too! That call is explosive - and this line: "Buy a fucking clue. Buy a fucking studio for all I care and dance yourself to death." AMAZING. As always, thank you so much for writing and sharing your work with us!
Birkastan2018 chapter 21 . 6/6
Dear author, in my humble opinion - Sissonne is in its own stratosphere. Reading this chapter always leaves me in awe of the meticulous way you constructed this story; how each and every plot point, and every detail you subtly planted in previous chapters waylay and crisscross to connect with each other and converge here to create the most beautiful picture. The haunting note from Itachi to Sakura, the timing of when the note was written, the way its five simple words lend a foundation for everthing SasuSaku was/is and gives Sakura the license to believe that what they both had was real... coupled with that final scene in Sasuke's dorm room only to have the radio turned on and be the first time she ever hears Ballerina is all just... MASTERFUL. This chapter is masterful in its timing, structure and prose, and absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this stunning installment with us.
Birkastan2018 chapter 20 . 6/6
Dear author, this chapter always twists my gut. That call with Hana is such a horrendous scene for me because of its tragic nature, but it never fails to suck me into a 2nd or 3rd read bc of how expertly it is written. That Sasuke would tell hana such a cold and callous lie absolutely cuts to the quick... and the realization that he never actually met with Itachi's lawyer and personally reviewed the contents of his brother's will always makes my head spin. My favorite line of this chapter though, has to be this: "And I'll just stand off to the side and pluck Itachi's strings while he pulls mine from beyond the grave, and pretend like those aren't my words meant for Sakura when they are." Give me endless endless money and endless time, and I still couldn't come up with something like this. No way, no how. I absolutely LOVE this story, and can't thank you enough for writing and sharing another stunning chapter with us.
Birkastan2018 chapter 19 . 6/6
Dear Author, no matter how many SasuSaku AU stories I read: the scene with Naruto in this chapter Ch19 continues to be my favorite interpretation of canon's promise of a lifetime. Sometimes i get the sense that readers aren't really keen on having Naruto play too big a role or having too big a presence in SasuSaku stories, but I can't understand why. I guess in my head, SasuSaku wouldn't be SasuSaku without Naruto as the glue that holds the hope of their love alive, without Naruto to remind them w/out hesitation of their connection, without Naruto as their mutual man child bestie, I dunno... I love the roles Naruto plays in your SasuSaku stories, and I particularly love the role he plays in this chapter. And that ending... this story is relentless in the way it keeps me on my toes. Again, this revelation about Itachi's will was completely unexpected - and it automatically made me wonder what Hana and Sasuke's call was about. Once again, thank you so much for writing and sharing another addicting chapter with us!
Birkastan2018 chapter 17 . 6/6
oh author... every time I read this chapter I think about black Zetsu... and I'm reminded of the Uchiha curse of hatred and I'm wondering if that same poisonous shadow is in Sasuke's head at the bus station telling him Sakura doesn't matter, that he needs to cut her off at all costs, that she's a part of the toxic konoha that killed Itachi and its so frustrating knowing how badly he's being manipulated and lied to. I'm also struck by the depth of Sakura's feelings for him in this chapter - i never doubted that she loved him, but to throw away her entire life's work up to that point - the sacrifices she made, everything she put her body through, etc. to follow him on that bus was stunning to read, and I can't even imagine the weight of the darkness he's under for her words and the meaning behind them not to have changed his decision. It was all so heartbreaking... BUT THAT ENDING. That ending felt like a reprieve after treading water for a month straight. YES! Sakura taking control of something and doing something for herself for once was so welcome. As always, thank you so much for writing and sharing another stellar chapter with us!
Birkastan2018 chapter 16 . 6/5
dear author, what a stunning chapter. Sakura's emotional roller coaster bleeds through your words - from her disgust at her own self pity at Itachi's funeral, to her sadness at her inability to deny Sasuke, to the slightest hope that they might be something more after that changed night in her room, to this... everyone who always asks me - "ugh, how can you believe their ship would ever work? it seems impossible with how broken he is" - I think of moments like this, where she is literally the only person on earth seems like they can break through his practiced apathy and make him feel alive. As I read this, a part of me wonders if deep down inside, because they DO share this connection (no matter how twisted and demented it is) she knew he'd leave... and she needed something to remember him by. I've had such mixed emotions reading these past 3 chapters, but the only thing I am sure of is that I loved each and every one in their own way. They were stellar reads, and as always - thank you so much writing and sharing your work with us!
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