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doraemax chapter 60 . 8/14
Honestly, i nearly cried when Hikaru recollecting the goodbye scene.

Hmm... I loved that you imply there are other reasons Sai remains a ghost and got attached to Hikaru. "Kami no itte"? In a way it is such a weak reason for such a haunting. That you imply he is given the chance because of Torajiro/Shidou himself... to be a Mentor to such a bright soul... for some reason i was reminded of the Kdrama 'Rooftop Prince'. A love/purpose that transcend time...two intertwined souls that is given another chance to love and have their story... just, wow...
doraemax chapter 59 . 8/14
Honestly, this is the most bittersweet of Hikaru no Go fanfiction i have ever read. This is among my most favourite, in fact. And the best ending.

thank you.
Falcon-Rider chapter 60 . 8/10
Lovely story! Thank you very much for writing it!
pseudotothenym chapter 59 . 8/4
This was a great read. I miss Hikago, and this did a lot of justice to the original. Thank you for sharing it.
Viviene001 chapter 60 . 7/31
I wish u make another... XD
Yes,it's been fun,SRRY it took so long for me to review!XD
Sylcian Sph Legacy chapter 60 . 7/20
Thank You for this story. Really. I love it. And...yeah, thank you.

Because this story is great.
Because I laugh .
Because I was touched .
Because I liked the characters.
Because it was well written .
Because I liked the story .

So, Thank you for writing and sharing .

Je te souhaite de continuer d'écrire et d'avoir de l'inspiration.
Encore merci, et à bientôt, j'espère,
kiki638 chapter 60 . 7/4
This book reminded me of my love for hilarious no go and the ending and omake you wrote were amazing.
forbiddenstars chapter 60 . 7/4
Listen. I'm literally just screaming. I got up, searched through three rooms of my house, and attached my bluetooth keyboard just so I could type a properly appreciative review.

This is, hands down, THE most inspiring, fulfilling, and entirely enjoyable fic I've ever read in the HnG fandom. And considering I have been scouring the internet for HnG fic for the past 8 years, I feel relatively confident in my authority to make such a statement.

I love love love LOVE (AUGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH DAMN IT) that Hikaru goes on to be a wildly successful, spirited and inspiring soccer athlete. and STILL maintains his passion and love for Go and the Heian arts that are so important to Sai. There are few stories out there where Hikaru chooses soccer, fewer still where he chooses both, and vanishingly few that combine them with such accuracy of characterization and deftness of plot.

The idea of Akira's bemusement when he sees Hikaru's elective work - so cultured! so ancient! so delicate and not!soccer like! - delighted me. The idea of Hikaru as a world famous soccer star AND the most gentlemanly and cultured modern athlete in the international scene just really hit a good point for me.

And allowing Sai and Hikaru to preemptively bid each other farewell-perfect. just perfect. I love the bittersweetness of an unspoken ending as much as anyone else, but in this fic, having that fulfilled, full-circle confirmation was just immensely satisfying.

Your characters are completely IC-even I was annoyed in the beginning at Sai's canon selfishness and childishness, and Hikaru was entirely realistic as an exuberant and lighthearted boy.

Akari going pro was another beautiful point. So many fic relegate her to the position of a token girlfriend, or a symbol of his "lost" path, etc, etc. But elevating her to the Go world while Hikaru stayed out of it-perfect. the perfect balance.

Even your OCs (the soccer players, and the other classmtes, although I don't remember if you based them on other characters) were rich and seemed real to me. They had reasons to their being and their actions, instead of just being vague plot devices.

Mitani as almost-tsundere mother-hen is just beautiful. I don't need to say more than that. I want to cuddle him and pet his head and feed him snacks, and put him in a cage match with Ogata.

Your Omakes! Both funny and full of thought! AHHHH. the Kuwabara Honinbo match? filled a hole that I didnt' realize I had. I never realized how Hikaru, the ultimate student of Honinbo-style Go, might see that title as the ultimate. I can just image him as Shindo Honinbo, walking gracefully in his robes (hey, as he gets older, I'm sure they would let him try Heian style robes! Old people have more leeway), asking to be addressed not by his higher titles, but by Honinbo. Because it's so much a part of him.

In conclusion to this ridiculous review-thank you for giving this Hikaru life. This is how Hikaru should have lived-to the fullest in everything that he loved. This is just one of those fic that make you feel so damn good when you read it! I'm going to go look for this on AO3 to see if I can download it and save it FOREVER. Thanks for all your hard work!
RequiemInRed chapter 59 . 7/2
This is truly beautiful. I simply love it. From the characterization to the interactions, you made a splendid work, so I really hope you will continue to write more fanfics.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/28
lol akira so shocked
man this is funny
not obsessed akira is funny
Guest chapter 16 . 6/28
oh snap
two cheapskates
im scared xD
Guest chapter 14 . 6/28
akira you so awkward
Guest chapter 9 . 6/28
lol that authors note tho
Guest chapter 7 . 6/28
say what
what the fuck
ogata no
ogata you are one creepy dude
ogata no ogataing
okay if only your name was swiper
dont exist
thank much
Guest chapter 6 . 6/28
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