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tragicmat1 chapter 53 . 3/3
I love this dramatic chapter :D It'll be tough for Shindo though! As he gets even better in Soccer and continues improving at his rapid pace in Go :P
Guest chapter 53 . 3/3
Noooooooooooooo... What's going to happen next? So intense! Please don't leave me wondering for long. I love your story and check it weekly for updates. Please keep it up! :)
Sessha Lebeau chapter 53 . 3/3
That went well...? It's a given that Their first fight would be over a goban, haha.
Thank you for this chapter, you know I been waiting for it since forever. 3
Ashia21 chapter 53 . 3/3
Yes! I've been waiting for this moment! The time when Touya realizes how strong Hikaru can really be! Yes! I am so happy that I stuck to fanfic!

Through I'm rather indecisive whether or not Hikaru should quit soccer for go. He's certainly hardworking, but his true talent lies in go, his skill in soccer (in the manga/anime) was because of his quick thinking and naturally upbeat personality. But this Hikaru loves Soccer, and worked so hard for it. He even got into a team. To see all that unravel because of a board game would be very displeasing I suppose.

Hah, guess Hikaru has to make that big choice to adulthood soon. It was the main moral of the original story after all.

Thanks for the chapter, I was honestly getting impatient before because I wanted Akira to have that one match that jump starts his character development as a go player. The friendly scenes were nice (and I enjoyed seeing Akira being all indicisive and cute) but I suppose it could stay unchanged forever, it would have stunted Akira's growth as go player. Through I hope they make up soon. Oh and Ogata pops up too, yeah, I hope Ogata shows up soon .

Consider this story favorited! Please update soon!
gaul1 chapter 53 . 3/3
Intense ending, wonders what's bect, bye
Sony Boy chapter 53 . 3/2
Hello again. Love to see that we are finally coming to a head. Where Hikaru's talents in both Soccer and Go collide. WHile I get where Akira is coming from, I absolutely hate HATE that the first thing he acusess Hikaru is playing around with Soccer. But I do get that this is the first time that someone his own age has challenged him and that person has little desire to pursue it more.

He is entitled to his own feelings but I hope that he remembers that Hikaru loves Soccer. Hikaru trains and lives and breaths soccer. It's just Akira's bad luck that he'll never have an 'official pro' rival, but he has no right to tell Hikaru what to do.

I hope that Hikaru doen'st let anyone bully him into becoming a Go Pro and that he stays in Soccer. He wants to be a soccer, among the best, and he puts his all into that. It must be a emotional betrayal to him that Akira is implying that it is all worthless and that he should give that up.

The line about Sai's understanding resignation really got to me. Is it that Sai also realized Hikaru potential and then had to accept that is not what Hikaru's dream?

(I feel like I say this so often, and I probably do, but please! Keep Hikaru a soccer player!)
3cheers4Snape chapter 53 . 3/2
Ohh! Hikaru is obviously upset at being asked to play go more seriously. Since he is so good at soccer, it seems such a shame that he stops playing it. I am so curious to see the effects of this game on him. What would he decide? Go or soccer?
And what about Sai? Would he get to play Touya Meijin? Sorry if I missed it but I don't recall anything about Sai playing him or Sai being a sensation on netgo. Would Akira recognize Sai's style in his go...
Thanks for the update, and I hope you keep writing!
Dreamweaver chapter 53 . 3/2
That's 'cause Hikaru's always been kind of a firebrand. IF that'd been me, I'd have said, "Go may be the be-all-and-end-all of your life. I might be good at it, I enjoy it, but my life doesn't revolve around it. Some people like being able to do work or find a job doing what they love, but others don't want to turn their interests/loves into something they're obligated to do every day or into a monetary commodity.
reesessweetie chapter 53 . 3/2
awww! i love this chapter! i know it didn't end well, but i just love it. touya feels the talent and potential in hikaru and he feels as if his talent is going to waste. while hikaru is so passionate about soccer that he is not taking full advantage of his go skills.

i love that touya was so outraged by it. awww... i'm not saying i agree with him, as hikaru is the only one who can make the decision about what path he wants to take in life. but i love that touya cares enough to yell like that. if touya didn't care about hikaru, he woudln't care enough to be yelling at hikaru for wasting his talent. i hope these boys get over this argument soon though. hopefully this will be the push for hikaru to start focusing on go more? i like that he cares so much about soccer, but i would love to see hikaru become a go pro.

keep up the good work! can't wait to read more!

ps. i hvae a big exam coming up and i had already sworn off fanfiction...then i saw your update and i just HAD to read this. i was SOOO DETERMINED too but you sucked me back in. this is how much i love this story!
ShipWithFervor chapter 53 . 3/2
Well, go obsessed Akira finally made clear appearance before Hikaru. And he really was out of line, but understable considering it's Touya.
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 53 . 3/2
A bit harsh but the bitter reality.
Acerya chapter 53 . 3/2
Awesome chapter as always. Although I'm slightly scared Hikaru will actually become a go pro instead of doing soccer and I hope that's not true. Because I like a fic where he doesn't become one for a change and this fic is so originial and awesome. But it would still be if that happened, I just hope it doesn't and... /slightly manic.
I really like this story, I might be slightly too invested. ;)
Guest chapter 53 . 3/2
Aw. I hope they make up soon and realize that Hikaru can do both. Don't leave it like this for long please? I loved their not-yelling-at-each-other-all-the-time friendship and would hate to lose that. Why was Hikaru yelling here? He was so much calmer with his other friends...
BBLimits chapter 53 . 3/2
Hikaru, Akira, make up RIGHT NOW. I demand it.
(No, seriously, these two can't break their friendship like this. It's just... No.)

On another note, I had been kind of wondering when the matter of go vs soccer would come up. I wonder what'll Hikaru do.
Blitza chapter 53 . 3/2
Now wasn't that intense!
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