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meatballs in the impala chapter 52 . 9/13/2017
I fully intended to just favorite this story when I got to the end of it and then move on with my life as usual. But when I clicked on the button to get on Chapter 52, without knowing that it was not an actual chapter, it seemed that my mind was made up for me.

There was nothing other than awe in my heart after reading this. Your dedication was at least compliment worthy. To write 300 words in under two years while struggling with writer's angst is nothing sort of inspiring. Reading this story felt like watching a darker sequel to Book 1, which flowed so smoothly and severely lacked inconsistencies. I read this in one go; it took me all day, but I did it, and that's saying something for the wonderful job you did with this story.

This story made me feel so many things. I hated Korra at so many points in the story, even though I understood her. I was mad at Mako; I grit my teeth at Asami; I sighed at Tenzin. There were raw feelings drawn from me as I read this, and that made me realize how potent your writing was. I admit that I started reading this fic because it was enormous and it was about Makorra. I was not prepared for what I ultimately found. I loved every second of your portrayal of every character, how flawed and complex and real they felt, how bad decisions were made and came back to bite them in the ass, how nothing was handed on a silver platter. I loved the ending (although I am not sure I enjoyed it leaving so much up for speculation) because you showed that Korra was not above the law because she was the Avatar. She was not above reprimand and punishment, even though it might have seemed that way when she was allowed to leave Republic City, and then when Tenzin and Lin managed to cover up her true actions.

There are probably a lot more things I could have said, and probably should have, while I was reading the story. There are too many thoughts and feelings to cram up to a single final review. But the gist of it is that this story felt natural. It felt real. It was a story I wanted to see through to the end, even if the end was not happy. A happy ending would have, for all intents and purposes, spoiled this story. I'm glad you refrained from it.

So, I guess a huge thank you is in order. For being so dedicated to this story. For writing it, and for writing it for yourself, first and foremost. As writers, we often find ourselves in the loop of what the readers want to read, but we have a duty to ourselves first. To write what we want to read. Our own expectations and needs should always be on the front of our minds. So, thank you for writing this. Thank you for sharing it. And thank you for giving us something so beautiful that kept me glued to my screen for a little less than twenty hours. Thank you.
Nasakegan chapter 52 . 5/11/2016
This was by far a more realistic version of the LoK world with details and aspects that I never thought about prior to this fiction. Most were actually well thought out like how someone from the highly traditional water tribe would be victimized because of their niavity. While part of me wanted to say "that would never actually happen" the logic behind it was too accurate for me to say so. While I personally prefer a happy ending after find a solution to the problems presented I also know that life it's normally not that forgiving. This takes me back to older literature were the ending were dark and depressing or at best bittersweet. This story is a prime example of reality among thousands of happily ever after and it is a type of story that does not to be told. I personally thank you writing this fiction because while happy endings make feel warm and fuzzy inside the world needs both so that we can truly appreciate the good because we have seen emphasized and felt the bad even if only through the proxy of another's creativity. Thank you
DarTheGermanFirebender chapter 52 . 5/7/2015
A late review, but I had to leave some words here:

So, I first of all want to thank you for that amazing story. I just finished reading it, it was meant to be the final stage of my post finale Makorra therapy :P , but I must say, you left me a little baffled. I get that you wanted to write a dark story and I actually loved that, it gave everything a kind of realism without making it a non-bending AU or something far fetched, all the while not being dark like depressive- or psycho-dark. The writing, the feelings, the plot, everything - English might not be my native language, but I'd say this some bestseller quality right here, often kept me reading til dawn and provided me sleepy work and university days, all the while totally worth it.

But about that ending... I don't want to appear demanding, but some kind of epilouge with a glimmer of hope would have been nice (in case there is hope. I like to think there is hope. MK will always prevail). There is some kind of closure missing. Something to hold onto. I also was quite suprised that you didn't resolve the letter-dilemma. Overall, the last few chapters seemed a little bit rushed in comparison to the first half of the story where everything was given a lot more time and details and dialouge, especially dialouge between Korra and Mako felt missing in the latter chapters.

