Reviews for A Hogwarts Story
Superwholocked Marvel Chick chapter 1 . 2/19
I knew that you want all the main characters int he same house, but it doesn't fit them that well. Rapunzel is more of a Ravenclaw, Hiccup a Hufflepuff, but Merida is a Gryffindor to the core. When you get to him, Jack should be in Slyernin (I know I spell that wrong, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now) because he's a full out trickster.
Dangeriaffe chapter 58 . 2/1
I've been saving this story on my phone all this time, I never gave up on you and your Amazing work! Good luck on the exam and I will be looking forward to the new chapter
WEast chapter 56 . 1/20
I love the 'And for ruining Quidditch!' line!
WEast chapter 52 . 1/20
Gosh, this sounds like the plague. That's terrible. But very cool, too.
Anon chapter 58 . 1/18
I'm so happy you'll continue to update!
WEast chapter 30 . 1/17
Wonderful. The end of this chapter: just wonderful. I love it.
WEast chapter 14 . 1/15
Yay! Go Jack and secrets partially being revealed! Haha!
wolvesandnutella chapter 58 . 1/9
To not a happy person and others:
It hasn't been two years since palleas updated. Its been tyo years since they PUBLISHED the story. Its only been a few months since palleas updated and tgats because of school and just life in general. However, if you've read the story and its author's notes, you'll see palleas isn't giving up this story. Ever. :)
Ensis96 chapter 58 . 1/9
we're still here! good luck with you're studies!
ccshaney chapter 10 . 1/10
I just love MeridaJack scenes! Romantic or friendly, I don't care, as long as there's more to come
JayaEmera chapter 58 . 1/9
Wow I'm so excited! Good luck on your finals
Jinx-Nightangale chapter 58 . 1/9
Good luck on your exams XD
PenticalEclipse chapter 58 . 1/9
Take your time to study hard, and do well on finals. I can't wait to see your updates when you're ready!
midnightreunion chapter 58 . 1/9
Can't wait!
Thunderfiredragon chapter 58 . 1/9
Awesome :) cant wait for the new chapter :D
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