Reviews for Go, Soccer Player, Go!
Guest chapter 60 . 6/29
I hate the omake sais goodbyr. I loathe it! Despise it! It made me cry.
Guest chapter 52 . 6/29
oh mi god. I love you or shindo. I love marbles! Thank you so much! Arigatou gozaimasu! So fricking happy! That really made my day
Guest chapter 25 . 6/29
Mada mada dane. ;)

So true goalie. I feel ta. (Not really)
akufathul chapter 60 . 6/20
Omake bestfriend
"That changed after their first game against the reserves of the Chiba team. That was the game when Kaito had freely admitted his own shortcomings and promoted Shindo instead. Because that had been what would be best for the team. And maybe a little because Kaito had wanted Shindo to be his friend, though he still wasn't sure if that had actually been a reason even now."

I think, u might mistakenly wrote kaito instead of takashi?
Guest chapter 59 . 6/12
A grand time i had reading this. Truly noteworthy.
Guest chapter 38 . 6/12
Perfect timing to remind me that because of the differences, the Go club is like 1000%more serious, even if the exact quality hadn't been shown to my recall.
halesia-san chapter 63 . 6/6
I finally decided to register so that I can give my thanks to you for creating this wonderful story. I really love how you made Sai and Hikaru say their farewell to each other early on, it really soothed my aching heart. Also, the last omake, oh god, that's really really good!

Now if you can make another omake where Sai reunites with Hikaru after the latter's death. Nah, just kidding. I'm just happy that this ended with a happy note. Write more when you feel like it okay? Thank you~
musme chapter 63 . 6/4
I love it very much!
Guest chapter 60 . 3/14
So sad. TT
Elon chapter 63 . 1/29
I totally love this fic! I wish there were more omakes or a sequel of Hikaru's road to the Honinbo. I read this from start to finish in 2 days now I'm having withdrawals :)
My Solitude chapter 63 . 1/11
Lovely story! If I could've, I would've finished this in less than a day! But, 2 days is close enough! I really really REALLY enjoyed reading this! :)
zeynel chapter 63 . 1/9
I loved this one!
Curtis Zidane Ziraa chapter 63 . 1/9
That sounds chaotic and utterly hilarious. So awesome.
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 63 . 1/6
Mitani would totally do that for Hikaru.
Wynter Spite chapter 63 . 1/5
Aww! That is just so dang sweet, I can't even. It's sweeter than the Toblerone chocolate I just had. Aw. I can't stop smiling and cooing at the phone on which I read this.
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