Nevertheless, in the end I salute to that masterpiece you delivered here. As someone who can only bring text in the form of boring reports to paper, I'm always amazed by how people like you can sit down and write continuous pieces of literature like this that one never gets bored to read. You have my utmost respect.
Manillium chapter 52 . 4/2/2015
Wait...Can I ask what happened to Korra? Was she executed, Put in Jail, Forced to leave? What happened to her?!
Manillium chapter 8 . 3/25/2015
It's nice to see that you brought out Korra's strength and mobility her fight scenes were amazing I especially did not imagine her doing that to Mako but I loved it!
GrandAdmiral07 chapter 52 . 2/22/2015
Weeeeeeelll I'm going to be completely awenest with you. Your an amazing writer. You're style and obvious prowess as a writer sets you apart from must other Fanfic writers. I was totally in love with this story and couldn't wait to see were it was going. But after reading some reviews and seeing how depressed and dad most readers were at the end of this story... Well. Let's just say I had a moment of weakness and had to see what the big deal was. And after reading the last couple paragraphs I'm going to have to stop right here. I got to chp. 8 and I can already tell I'm falling hard for this fic and your characters. And I'm sorry but I'd kill me to go through all this, fall in love with your Mako/Korra just to have it end like that.

Like I said earlier your an amazing author. Truly you are. But I already know it'd kill me to get invested into this. Hopefully in the future I can follow some other novel length fic of yours.
GrandAdmiral07 chapter 5 . 2/21/2015
To be awenest I'm at a loss. Usually when I write a review I try to point out an authors strong points that I noticed while reading. But if I tried to do that for you I'd be writing all night. This is truly a great piece of work. The best way to put it is you are complete in your powers writing. As in I can tell reading your story that you are well rounded in all aspects of story telling. From your dialogue which is flowing and smooth, unhindered and natural. To your detailed descriptions of environment and characters and their actions. Its all so seem less its as if its a movie playing in my mind.

I really like this take on Korea as an adult. The demons she seems to be fighting are realistic and relatable. No punches are pulled and her reactions to plot events are organic, in no way forced. From the little I read of Mako your use of his background to support his baliefs are understandable.

Really I'm really jittery to get farther into this story. I hope your happy knowing your going to be the cause of many a sleepless nights. ;D
Guest chapter 51 . 1/11/2015
That ending almost killed me
Guest chapter 6 . 1/10/2015
This is honestly one of the best things I've read, fan fiction or not
courtneyruehl chapter 51 . 1/1/2015
How could you do this ending to me omg
I normally like dark endings but not like this

Im literally almost crying
Poor bby mako and korra
Everything is horrible

A story, I think the ending was too dark. I get that Korra had to pay back for her actions but Mako and Korra needed to be happy and together and omg what about jinora and omg why did you do this to me
courtneyruehl chapter 37 . 1/1/2015
So I'm going to work on a more thoughtful review later when I catch up to the end, (only on Chapter 38), but I wanted you to know that I accidently stayed up from 1AM to 7AM reading your story. I thought it was still like 3AM max but then I saw light coming through the window. Overall just an amazing and very engaging story so far. And I haven't read fanfiction since I was a preteen but I'm pretty sure this story will singlehandedly cause me to get back into it. I'm just so impressed. I'm sure I'll read a published book written by you one day :)
AeardolHira2078 chapter 52 . 12/8/2014
So. Many. TEARS. And feels!

Before this story, the only fanfiction that has made me cry like that was All Fall Down by DJNS. But all of it was so raw, so true.

When I first began writing this review, I was going to beg for a sequel, even if it was just a drabble. But then I realized that this is perfect the way it is. Don't get me wrong, I'd be tickled pink if you wrote a sequel. But it doesn't HAVE to have one, get my drift?
Guest chapter 52 . 11/22/2014
This whole fic was absolutely beautiful. I honestly cried so many times, I lost count. You've done such a wonderful job at writing this, and I don't think anything I read afterwards will mildly compare. I'm just so conflicted though, your ending had me crying, but I want so badly to know what happens to Korra. But I guess all good things must come to an end. Beautifully done! Don't ever stop writing!
Guest chapter 52 . 11/15/2014
Thank you for all of your hard work and writing this. The love, mistakes ups and downs we're thrilling and in truth it makes all of the love making parts hotter. You did mako, korra and the fandom justice on this one. :)
Radnv chapter 52 . 11/14/2014
Thanks for taking us through your dark and imperfect journey, it's been a great ride.

This is probably the most unique LoK fic I have ever read and one that I definitely consider as one of the greats. Thank you again!
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