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HanaTenshiHimeko chapter 59 . 15h
Wow, finally caught up, thank you for this wonderful fanfiction! I'll be looking forward to the omakes
anon chapter 59 . 5/22
It has been that long and I do not regret waiting. You did well continuing this until the end I know your proud of yourself and you should be. Thank you for the memories
bipolarwithcats chapter 59 . 5/20
Sony Boy chapter 59 . 5/19
I've been with you since the beginning, even if I didn't review every chapter (I think most though...), so I"m sad to see this end. On the other hand, this story has been amazing from the very start and I'm so glad to have found it and followed along.

The relationship between Sai and Hikaru has always been amazing and seeing it develop, each with their own interest but willing to learn about the others, how the compromised and lived with each other for years was a privilege. You wrote it in so naturally that the way they changed and grew is one of the more enjoyable aspects of this fic.

The other friendships and relationships are also a highlight. Mitani is my favorite among them, with how he cares so much for Hikaru and basically goes "fine, if hikaru is no longer sporty and trendy, we're going to change with him." and "I need to take care of the idiot (friend), he can't survive with out me". (I'd love to see any Omake with Mitani.)

I am hoping that you will continue to write fanfics and that they are in fandoms I follow, just so I can read what you post. (Even if they aren't in fandoms I care about, I may give them a try just because it's you who is writing it.)

At the very basic level, I just want to thank you for following through with the basic premise: "Hikaru as a soccer player and doesn't abandon that dream for Go." There have been many fics that start out with that idea but they soon follow canon and have Hikaru focus only on Go. This is the most enjoyable HnG fic I've been following for years.

You deserve to be proud of this story and I hope others let you know.

Thank You.
EquinePianist chapter 59 . 5/19
Performs Anime Bawling.
zeynel chapter 59 . 5/18

But I loved the stoy til it lasted, it was very interesting. I would have loved to see more... But then, that is the mark of good stories.
Dragon's Shaow chapter 59 . 5/18
Really good job on the ending!
Yuuki chapter 59 . 5/18
Nice ending and nice conclusion..
For the omake I hope you will write about Hikaru's wife and children as Sai's hope tht Hikaru will have a wife and children.
I hope in tht omake you will show how Hikaru's children play go and soccer
Sessha Lebeau chapter 59 . 5/17
Congratulations to a Job well done and an amazing run. I look forward to any new work you might endeavour in the future. As for Omake, I'm curious on Hikaru first introduction game perhaps you can give that a go if you find the time? Considering that new pro's are given 3 stones against the title holders, Hikaru should win by a landslide unless there is a repeat of what happen in the canon. Either way, nothing can be uneventful where he is concern.
P.S: Matani is too adorable not to love 3
doremishine itsuko chapter 58 . 5/17
Aww the last to chapter specially this one made me cry OMG how I wish this actually happen in both manga and anime you are a genious really hope you write many more stories about hikaru and sai and wow this story was and is amazing great job btw put this story as complete and take care
Guest chapter 59 . 5/17
Thank you for writing this story. I remember all the first time I read your story. I stayed up all night to read all the chapters that were up at the time. Sometimes I just re-read the story just because it's so good. I love how your characters interact with each other and the idea for this story is just awesome. Can't wait to read the
Jon chapter 59 . 5/17
Bravo. A brilliant story :)
BBLimits chapter 59 . 5/17
I can't believe this is really the end. (...Which it isn't, since there'll be a chapter 60, but still.)

I'm not really sure about what I should say, except for a 'Thank you for writing this story'; thank you for how you characterized everyone, for giving them awesome character development and for the goodbye between Sai and Shindo.
It was all amazing, and this chapter was pretty much everything I had hoped to read and some (with Hikaru carrying Sai's legacy and Mitani being a mother-hen).

Best wishes ;)
Arford chapter 59 . 5/17
Thank you for this work. I'll cherish it for as long as I can.
Kairenayui chapter 59 . 5/16
Ending this story made me sad yet so happy. I am glad that this story have finally reach a conclusion. Thank you for your hard work! I enjoy reading your author's letter at the end. It made me happy to know that you have read all of my reviews I have wrote. Thanks a whole bunch!
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